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Best Freelance Software Development Tools In 2021

Have you ever thought about leaving your full-time nine to five job to work for yourself? Therefore, you would be among 24 million Americans if you did think about it.

Have you ever thought about leaving your full-time nine to five job to work for yourself? Therefore, you would be among 24 million Americans if you did think about it. So, the software developers are the ones who are getting the most advantage of remote work. In COVID-19, the demand for freelance software developers has increased. So, in this article, we are going to put light upon some software development tools.

As the influence of freelancing over modern society, observed by everyone. Hence, the question arises about why do individuals prefer freelancing over full-time work? Control is by far the most important factor. The pandemic has forced many people to question their job security. In conclusion, the economy is not sympathetic towards anyone.

With the increase in independent workers, there is also an increase in opportunities. Further, these opportunities are for skilled and hard-working individuals. Challenges will arise along the way; yet, every challenge is solvable with the proper tool. Henceforth, we will be discussing some of the essential freelance software development tools. We assure you that this will aid you in your freelancing journey.

Tools for Software Development in Web

First of all, we are going to elaborate on the best software development tools that go best with the web. Let’s dive into the river of information. As, there are various types of software tools, used for several purposes. So, we will be exploring the software tools list one by one in detail.

1. HTML5Boilerplate

Created by the HTML5 evangelist and open-source developer, Paul Irish. HTML5 Boilerplate is a popular front-end tool available on the internet. Also, it is one of the best coding tools in software engineering that freelancers can use.

Boilerplate provides the user with more than a simple template. It allows the repeated usage of recycled code. This enables developers to carry over code from previous projects. Hence, providing web developers with a head start among their competitors.

It is also easy to use for cross-browser performance. Paul believes in accelerating website development. This makes web development more efficient. Henceforth, it provides developers to decrease internal costs at ease. Also, they can increase work rates in a competitive market as well. Furthermore, it delivers true open-source accessibility. One of its best features is that it is free completely.

2. JS

Creating a friendly user interface is an essential part of web development. Luckily, freelance software developers can rely on React.Js. React.js is a JavaScript library specialized in user interface development. Java allows programmers to choose what they want to use to design frameworks and other parts of a program. Yet, this tool is suitable for freelance developers who work in a particular way.

It is an open-source tool that is most of the time used in app development as well. This tool saves vital time by creating complex user interfaces with relative ease. Moreover, the developer only needs to create a basic design of the interface in each state. After that, he can then watch react render all it.

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3. Codepen

Codepen is a great online community platform. They help and provide insight into a budding developer’s work. Also, it is an open-source place where software developers can launch a site. Correspondingly, they can gain valuable criticism and insight from other remote software engineers.

This is the software development application founded in 2012 by a full-stack developers’ group. Since then, it boasts an impressive 19 million visits per month. Registered users post snippets of code and land on the site as pens. Developers receive feedback and even solutions to problems they might be having.

The essence of Codepen is to be a platform where developers can share progress with clients. Even, they can use it to try new ideas or to test out new code. It is a free-to-use application. We are suggesting it, if you want to grow, must add to your programming software list.

4. Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a set of web development tools. We can say, it helps developers and video game designers. So, programmers can build realistic, interactive environments across the desktop. Moreover, they can establish environments for mobile and console platforms. Developers, make programs for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

The first Unreal Engine, developed back in 1995 by Tim Sweeney from Epic Games. Also, very first video game on the engine was a first-person shooter game called Unreal, released in 1998. In fact, the game was a huge success. Thus, Epic Game started licensing the Unreal Engine to other developers to use it. After that, it became famous as one of the best tools for building life-like video games.

Web Development

Web Development means developing websites for hosting via intranet or the internet. So, trending web development tools are essential to making a website. The whole process consists of web designing comprised of several steps.

  • Web content development
  • Client-side/server-side scripting
  • Network security configuration

As different companies hire in various countries while working remotely. Thus, they need to know some stats around the world. So, they can analyze trends globally. At Gaper, we have developed a complete guide for tech lovers worldwide.

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Let us move towards the topic. As, web development restricts every action, update, and operation. Which are essential to build, manage, and maintain a website. It makes sure its performance, user experience, and speed are up to the mark.

It’s not compulsory, but it might consist of strategic actions. These actions are needed to make sure it’s proper ranking on the search engine results. Henceforth, it refers to as search engine optimization (SEO).


Prototyping is a sort of experimenting. It starts before you decide if you want to introduce the item at an official level. It’s a process where the design teams brainstorm ideas on paper which are later turned digital.

Teams build prototypes and test them on clients. If they like and are successful, the prototype is built as an actual product, open for everyone to buy. Prototyping is the fourth phase of both design thinking and design sprints.


Wireframes are simple visual guides. Also, they are GUI software development tools. It explains how experimental solutions will flow for target users with graphics. Moreover, designers use it to suggest pieces for displays and web pages.

Wireframing is high-level and valuable at the beginning of the designing process. Also, it allows the design team to explore various concepts that accommodate business needs. Good wireframing is the ability to create realistic-looking. Moreover, it can lean layouts that allow your team and stakeholders to assess at a faster rate. If concepts are worth implementing.

It is very different from prototyping as it deals more with testing interactivity. Furthermore, when done at the highest level of fidelity. Then, sophisticated versions might resemble the released products. It does have a few similarities. Like, you can also do wireframing by hand (e.g., using boxes and lines to represent pictures, text, etc.)

In low-fidelity wireframing, individuals use placeholders to mark pictures and content in grayscale. In high-fidelity wireframing, you introduce more realistic features. Such as, including pictures for even more interactivity. You can adapt well-crafted wireframes far more at ease into prototypes for usability.

Tools for Project Management

We all know that development tools for software are essential. Yet, not very familiar with the ideas of time and project management. One can be good at something like skills. Thus, we can’t get the work done until we efficiently manage our time.

So, Gaper is giving you some extra fruit with our project management tools. So, you won’t stuck at any point of work. Also, will become a champion in front of your clients.

1. Trello

Trello is an app based on the Kanban management system. It allows the user to create boards for each project. Within these boards, you have the option to create lists and cards for each task. The card provides a lot of room to store information, including a particular task.

Trello features a slew of “Power-Ups”, allowing the possibility of performing specific tasks. Such as, presenting view cards in a calendar view or integrating with Dropbox. It is perfect for small teams or individuals who manage a small number of tasks at once. Trello has three pricing strategies, which include free, business class, and enterprise.

2. Asana

Asana is a flexible SaaS tool that has a heavy focus on collaboration. They provide workflows that automatize frequent tasks. Also, it has a brilliant user face that helps display different tasks. Moreover, it supports forms and custom fields. Also, it allows the user to invite infinite guest users. Asana facilitates the user to create custom rules and approval workflows.

It has strong task management and collaboration features. You can also use a task dependence structure to state which tasks are dependent on others. Also, you can use the timeline tool to show your team how everything fits together. A “Workload” features where you can manage individual members’ workload.

3. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based project management application that makes planning far straightforward. It allows the user to track deadlines, help track your remote developer’s work. Also, they can collaborate with all parties concerned. It offers task management, Gantt Charts, a real-time newsfeed, and other capabilities.

It helps you focus on essential tasks by pushing them forward, it will ensure the deadline. There is a plethora of integration options. Which makes it a very powerful project management suite.


In order to get your work running, you will need to invest in the best programming tools. Having the right tools will make sure your work flourishes and stays successful. In real life, if you want to get out there and succeed. So, we can suggest you invest in your work first and then wait for a positive outcome. Moreover, try using famous platforms for developing softwares. Such as Upwork and Freelancer, etc. to put yourself out there.

Other than that, invest in incredible communication tools, Zoom and Slack, etc., For keeping yourself in touch with your clients throughout work. Additionally, use organizational apps and tools like Trello. They will help you to keep track of your tasks and deadlines.

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