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The Best Web Development Trends for 2022

Everything to know about the latest trends of web development.

Statista studies show that by 2030, the number of web developers in the US will reach over 205,000 from 178,900 in 2020. This prediction indicates that website demand has grown significantly over the past few years. Startups and businesses rely on websites and mobile apps to advertise their products to a more extensive client base. Not only this, but the global population has become highly reliant on the internet and technological devices. 

It is the era of digitization – startups are constantly striving to create new products. These technological advances and innovations have amplified the demand for tech experts. Due to these changes, web developers must remain up-to-date with the best web development trends

Blockchain technology

The blockchain sector is growing at a steady rate. Studies show that in 2021, the blockchain market size was 4.9 billion dollars and will reach $67.4 billion by 2026. ( 

What is blockchain technology?

All of us are familiar with the terms crypto and bitcoin. Blockchain technology works like a chain storing transactional information in blocks. Each transaction needs to be protected by the signature of the owner. We can divide blockchain into these categories: public, hybrid, consortium, and private.

Blockchain technology market dynamics

The COVID pandemic increased the sales and demand for blockchain technology. According to, blockchain technology accounted for approximately 5% of the global digital transformation market in 2021.

  • Better security driving blockchain growth

Blockchain has become more reliable for recording transactions when compared with standard transactional methods.  It has proved to be especially beneficial to the retail industry. Since there is no paperwork, the sales system becomes more efficient. For example, Carrefour and Ali baba have utilized blockchain technology to maintain product standards.

  • Adoption by emerging economies

Countries with huge populations are becoming more and more familiar with blockchain technology. Also, it has proved to be quite beneficial in banks and financial firms. The government is working to promote blockchain networks in China. The primary reasons behind this are transparency and enhanced security. 

  • The competitive landscape benefits the blockchain global market.

Using applications that speed up digital payments, transactions, and documentation has become increasingly popular. Because of this, banks have become interested in taking advantage of blockchain. Digital Asset Holdings, Chain Inc., Monax, Ripple, IBM, and Microsoft are names of some of the leading companies utilizing blockchain technology.

AI chatbots 

Chatbots are used by a variety of websites to answer client queries. Enterprises are looking for top web developers to work on chatbot development. AI chatbots are an efficient replacement for human tasks that might become prone to error and monotony.

What is an AI chatbot?

Interestingly enough, this term is the short form of chatterbots. The word is pretty self-explanatory—AI powers chatterbots to generate human conversations. The main goal is to maximize customer convenience. 

AI chatbot technology market dynamics

Chatbots have proven to be an excellent solution for providing immediate customer support. predicts that large enterprises will generate the highest market share, growing a CAGR of 23.8% during the forecast period.

  • E-commerce driving the chatbot market

A study by global newswire states that the worldwide chatbot market size was worth USD 526 million in 2021. The study predicts that this market valuation will reach USD 3,619 million by 2030. Tasks such as booking appointments, placing orders, and mentioning deals have become entirely automated. In addition, chatbots can reduce customer service costs in the long run.

  • COVID acted as an accelerator

The COVID pandemic forced businesses to rethink their marketing and sales strategies. During those times, chatbots acted as a perfect substitute. Banks, financial firms, and other companies had to rely on online AI-supported chats. 

  • Technological advances pushing the chatbot industry

Technological innovations such as API have increased the demand and supply of AI chatterbots. Chatbot startups are sprouting up due to growing business needs for this feature. Expressive and Quik are two top chatbot startups located in the US.

Voice search 

Google introduced voice search technology in 2011. According to, 72% of people who use voice search devices claim they have become part of their daily routines. Therefore, it has come a long way from a novelty to a helpful tool.

What is voice search?

It is a technology that makes online searches easier with the user’s voice. You do not have to type but give a command. It works by changing your speech signals into text. The automated speech recognition system transforms voice signals into text.

Voice search market dynamics

Google reports that 27% of the online population is using voice search. Machine learning and artificial intelligence advances have changed the relationship between users and their devices. 

  • Smart speakers promoting voice search usage

Products such as Siri were initially a source of entertainment. Now, users have come to appreciate “digital assistants.” Now, voice search technology and smart speakers are not only restricted to households. They prove to be quite beneficial for offices, conferences, etc.

  • Demand in various sectors

Studies by PwC found that 65% of consumers aged 25-49 talk to their voice-enabled devices daily. The healthcare sector is using voice search technologies for secure authentication.  It can assist in keeping electronic health records, thus increasing the demand.   

  • Diverse applications lead to market growth.

Technological advances and evolving business needs are the key factors in promoting the need for voice search technology. Voice search is slowly changing the digital marketing landscape. With a proper voice strategy, a company can optimize its content. As a result, more businesses are incorporating voice search in daily tasks.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is among the most prominent names in the list of the ten best web development trends of 2022. Statista states that IoT-connected devices will reach almost 25.4 billion by 2030. This study shows hows IoT is slowly becoming a necessity. 

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The internet of things is an advanced network of automated objects. As a result, these devices share data. Sensors and other technologies connect the devices. One of the major advantages of IoT is that it offers seamless communication.

Internet of things market dynamics

With the usage of wireless connectivity, IoT assists in enhancing varying tasks. These include daily goals, manufacturing as well as industrial processes. Many countries are working on starting Smart city projects. 

  • More 5G industrial networks

The number of M2M connections across manufacturing industries is increasing at a consistent rate. Manufacturing industries also depend on more reliable networks to reduce miscommunication, lagging, etc. 

  • Asia-Pacific possesses a significant chunk of the global IoT market.

The Asia Pacific region comprises Korea, Japan, Australia, and China. These countries are leading the race when it comes to digital transformation. Examples of key players in the 5G industrial market include IBM, China Mobile, Bosch, etc. 

  • Rising numbers of internet users

This is the digital era. Everyone depends on the internet, social media platforms, and technological devices. IoT Analytics reports that global IoT device connections reached 11.7 billion in 2020. The firm projects global IoT connections will reach 30 billion by 2025.


Cybersecurity is a leading web development trend, mainly due to increased cybersecurity developer demand.  The global cybersecurity market size is forecast to grow to 345.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2026 (Statista).

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to the technologies, methods, and strategies to protect sensitive information from digital attacks. This information might link to company data, personal records, financial information, etc. 

Cybersecurity market dynamics

According to a study by P&S Intelligence, the value of the global cybersecurity market will reach $433.6 billion by 2030. As technology advances, the need for cybersecurity within organizations is becoming more.

  • Increase in cybersecurity breaches

Since the Covid pandemic, cybercriminals have started to use more advanced techniques. In 2021, the average number of cyberattacks and data breaches will increase by 15.1%. (Forbes) Due to this, companies and businesses are looking to invest in strengthening their cybersecurity systems.

  • BYOD and IoT trends

Using smartphones, laptops,  and other devices has become common in office environments. Especially for remote working, work-from-home employees depend on their equipment. As a result, sensitive data and private files are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

  • Covid 19 & malware attacks

Phishing is a method used to steal personal information. During covid, many businesses had to rely on remote working. As a consequence, employees and teams become more susceptible to phishing as well as malware. There has been an increase in such kinds of attacks since 2020. The disguise is an email.

Serverless architecture

It is the revolutionalized version of the infrastructure as a service model. There is an increasing awareness of the pros of serverless architecture. You can divide the deployment model into two types: public cloud and private cloud. 

What is serverless architecture?

You can also call it serverless computing. Serverless architecture is a development model in which developers do not have to manage servers. You can host applications on a third-party service.

Serverless architecture market dynamics

In 2020, the serverless architecture market succeeded at seven billion USD. It also predicts more than 20% CAGR gains from 2021 to 2027. (GMIinsights) Advances in cloud technology are encouraging organizations to adopt serverless architecture solutions.

  • Increasing usage of serverless architecture 

After the beginning of the cloud, developers and investors shifted to web-based infrastructure and serverless architecture. It offers advantages such as more cost-effectiveness instead of expensive infrastructure. Serverless architecture technology is garnering more users by the day.

  • BFSI sector and its relationship with serverless architecture

According to industry analyst IDC, spending on cloud services in banking is forecast to grow more than 16% year on year through 2024. The BFSI sector is one of the most prominent industries adopting serverless architecture. There is no limited capacity, and it eases the development process for programmers.

  • Large enterprises utilizing serverless architecture 

The most prominent users of serverless computing include retail, healthcare, and IT companies. Reduced operating cost is the primary reason behind businesses taking up this option. Examples of companies include Ali Baba, Amazon, and IBM.

Javascript frameworks

A  State of the developer nation report mentions that JavaScript remains the most popular programming language, with more than 12M developers worldwide. The most significant advantage of javascript is that it is easy to integrate with other frameworks.

What is a javascript framework?

Javascript frameworks provide web developers with the foundation they need for building javascript applications. A javascript framework gives structure to a programmer’s code. Choosing a suitable javascript framework is an essential part of the programming process. 

Javascript framework market dynamics

Javascript has built a reputation for itself as the most influential language. It is light-weighted, which makes it easy to use. Plus, Javascript is ideal when it comes to multimedia content. 

  • Machine learning fuelling javascript framework usage

Javascript has the potential to be used in the future as a machine learning language. Another reason for its popularity is its easy integration into different advanced technologies. These include data analysis and python. 

  • Making waves in desktop application 

Electron is a framework that assists in writing cross-platform web application apps. With the help of primarily Javascript, CSS, and HTML, it is easier to build applications. The best web developers use Electron for their projects. In addition, it offers increased development speed and automatic updates. Plus, Electron has the support of a dedicated dev community.

  • Javascript framework popularity among the web developer community

There is a range of javascript-based front-end applications. The list includes Angular, Vue.js, jQuery, and Ember in which React is the forerunner.  Most of them are easy to comprehend and use. According to Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2021, Javascript is the most commonly used programming language. 

Mobile friendly websites

As per Statista’s latest survey, there are five billion mobile internet users worldwide. A mobile nowadays is much more than an accessory. It is a necessity. Since we are in the age of digitization, mobile user needs are fuelling the development of many technologies.

What is a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website works well on a small screen. Hence, such websites have improved navigation, readable fonts, friendly interface design, etc. 

Mobile-friendly website market dynamics

Would you ever buy a product from a website that lags too much or is difficult to understand? Mobile-friendly websites can be identified as one of the most rapidly growing web development trends. 

  • An increasing number of mobile users

According to VOX, the average internet user checks their phone 58 times daily. This statistic shows how our day is incomplete without going through our phones. Therefore, the value of mobile-friendly design will continue to increase.

  • Mobile-friendly websites help in marketing.

Mobile optimization can improve customer engagement, thus improving sales in the long run. The term mobile-friendly ranking algorithm holds a lot of importance nowadays. It can play a pivotal role in building a solid brand image for an organization.

  • Retail businesses looking to invest in mobile-friendly websites 

Statistics from mention that mobile phones generate 45% of all online shopping orders. Therefore, retail businesses have begun to recognize how critical it is to have a mobile-friendly website to promote their business. Plus, an attractive and easy-to-use website assists in growing a loyal clientele.  

Motion UI

Consumers today yearn for digital experiences that are better and more active. The popularity of Motion UI can be attributed in part to this.

A front-end framework called Motion UI allows programmers to create completely responsive webpages and mobile applications and employ specified motions in native app environments.

You may create a component that slides, spins, bounces, transitions, and more using this framework. Motion UI has been utilized extensively since 2018 due to its compatibility with all web technologies and ability to be inserted anywhere on the website, such as a header, footer, and menus.

Nevertheless, the tech behind the SASS frameworks has made it much more approachable, making it one of the most popular web development trends in 2022.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A PWA is a mobile application that provides a fully native mobile app experience while operating as a webpage. It functions freely and interacts with customers as a native app.

The PWA technology brings about the following positive developments for both consumers and businesses:

  • Seamless installation
  • Saving device storage and power
  • Lessened support and development expenses
  • Smooth updating and maintenance
  • Reduced time to market
  • More flexible distribution
  • Many well-known brands are enjoying the benefits of these apps and we expect that PWAs will revolutionize businesses in the coming years.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

One of the most cutting-edge technologies in web development is AMP technology, which is similar to PWA. The purpose of this is to give users a seamless page experience so they stay engaged with the website.

AMPs, as opposed to full-scope web applications, are optimized pages with quick performance and a simple yet practical design. The content is easier to view because the sites are now mobile-friendly.

Additionally, it enables businesses to lower their UX expenses while expanding their reach. Small and specialized products can now compete successfully with leading companies.


The main objective of staying informed about the eight best development trends is to maximize client user experience. The founder can guide the tech team about a suitable business strategy with such an approach. For example, at Gaper, we ensure that software developers, web developers, and other remote team members are always learning something new. 

Whether it’s the latest technologies or top web development trends, staying in touch with the current technological landscape is integral. As a result, web developers can improve the quality of their web dev services.


  • Why has there been an increase in cybersecurity breaches?

The rate of frequency of cybercrime in workplaces has increased since 2020. There are several reasons for this. One is the global pandemic, secondly, remote working has made organizations realize the importance of cybersecurity.

  • What percentage of the global digital transformation market does blockchain technology account for?

According to, blockchain technology accounted for approximately 5% of the global digital transformation market in 2021.

  • Which web development trend did COVID19 speed up?

COVID has acted as a catalyst in speeding up AI chatbot technology needs as well as the need for cybersecurity developers. 

  • What is the prediction for US web developer growth?

By 2030, the web developer population in the US will reach over 205,000 from 178,900 in 2020. Businesses are evolving their strategies. The internet and web development have become tools for selling products. 

  • Which is the most popular Javascript front-end application

React is the most popular Javascript framework.

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