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Top 20 Places to Hire React Developers in 2022

Everything to know about places hiring react developers!

Companies can now easily hire ReactJS developers, for their vacant roles and required responsibilities, remotely through companies and partners who have excelled at delivering remote hiring services. It is as easy as clicking a few buttons and you are set to augment your team and scale your business.

All though, the task of hiring talent has become easier over time, there is still some due diligence needed at your company to be able to ensure quality even when time-strapped. This article will help you speed the process up and help you in your decision about hiring your dream engineering team.

What is ReactJS Development – Job Description and covering the basics

A ReactJS developer’s role is to design and execute user interface components for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications. They make use of the React open-source library ecosystem. Their responsibilities encompass conception to implementation, to the finale, these frontend developers are involved in each step of the frontend component development.

ReactJS developers need to be able to work with the framework’s concepts and workflows like Flux, Webpack, and Redux. In-depth knowledge of JavaScript and React concepts are mandatory and a sound understanding of progressive web applications is a needed requirement.

React.js Developer Responsibilities

The following responsibilities are what ReactJS developers usually have to cover when you are looking for such talent. They are listed as follows:

  1. Communicating and collaborating with the development team about user interface ideas and applications.
  2. Review any application needs and designs for the interface.
  3. Recognize web-based user interactions
  4. Use react concepts to develop and implement dynamic and responsive user interface components.
  5. Troubleshoot and debug application codes.
  6. Monitor and improve performance
  7. Document and developer application updates.
  8. Using JavaScript and following React.js workflows, write application interface codes.

React.js Developer Requirements

This gives a brief overview of the required skillsets you need, in order to plug and play. The list is as follows:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, or information technology.
  2. Work experience working as a React.js developer. Even if they can showcase their knowledge through their portfolio of work as assignments and project work.
  3. Good grip and knowledge of front-end languages, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  4. Good grip and knowledge of tools including Webpack, Flux, Redux, React.js, and Enzyme.
  5. Good knowledge of performance testing frameworks including Jest and Mocha.
  6. Debugging and performance testing experience.
  7. Experience with designing user interfaces.
  8. Troubleshooting skills as well as good project management skills.

Places to hire React developer

When you have a basic understanding of all these preliminaries, it is time to dive into the list of places you can hire top talent.

To get you started on your research, and perhaps secure your final decision, we have listed down the top 25 places you can hire React developers from. All these places have something to offer when you select them, and just having a list in front of you makes it that much easier to research and finalize your top choice.

It is a marketplace for Software Engineers, who are hand-picked from over 8 countries. With resumes ready to be deployed, all you have to do is click on the hire button and get matched within 48 hours. They also have their own coding Bootcamp, Nerdii, which keeps their pool of developers abreast with the latest updates and technologies, along with soft skills that have become as much of a requirement as the hard skills.

A dedicated developer or a team of developers is assigned to you depending on the project type. A dedicated project manager ensures your work is on track and there is zero risk of hiring if you decide to cancel within 2 weeks. It would only cost you a cup of coffee.

Comprised of a varied group of driven developers, with X-Team the candidates are ready to join any project. The company puts out an open call to freelancers, accepting only the best and brightest minds to join the X-Team. The fundamentals of this company encompass discipline, consistency, and responsibility.

Primarily used as a professional networking site, LinkedIn offers the chance for employers to post jobs and job seekers to apply for them through this platform. However, there is no vetting process in place to check for authenticity and the onus lies on the company to go through all the steps of the hiring process, from interviewing to testing and onboarding of any and every candidate.

A fresh start-up Codesera has earned a reputation for its strong work ethic and helps the company hire experienced React developers for projects of any scale. They have a dedicated team that works round the clock and also has a 5-tier screening process embedded into their hiring process to ensure quality.

Angelist helps democratize the investment process and boosts startups by assisting them with fundraising and hiring talent. It is a platform to connect job seekers and job posters as well as angel investors with companies looking for investment. They have 2,300,000+ candidates including 750,000+ developers, 170,000+ designers, and thousands more every day.

Upwork is the place to source your required level of skills according to your price from a very diverse and global pool of applicants. With a massive freelancing job board, companies give ratings to their freelancers and this helps subsequent companies to assess the capabilities of any given candidate. The platform also provides the company with an automated list of shortlisted candidates through its algorithm. Although interviewing potential developers may be a little time-consuming. was previously known as Codementor X, a subsidiary of Codementor – a learning platform. It is a community of over 2000 React experts who provide their services on a freelancing basis on a global platform. There is a risk-free trial period along with a 72-hour onboarding timeline, which makes this a good option to seek React professionals.

A platform that helps seamlessly connect you to React developers, with Hired, you can submit requests for interviews with your chosen candidate(s). If your offer is accepted you can immediately being work on your project. As there are many developers to choose from, Hired fits most budgets and project sizes.

A global giant for employment, Monster helps fill millions of job vacancies on a daily basis. As it has garnered quite a reputation, it is a good site to visit to hire top react developers.

Guru is a popular job posting board where companies can advertise their React development requirements/vacancies. The company does assist with creating a payment contract between the developer and you, however, the responsibility of hiring lies with you.

Posting a job is free and Guru simplifies the hiring process by being a very accessible job site, thus, increasing the chances of attracting top talent.

Workopolis has committed itself to making the best talent pool available for target employers hassle-free. A career website, it has provided its services to millions of people over the past 15 years and counting making a name for itself in the market.

If you have your eyes on going offshore then ValueCoders also provides you with this service. You are guaranteed experience and knowledge. There is also a money-back guarantee along with this. However, they have managed to pursue and complete over 4000 projects, satisfaction is guaranteed. Dedicated teams work on your project and allow you to work with them on a budget you are comfortable with.

Making use of the best mix of AI and human touch, Gigster puts together a team of React experts in no time. This ensures that you get started immediately and not waste time on the hassle of hiring.

The downside however is that you would not be able to communicate with the developers at all. Gigster would be your communication intermediary.

A great place to find talent, StackOverflow has earned its reputation as a reliable job board. Employers can either hire remotely or locally, and they can easily match with React developers of all skill levels.

Freelancer helps you bid to connect with candidates. This simple process is swift execution trimming away all excess preliminaries. Samples and reviews of each candidate are accessible, making it easier to bid according to skill and experience. It also provides live chat and time tracking in order to have instantaneous feedback.

MobilUnity handles everything for you, including searching, vetting, and recruiting candidates for you. All you need to do is interview the developer and get started. The rate is fixed at the onset and you can directly communicate with your hired talent, without any middleman as a liaison.

With a team ready to go, BrainHub boosts your existing team and gets you on track with your projects. Whether it is a one-off project or a dedicated team, BrainHub has you covered.

A place where employees can review companies, Glassdoor gives good insights to the employees about joining a company. So If you are a high-rated company, with good reviews, chances are that strong candidates would apply to your job postings on the site as you would be a desirable place to join.

A technology job board, Dice connects people and companies easing the hiring process. Posting a job might cost a bit, however, you do get to enjoy and use some additional features like email advertisements, access to resumes, and social recruiting.

Flexiple is a network of top freelance developers and designers with hourly rates ranging from $30 to $100. Hundreds of teams have hired talent from Flexiple for a few weeks to a few years.

Summing Up

A relatively new JavaScript library, React.js is gaining popularity amongst full-stack developers and web application needs. Beautiful user interface and ease to use, React is fast outpacing the rest of the front-end frameworks. As the popularity is high, it is fast becoming a scarce skill to the source. Finding an able React developer with the right skill set and experience is becoming harder still – especially if you are a startup, that can easily lose out to bigger giants in the tech industry. Used by all the big names, like Meta, AirBnb, Uber, and others, hiring and retaining talent is a huge burden. Hopefully, this list would help ease your pain and get you on the road to a beautiful front-end application. Hiring a React developer should no longer be as big a challenge as it is after going to the right source.


1) What is the cost of hiring a React developer?

The hourly rate for a React developer is between $80 to 100 and depends on where the developer is based. Rates can vary depending on the duration of any given project.

2) How much do React developers earn on average?

An average income of a React developer is around $100,000 to $120,000 per year. This is dependent on the skill level and experience. Some React developers can earn more depending on their portfolio of work and can be as high or higher than $150,000 per year.

3) Is React development a good career?

Yes, it is. As it is a comparatively new framework, and fairly easy to pick up and learn, there is a huge scope in the arena. As there are more jobs, than there are developers, as demand exceeds supply, for now, React developers can earn top dollar for their skills. Getting into the field is also quite easy, and jobs are still abundant.

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