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With Pricing In 2022
Updated on: October 10, 2022


In 2015, two freelance platforms, oDesk, and eLance merged to establish Upwork, an online freelance marketplace. Based on the number of freelancers signed up with the site, it is currently the second largest freelancing marketplace.
Since the previous decade, the number of freelance websites that connect businesses with skilled workers has increased dramatically to accommodate the rising need for niche skills and knowledge.
Many companies looking to hire freelance workers may immediately think of the biggest names in the industry, like Upwork. However, even market heavyweights like Upwork aren’t necessarily the ideal option for every job. If you require additional help with, say, talent vetting or project management, other suitable alternatives exist.
Is there a suitable alternative to Upwork? The answer is yes. To assist you in identifying reliable freelancers and employees who can contribute to the success of your business, we’ve developed a list of alternatives to the popular platform Upwork.

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Upwork Introduction

Why Choose Upwork alternatives?

Alternatives to Upwork – Detailed Comparison

How much does Upwork cost?

  • Upwork vs Toptal
  • Upwork vs Gaper
  • Upwork vs Turing
  • Upwork vs Fiverr
  • Upwork vs Upstack
  • Upwork vs Flexiple
  • Upwork vs PeoplePerHour
  • Upwork vs
  • Upwork vs Codeable
  • Upwork vs
  • Upwork vs Andela
  • Upwork vs Gigster
  • Upwork vs Revelo
  • Upwork vs Guru
  • Upwork vs Hubstaff Talent
  • Upwork vs X-team
  • Upwork vs Clouddevs
  • Upwork vs Pangara
  • Upwork vs Adeva
  • Upwork vs YouTeam
  • Upwork vs Crew
  • Upwork vs Dribbble
  • Upwork vs DesignBro

How to choose the best Upwork alternative for your development project


Why Choose Upwork alternatives?

Businesses are more open to the idea of remote workers and freelancers because of the changing nature of the marketplace. Because of the epidemic, this shift accelerated, and companies were no longer confined by location when selecting and employing employees.
When looking to hire a developer, one of the most common places to look is Upwork. The platform serves as a bridge between millions of freelancers and businesses worldwide, and it has online employees with a wide range of expertise. It would appear to be the ideal platform for assembling a distributed team.
While Upwork does have a sizable user base and a fair amount of traffic, it also has several significant drawbacks. While the site’s security is adequate, bidding can be an unpleasant experience. On top of that, the customer service is severely poor for as advanced a platform as Upwork.
Alternate platforms might prove to be a more viable choice for you during the employment process if you require a higher level of dependability and customer service. Keep reading to find out why you should consider alternatives to Upwork if you’re in the market for a recruitment platform.


Alternatives to Upwork – Detailed Comparison

We have compiled a list of 23 platforms and service providers that can be substitutes for Upwork; depending on what you are looking for. Some provide resources only catering to development and tech while others cater to a much larger diversity with roles ranging from product designers to marketing and web development.

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Worth My Time?

What is Upwork?

Upwork is an online freelance platform where individuals and businesses can hire freelancers for a wide range of jobs from.

Upwork Alternatives
Why is Upwork reputable?

Upwork is one of the largest talent marketplaces with over 15 million freelancers registered on the platform ready to offer their services across several fields of expertise.

Upwork Alternatives
Why do companies seek to hire remote developers and engineers?

Enterprise companies and startups seek to hire remote developers and engineers to leverage tech talent on a global scale, especially in cases where they themselves do not have the means to hire or evaluate an in-house, in-person team.

Upwork Alternatives
Why Upwork Alternatives?

Many Upwork alternatives are specifically designed for businesses wanting to hire developers and engineers that are pre-vetted and are ready to augment in-house or pre-existing remote tech teams.

How much does Upwork cost?

There is no predetermined price range for hiring on Upwork. Due to its large freelancer pool, you can discover developers charging anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour. You are required to pay Upwork’s payment facilitation and service charges if you make payments through their platform.
The following is a list of the best alternatives to Upwork with detailed pricing comparison in 2022. Choose the best Upwork alternative for your next development project.

1. Upwork vs Toptal

An “exclusive network of the world’s top freelance software engineers, designers, financial experts, marketing managers, and project managers,” Toptal claims to be the best place to find freelancers in any of these fields. They use a manual verification process, meaning each candidate is evaluated individually before being added to their network of trustworthy freelancers. Companies like Shopify and Airbnb have used Toptal to collaborate with independent contractors. One of Toptal’s main selling points is its pool of highly skilled developers. Therefore you can rest assured that whoever you hire will be up to the task of swiftly grasping your project’s specifications and achieving results.

Finally, Toptal is a platform that caters mainly to freelancers. This might not be a big deal if you only employ programmers for a limited time frame. If you want to grow your team and your capabilities over the long haul, you might want to find a platform that can match you with developers who are also searching for more long-term employment.

Price comparison – Upwork vs Toptal

In terms of price, Toptal is notorious for adding massive fees to their freelancers’ rates, often as much as 100%. This may not be a problem for well-established businesses with substantial development resources. Still, if you’re on the lookout for a high-quality yet cost-effective alternative, Toptal may not be the way to go.

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Toptal is notorious for adding massive fees to their freelancers’ rates, often as much as 100%

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Toptal Starting price of a projects $60 for 0-21 days
Upwork vs Toptal

2. Upwork vs Gaper

Gaper claims to work with only the top 1% of engineers who have worked for companies such as Stripe, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. They have part-time and full-time positions available all across the world.

For hiring, you have to fill out a form to get a quote and set up a call with their team. They also have a risk-free two-week policy where you pay nothing if you are not satisfied. Gaper is a great choice if you want to hire individual developers or if you want to go the augmented team route. Their prices are competitive and the quality is never compromised. Gaper employs developers with top-tier expertise in the field to create reliable software tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Price comparison – Upwork vs Gaper

Gaper provides hourly rates generally starting from $30/hour. There is no fixed deposit and there is a 2-week risk-free trial available as well where you pay nothing in the rare case that the resource doesn’t work out for you Indeed’s research indicates that the median annual salary for software developers on UpWork is $107,000.

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Gaper provides hourly rates starting from $30/hour. Annual salary for software developers on UpWork is $107,000.

Sites Time to start a project Starting Rates
UpworkUpwork 2 – 14 days $18 per hour 0-2 days $30 per hour
Upwork vs Gaper

3. Upwork Vs Turing

Turing is yet another platform that helps you find qualified programmers before you hire them. It has a two-week trial period with no commitment required, just like Gaper.
Turing’s software, Intelligent Talent Cloud, is used to find, interview, and pair up engineers with your project. Turing will also consider your time zone, allowing you to have productive, real-time conversations with your remote team.

Turing thoroughly screens all of its freelancers to provide you with reliable team members. Freelancers on this site are carefully vetted by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, eliminating the potential for human error. Tests and interviews for software developers typically last more than five hours. Programmers at Turing are proficient in more than a hundred languages and frameworks, including Swift, Java, Angular, Python, React Native, and many others.

Freelancers and full-time workers can both be hired to work remotely.

Price Comparison – Upwork Vs Turing

Turing does not disclose any information regarding its developer rates or service prices. Therefore, hiring costs might range widely based on factors such as the customer’s desired skill set, level of experience, and location preferences.

However, turing can be an expensive option to opt for.

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Upwork charge a 3% service fee, in contrast to Turing, which rely on hourly margins to earn money.

Sites Time to start a project Starting Rates
UpworkUpwork 2-14 days $18 per hour
Turing 3 – 5 days Set by engineers
Upwork Alternatives

4. Upwork vs Fiverr

Launched in Tel Aviv in 2010, Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelancing platforms, aiming to connect freelancers with clients who require their specialized services. Fiverr’s moniker comes from its humble beginnings when freelancers would offer tiny (often online) jobs for $5 each. However, as the marketplace has grown and evolved to meet the needs of both sellers and buyers, the platform has allowed freelancers to set their preferred prices.

However, Fiverr does not have any kind of vetting process like Turing does. The onus of evaluating and determining the suitability of a freelancer is on the buyer. Much like the pricing, the platform has freelance developers whose skills range from beginner-level to experts with decades of experience.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Fiverr

Fiverr’s low-price freelance alternatives start at just $5, making it an attractive alternative to other marketplaces. The site targets independent contractors called “sellers” on the site. Sellers can advertise their expertise in more than a hundred different areas.

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Fiverr is a freelancing platform with gigs starting at $5. There are many different sorts of freelancers to pick from on Fiverr, and it’s easy to find something that fits your budget.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Fiverr Charge anywhere from $5 to $995.00
Upwork Alternatives

5. Upwork vs Upstack

Upstack is an alternative to Upwork that you may want to consider. You can use this site to find skilled freelance programmers to add to your team. You can try it out for 14 days without any commitment. Upstack is not concerned with being the largest freelance marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork but rather with providing the finest matching experience.

All potential Upstack developers are subjected to a rigorous screening process. The site claims that only the top 1% of applicants are considered for jobs. Existing developers have undergone a stringent 8-step hiring process to guarantee they have the right mix of personality traits, work history, and technical expertise. Upstack employs cutting-edge AI systems to pair you with the most qualified independent contractors. It compiles a list of developers according to your requirements to save you time from scrolling through profiles in search of suitable contractors.

A slack bot tracks the major tasks and due dates. Using this function, you may keep track of your freelancers and verify if they are on the right track.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Upstack

If you’re looking for a temporary or contract position, UpStack isn’t the best option. This service is best suited for businesses with ongoing development requirements. Depositing $399 is necessary to begin using UpStack’s services. Due to their high level of expertise, their freelancers charge higher rates than those offered by competing platforms.

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Upstack offers flexible contracts and free trials but is known to be a bit on the pricier side. In order to use UpStack, you must pay a $399 upfront fee.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Upstack Upstack is a bit more pricey than Toptal.
Upwork Alternatives

6. Upwork vs Flexiple

The freelancers on Flexiple have already been vetted so that you can hire them with confidence. Flexiple, like many other options above, will pair you with the best freelancer per your needs. Flexiple is a smaller and down-to-earth platform than Upwork. Since it’s still in its infancy, you won’t find an excessive amount of gigs or postings there. If you have any questions, you can also contact the helpful CEO and the other members of the C-suite staff at Flexiple. Flexiple has a stringent screening procedure. The freelancers’ previous work is evaluated, and only those with the necessary skills are let into the site.
It’s also worth noting that Flexiple isn’t a truly open market. You will only be able to recruit designers and developers on a freelance basis.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Flexiple

When using Flexiple, you won’t need to submit bids. Freelancers’ prices range from one another based on their level of experience.



Individual Contributors typically have three to five years of experience and charge $30 to $50 per hour. The vast majority of them have never worked on more than one stack.

Multi-faceted Contributors have between three and seven years of industry expertise and charge between 50 and 80 dollars per hour. In contrast to Individual Contributors, they have experience working on numerous stacks and mentoring positions and have developed specialized abilities throughout their careers.

Leaders and Diverse Contributors often have over seven years of experience and charge more than 80 dollars an hour. They have team leadership skills and experience with various technology stacks and products.

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When using Flexiple, you won’t need to submit bids. Freelancers’ prices range from one another based on their level of experience.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Flexiple Hourly rate of professionals are from $30 to $80.
Upwork Alternatives

7. Upwork vs PeoplePerHour

Similar to Fiverr and Upwork, this British site connects freelancers and employers. Their primary target audience is in Europe.

Companies advertise open positions, and freelancers submit their resumes. Freelancers can also post their own hourly gigs for others to hire them for.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs PeoplePerHour

The platform caters to small businesses by providing them with a price comparison tool, the ability to award contracts based on proposals, and the security of having payments held in escrow until work is approved. PeoplePerHour is mobile-friendly thanks to its support for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. You can select several payment methods, including PayPal, direct bank transfers, Skrill, and Payoneer.

Additionally, remember that costs can amount to 20% of earnings plus additional charges in the event of a dispute. In the event of a disagreement between an employee and the company, customer service typically takes the side of the latter.

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Provides a price comparison tool, the ability to award contracts based on proposals, and the security of having payments held in escrow until work is approved.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Costs can amount to 20% of earnings plus additional charges in the event of a dispute

8. Upwork vs

As a freelancer-client matching platform, is among the most cutting-edge alternatives to Upwork. Developers who work on have been thoroughly vetted.

When compared to Upwork, is a safer option for hiring freelancers. You can get your money back if something goes wrong, and if you need a new freelancer, the platform’s staff will assist you in finding one. Freelancers working on projects must first sign a Consultant Agreement that transfers ownership of any intellectual property created during the course of the project to you.

Freelancers on have previously worked with companies like Tesla and Cisco. This is reflective of the excellence of their work.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs

There are a lot of American freelancers on; thus, the price of hiring a seasoned programmer will be greater than average.

Although the applicants you get through may cost more, you can rest assured that they are competent for the position. Developers are one of the few professions where it’s difficult to make significant quality sacrifices, even if doing so might help your budget.

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The fees charged by Gun. io is included in freelancers’ pay. Depending on the region from which they work, freelancers might charge anything from $20.00 to $88.00 per hour.

Sites Time to start a project Starting Rates
UpworkUpwork 2-14 days $18 per hour 0-14 days $50 per hour
Upwork Alternatives

9. Upwork vs Codeable

Codeable has some of the most proficient WordPress developers available for hire.

Codeable only accepts developers who have successfully completed a 45-day trial after being thoroughly vetted. You have access to a workroom, which provides you with the benefit of being able to communicate directly with possible freelancer hires. You can understand your freelancer better by using these workrooms before you hire them for your project.

The specificity required for your project is an essential factor to consider when deciding between Codeable and Upwork. Unfortunately, some Upwork freelancers care more about getting the task done than getting to know you. A lack of willingness to collaborate on the part of the freelancer can make communication more challenging.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Codeable

Average hourly costs for Codeable’s services range between $75 and $120, and the company is famous for its money-back guarantee if customers are unhappy with the service.

You are not obligated to use their services despite receiving free price quotes for your projects.

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Codeable is effectively a one-stop shop for all WordPress-related freelancers. You won’t discover anything on their site if your business has nothing to do with WordPress.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Codeable Codeable adds an additional 17.5% to the overall average estimate
Upwork Alternatives

10. Upwork vs

Arc, often known as, is a specialized website for remote programming mentorship and freelance developers. An entrepreneur named Weiting Liu founded Arc in 2014; the company was formerly known as CodementorX.

Instead of focusing on freelance work, Arc provides software consultation and virtual mentoring. Nonetheless, we think Arc is a better option than Upwork when it comes to finding and hiring developers because of their screening process.
In terms of screening, Arc is very similar to Toptal.

In addition to this, freelancers on the platform can assist in the process of hiring full-time staff.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs

On average, software developers on this platform charge the same rates as those on Toptal. The cost of developers per hour ranges from $60 to $150. Full-time recruits from Arc come with a heavy price tag (after the three-month trial).

Arc provides a risk-free trial period of two weeks for hourly and retainer payment systems and three months for permanent recruits. If you’re unhappy with the work, Arc will refund your money, and you can look for another developer.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours

UpworkvsArc is a portal for job seekers. It links pre-screened developers with firms looking to hire remote workers.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Arc Pay ranges from $60 to $200 per hour.
Upwork Alternatives

11. Upwork vs Andela

Andela is a crowdsourcing site that caters to African developers. The startup boasts a slew of high-profile investors, including Mark Zukerberg, and has huge hopes for Africa’s digital expertise.

For freelancers, Andela has a stringent verification process. To assure quality, they only hire the top 2% of candidates.

Andela has been working hard to keep its excellent standards. This is most likely due to the fact that even the most competent developers can’t make a livelihood on the platform, so they turn to sites like TripleByte or X-Team.

If you have a collection of little jobs, Andela may still be useful. However, if you want to form long-term relationships with your freelancers, Turing is the way to go.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Andela

Andela does not disclose their charges, although they are likely to be in the range of Toptal’s, which is $70-$200+ per hour.

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Andela is a crowdsourcing site that caters to African developers. The startup boasts a slew of high-profile investors, including Mark Zuckerberg, and has huge hopes for Africa’s digital expertise.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Andela Expect to pay $12,000 per month.
Upwork Alternatives

12. Upwork vs Gigster

Gigster is similar to the other websites on our list, it allows businesses to search for and hire freelancers on a timely/project basis.The goal of Gigster is to provide organizations who cannot afford to hire a professional software development team or development house with scalable software development hiring services. It may be used to locate any kind of software engineer, including product managers, chief technology officers, and iOS engineers. Gigster also allows you to purchase rights/complete license to the software created by the gigster team via this website. Moreover, anything that the Gigster team creates for you, can be further commercialized.

Gigster uses a rather raveling and diligent AI-based method to create teams, matching team members to your project in the most effective way.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Gigster

Gigster differs from Upwork in its pricing. Upwork charges 3% service fee and has hourly rates, whereas Gigster charges their customers on a project basis. Gigster is a fantastic alternative to Upwork if your project requires a group of exceptionally talented engineers and designers and also if you’re not too concerned about the expense. For projects, Gigster charges a minimum of $52,000. For comparison, Glassdoor estimates that a Senior software engineer roughly makes $80 per hour. In conclusion, Upwork could be less costly than Gigster when it comes to certain projects.

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Upwork charges hourly rates, whereas Gigster charges customers according to the project. Minimum project fees for Gigster start at $52,000.

Sites Project type Starting Rates
UpworkUpwork 2-14 days $18 per hour
GigsterGigster Project based $52,000 per project
Upwork Alternatives

13. Upwork vs Revelo

Revolo connects firms searching for full-time, remote employers with IT talent from Latin America. They are verified, experienced professionals who are provided to work with businesses on a full-time basis, rather than a project basis.

In addition to having the right technical abilities necessary for a firm’s needs, Revolo’s talent also possesses the various soft qualities which have quickly become a requirement to productively integrate into different teams. On top of this, Revolos handles all of the legal paperwork required, as well as payroll and other benefits.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Revelo

While not much is disclosed about its pricing, Revolor costs $1,800 monthly, along with the developer’s salary, as opposed to Upwork’s hourly rates and 3% service fee.

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Revelo is a network that connects Latin American IT talent with firms looking for full-time, remote employees.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Revelo Revelo costs $1,800 monthly plus salary.
Upwork Alternatives

14. Upwork vs Guru

Guru is a freelancing marketplace which hosts over 2 million freelance accounts. Posting job openings is free on the site, and all transactions are secured through SafePay. THe integrated WorkRooms make it easy to manage multiple freelance workers on a project, and their customer support team serves both those looking to hire, as well as the freelancers who may have any technical or financial concerts.

However, recently Guru has been facing trouble with quality considering the vast amount of individuals who sign up for and use their platform, although this problem is not unique to Guru only.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Guru

Guru provides inexpensive freelancers, although it may not be the go-to choice for professionals to offer their services through.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


Guru is a large freelancing marketplace with over 2 million freelance accounts. They provide free job postings and use SafePay to secure all of their transactions.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Guru Low cost freelancers for modest assignments.
Upwork Alternatives

15. Upwork vs Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a fairly new service, and runs as a transparent marketplace that eliminates the need for a middleman by letting companies view developers’ profiles and engage with them on their own. Hubstaff Talent manually vets these developers to ensure their quality, and can be considered closer to a catalog which provides the means for connection.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is completely free, and does not charge any fees of any sort.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


Hubstaff Talent is a new company that provides a 100% free service. It is appropriate for both organizations and agencies wanting to engage independent freelancers.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Hubstaff Provides 100% free service.
Upwork Alternatives

16. Upwork vs X-team

X-Team is a platform which features a 4 stage vetting process for all of its engineers, which is: Initial Screening, Portfolio Review, Test Project, and Internal Project.

Developers demonstrate their work through internal projects which they are compensated for, and are integrated into the X-Team group of motivated proactive individuals. Moreover, allows companies to hire these developers ona full-time basis, enabling them to build remote tech teams.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs X-team

Pricing varies as X-Team acts less as a service to pair up firms with talent, but operates as a community of developers; however, reviews suggest that average rates tend to be within the $40-$50/hour range.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


X-Team seeks out and employs experienced engineers that are self-motivated, proactive, communicative, and eager to learn and improve.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Xteam Developer rates tend to hover within the $40–$50/hr range
Upwork Alternatives

17. Upwork vs Clouddevs

Clouddevs’ talent pool comprises Elite Senior Developers from Europe and Latin America, and the company guarantees that the recruiting process for finding a developer is completed within 24 hours.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Clouddevs

Clouddevs charges a flat rate of $40 per hour, and claims that their rates will save firms 50%-60% of the cost that might be owed with alternatives.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


CloudDevs can keep its overheads low by conducting its whole business remotely, allowing it to give the best possible pricing to clients without incurring exorbitant fees.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Clouddevs Charges a flat rate $40 per hour.
Upwork Alternatives

18. Upwork vs Pangara

Although it was founded by Swedish entrepreneurs, Pangara exclusively hires Vietnamese developers who have passed their screening process, which includes technical tests and psychometric exams which are used to determine their motivation, work ethic, and linguistic abilities.

After a job is posted to Pangara, their developers can apply for it and, if necessary, a project can be canceled with a 10 business days’ written notice.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Pangara

Panara provides limited information on their pricing, and interested parties will need to contact them directly to get a quote.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


Pangara is a one-of-a-kind platform. It exclusively hires Vietnamese coders who have passed their background checks.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Pangara Very limited information is available on pricing.
Upwork Alternatives

19. Upwork vs Adeva

Adeva is a network for freelance developers and designers, and offers their talent for both enterprises and startups.

Once you submit your contact information for recruiting, an Adeva representative will contact you and connect you with your personal engineering manager, who assists you in building a team of tech talent.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Adeva

Adeva bills customers bi-monthly, and charges a percentage of the total project cost which may fluctuate from time to time. They offer a discounted rate for transferring an engineer from a contractor to a full-time hire.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


Adeva’s founders think that software engineers all over the world should have the same chance to work on interesting projects.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Adeva Adeva bills customers twice a month.
Upwork Alternatives

20. Upwork vs YouTeam

YouTeam is a platform that exclusively hosts full-time software developers from companies in Eastern Europe and South America. YouTeam acts as an intermediary for the customer, and handles all of the legal and financial concerns that come from offshore outsourcing, while also providing its advantages, such as matching time zones and quality monitoring.

They have been invested in by Y combinator, an American business incubator.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs YouTeam

The average hourly cost of YouTeam is between $23-$150.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


“The greatest engineers are not freelancers,” YouTeam thinks. All of the developers on the platform are full-time workers of the best software companies.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Youteam Typical hourly wage $23 to $150 per hour on YouTeam.
Upwork Alternatives

21. Upwork vs Crew

Crew boasts itself as a space where you can hire online and mobile developers, designers, and small studios to work on projects. They claim to have a success rate of 99% for projects being finished timely, on budget, and without issues.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Crew

Pricing information is not made public by Crew.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


Crew was created in 2012 as ooomf, attended the FounderFuel accelerator program in Montreal, Canada that same year, changed its name to Crew in 2013, and relaunched as in 2015.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Crew Pricing information is not made public.
Upwork Alternatives

22. Upwork vs Dribbble

Dribbble approaches the hiring of freelancers in a rather unique technique. Users are required to post pictures of their portfolios to display their work and attract potential employers. This technique is a great way to sieve out substandard designers.

The website has been used by over 40,000 businesses to hire designers, and they have gained a remarkable reputation in the design community. Some of the most talented designers around the globe can be found on Dribbble . As a result, as a business owner, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding high-caliber employment.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs Dribbble

Dribbble and Upwork differ when it comes to the recruiting process. Dribbble is more akin to a job board website. Also, since Dribbble is an invite-only platform, the pricing is a bit more exclusive and expensive in comparison to Upwork.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


Over 40,000 organisations have utilised the site to employ designers, and their reputation in the design world is solid.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Dribbble Pricing is a bit more exclusive & expensive compared to Turing
Upwork Alternatives

23. Upwork vs DesignBro

DesignBro is relatively new to the world of freelancing. Some of its features match that of DesignHill; such as hosting design contests with other graphic designers.

DesignBro follows a strict vetting procedure which indeed pays off in terms of satisfied clients. They only welcome the top 5% and handpicks each one of them to ensure quality. Which is why you can blindly trust them in providing you with an exceptional designer.

DesignBro is rather simple and straightforward. All there is to do is submit a design brief, choose your favorite results, and in turn DesignBro will put forth a selection of top designers. Designers are all there is to it. Currently, there are no additional freelance work categories available.

Price Comparison – Upwork vs DesignBro

Since DesignBro focuses a lot on quality, expect to pay higher prices. You will be able to find UI/UX designers who charge 150$ for a single project, usually a logo design.

Build Remote Engineering Teams in 48 Hours


DesignBro is a newcomer to the world of freelancing. They allow you to host design contests with many graphic designers, similar to DesignHill.

Upwork Developers charge anywhere from $7.50 to over $200 per hour
Designbro Starting price of a project $150 usually a logo design.
Upwork Alternatives

How to choose the best Upwork alternative for your development project:

If you are trying to look for an Upwork alternative to hire remote developers, figure out what your budget and exact project requirements are. Do you need it done very fast, or are you willing to hire someone on a long-term basis? Let’s explore a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: You have little time and little budget

Flexiple and Both platforms are quick to hire from and light on your accounts.

Scenario 2: You need a team for a big project, and Gaper specializes in team augmentation and also setting up remote development teams from scratch. It will be very easy to integrate your in-house teams with the remote developers you hire from Gaper.

Scenario 3: You have one, very expensive project and Turing. Both platforms will offer you a global pool of talented developers to hire from so that you hire the absolute cream of the crop, on a global scale, for your complex project.

Scenario 4: You want to hire affordable developers

Hubstaff talent. No upfront costs and very easy to browse through the marketplace of engineers and developers.


While Upwork is great for hiring skilled freelancers, it is important to look at alternatives if you wish to hire developers and engineers who are not only vetted but also required to work for you on a long-term basis. Platforms and marketplaces like Gaper, Turing, and Andela that are directly involved in hiring, vetting, and managing the tech talent that their clients hire are better suited for companies and startups who want seamless communication, project management, and integration of these tech professionals with their in-house teams. Make sure you are clear about your future goals and requirements when choosing a platform to hire developers from.

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Sites Turing Toptal Upwork Lemonio Gunio Gigster Upstack
Time to start a project (Days) 3 to 5 0 to 21 2 to 14 0 to 2 0-2 0 to 14 Project based Right away
Starting Rates Set by engineers $60 $18 $30 $40 $50 $52,000 Pricier than Toptal
Sites Andela Fiverr Guru Hubstaff Revelo Arc Xteam Clouddevs
Time to start a project (Days) 2 to 4 Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies
Starting Rates $12,000 per month $5 – $995 Low cost freelancers for modest assignments 100% free service $1,800 monthly plus salary $60 to $200 per hour More expensive compared to Toptal Flat $40 per hour
Sites Flexiple Dribbble Designbro Codeable Pangara Adeva Youteam Crew
Time to start a project (Days) Project based Project based 0 to 12 Project based Varies Varies 0 to 2 Varies
Starting Rates 40 to 60% lower than Toptal Exclusive & expensive than Toptal $150 17.5% of total rate Limited information available on pricing Bills customers twice a month $23 to $150 per hour Limited information is available


Who is the biggest competitor to Upwork?


In terms of business model, Upwork’s biggest competitor is Fiverr. Both compete to be a marketplace for freelancers with a very diverse range of expertise for a wide range of pricing options.

Which is the best freelancer platform?


Upwork and Fiverr are the top freelance platforms as of 2022. It is easier to set a profile up and create gigs on Fiverr as compared to Upwork which is difficult to get approved on and if you don’t have enough Connects, there is a limit to the number of proposals you can send in a month unless you buy more.

What is the best freelance platform for developers?


The best freelance platforms for software developers are, Turing, and Toptal, Flexiple, and are also renowned marketplaces for software developers. Most of these platforms have vetted developers and engineers.

Can you work on Upwork or Upwork alternatives without any experience?


an you work on Upwork or Upwork alternatives without any experience?
Some freelance platforms like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork allow freelancers to create profiles, send proposals, and bid on projects without any prior experience., Flexiple, Andela, Toptal, and Turing will only allow vetted engineers to join their platforms. Your skills and expertise will ultimately determine how successful your stint at a particular platform is.

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