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CWF is attracting volunteers from experts across Lega, TradFi, DeFi, & blockchain to educate the public about the root cause of the ~$1.5T crypto market drawdown that resulted in these centralized digital asset platforms restricting their users from withdrawing their deposits

You can learn more about how to support Citizen Warrior Foundation and their mission at www.citizenwarrior.foundation, offer to volunteer your expertise, assist in attracting several affected or philanthropic donors to assist with legal costs, as well as help CWF spread the word

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The Citizen Warrior Foundation is about shielding the most vulnerable from economic injustice

Mike Benzaken

Mike claims that if direct action is not taken against to obtain select information omitted from the bankruptcy proceedings, user deposits are and continue to be slowly sold off to large mainly TradFi institutions…Listen to more of what he has to say and share on the complete episode!

Mike Benzaken is the former Chair & CEO of an SME Multinational Life Sciences Company and was instantly attracted to blockchain technology for its prospective applications in funding overseas disaster relief & economic development. Shortly thereafter, he began the startup Citizen Warrior which focused on a web 3 decentralized media apparatus to reinvigorate integrity in journalism… having been a victim of institutional censorship firsthand, as an existential problem towards transparency and human flourishing.

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