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We Work For Your Startup

Gaper is a business for businesses. Specifically, the small nascent ones attempting to make a place for themselves in the extremely competitive tech markets of NYC.

Gaper’s aim is simple: to provide the highest standard of software engineering and programming to startups that require these services. Gaper’s collaboration with your company won’t just be an average B2B transaction. Gaper will act as a fellow team for your company to ensure our services are tailored to suit the best of your interests.

The following are just a few reasons that define our unique approach to working with startups based in NYC:

We hire the top 1% of vetted engineers. This introduces a significant increase in the standard and quality of work we are able to deliver. Our rigorous appraisal of engineers and programmers ensures that we do the recruiting and hiring work for you in a reliable manner. Your startup does not need to spend valuable time and financial resources on job advertisements, interviewing, and hiring professionals; we have already taken care of that. Further to this, our service differentiation lies in our thorough vetting of every individual we take aboard our team. All this ensures our team is able to execute any task set to them in the most skillful and efficient manner possible.

Our model seeks to boost the scope of our services by relying on the ever-growing ubiquity of remote teams. We are therefore able to hire engineers adept at a very diverse range of skills and professional prowess, unhindered by any geographic barriers. Such a team make-up makes us capable of extending our services to as many startups as possible.

Finally, the cost factor. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to already have established a startup or small business of your own, then you would, no doubt, be well in touch with the realities of conducting business in cities like NYC and San Francisco. Market research in the tech field in these cities and more have shown that employee salaries have risen, on average, by 10%. Founders with financial plans for their businesses, low capital, and other financial barriers can barely hope to survive when their employees alone would incur unaffordable costs on the business. Add to this the rent of offices that makes up another portion of expenditure, and you are left with little money (and time) to actually focus on the core competencies of your startup.

Gaper, working as a remote team, gives startups the opportunity to do away with such cost. Working with our team of engineers will rid you of the need to rent office spaces for accomodation. Further to that, the cost to you of working with us is nearly half of what you would otherwise pay to an office-based employee. Keeping in view the barriers to maintaining businesses in NYC, our company has specifically targeted the needs of startups and small firms to empower them to continue flourishing in the competitive environments they are based in.


The advent of AI and its applications have helped power remote teams to a point where businesses can safely and reliable entrust their tasks to them. Ease in managing the team and keeping an eye on the workflow, coupled with incredible cost savings and productivity boosts lent to business by remote teams, there is little prudence in adopting other, stressful business models. And Gaper, putting these technological developments to full use, exists to make life easier for startup owners and their teams, as we head into new horizons in the business world.

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