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Top Ten Instagram Girls Who Code

Are you looking for Instagram accounts of ladies who are not only experts in technology but multi-talented bloggers? If yes, then you will be excited to read this!

Our top picks for Instagram girls who code!

10. @tiffintech

Tiffany is an uber-talented software engineer who keeps her audience engaged with motivational tips. This includes topics such as remote work and software development.

Follow her account for helpful coding lessons and technological trends!

9. @kellynvd

Hailing from Brazil, Kellyn shares photos of her day-to-day moments. It is a great way to connect with her followers who are looking for coding advice.

Plus, she’s a gym enthusiast and a weight- lifter! Are you inspired yet?

8. @tassiapaschoal

This engineer and UX designer wants to use technology for the greater good! If you want to learn about some fun eco-hacks, then take a look at her stories.

Tassia is also a supporter of eco- friendly products and has some useful recommendations of books on coding.

7. @mariatech_

Through her Instagram feed, this gorgeous brunette demonstrates her commitment towards coding! Maria is also an expert in Mathematics.

She is a true example of beauty and brains combined! Learn more about coding from her profile.

6. @herhelloworld

A graduate from the University of Surrey – Holly has been working in the technology industry since 2015.

Currently, she is an engineer at Microsoft. Through her Instagram handle, she aims to empower women in technology.

5. @codecrumb

You are bound to love this software engineer’s interesting sense of style! She is an entrepreneur who is also quite experienced in social media management.

You can even access her coding projects. Overall, her Insta feed is as pretty as a picture!

4. @samar_tekaya_official

Another lovely addition to our list of Instagram girls who code. This multi-talented beauty wants to make coding easier for everyone!

She is the founder of @samcodingofficial and has a Youtube channel to teach programming. Tune in to her Instagram handle to learn more!

3. @coding_unicorn

Full-stack developer, programmer, and coder – this girl knows it all! Julia is a brand ambassador for DevTernity – one of the top software development conferences in Europe.

Another thing that you should not miss out on is her giveaways!

2. @lindavivah

Lifestyle blogger, software developer and a mom of two – Linda is an all-rounder! She has  written on themes such as Best coding books for kids and Binary learning.

Her impeccable style statement and aesthetic sense make her profile even more fun to look at!

1. @codingblonde

Masha is a stereotype breaker who loves to travel! Her photos will make you want to grab your backpacks. A feminist at heart  – she is the creator of a weekly newsletter of women involved in technology. You can find it on!

Boasting around 63000 followers, be sure to not miss out on her amazing account.

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