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5 Skills Needed to Become a Java Developer

A guide to become a Java Developer!

Although it is quite old and has a long history, Java is not going anywhere anytime soon. According to Statista, as much as 40% of all developers worldwide use Java as their primary programming language. There is a lot of ground to cover when learning Java, as there is when learning any programming language. Java developers are in high demand – it is important for them to stand out from the crowd. A recent survey of developers who use Java as a primary programming language found that in 2021, Java was most commonly used to create websites,  system software, utilities-related apps, and fintech software.

The process of finding and hiring Java developers varies depending on the specific needs of each company. Because of the wide range of expertise offered by Java developers, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a good fit for your company’s specific requirements. An entire guide to help you hire Java developers is also available on our blog.

Despite stiff competition from other, more recent languages, Java continues to have high demand. Java is, without a question, a very well-liked programming language. Read on to learn about the most important skills of a Java Developer.

Benefits of Hiring Skilled Java Developers

The following are just a few of the many positive outcomes of businesses employing Java developers.

Access to Specific Skills

Sometimes, the people or resources that possess the expertise your company requires aren’t in the same geographic vicinity. What makes hiring a Java developer remotely through platforms like Gaper appealing is its flexibility in terms of location. Set up an appointment with us if you would like to hire vetted Java developers from our marketplace.

While some businesses might be interested in employing an in-house developer to build applications, others might be looking to hire a senior Java engineer to manage a team of developers who are outsourced. Finding the right Java programmer for the proper role can give a company access to a plethora of resources it needs to achieve business goals and deliver a perfect product to their customer base.


Because Java developers have such a wide range of skills, companies can benefit from increased adaptability in the projects they undertake and other workload they take on.

Automating mundane but essential processes like the hiring process can free up more time for other strategic initiatives. Having flexible models of hiring allows the composition of a tech team to be more dynamic. In case your business is behind on a project, a skilled Java programmer can step in and make up for lost time.

Avoid Application Issues

Hiring an experienced Java developer helps businesses foresee and prevent potential problems with the code and the finished deliverable, allowing them to keep operations running smoothly.

What Should Companies Look for While Looking to Hire Java Developers?  

Hiring a Java expert is not a piece of cake. Some startups and businesses do not have the right resources to help them hire good tech talent. In any case, you must go through a proper vetting process, and keep in mind certain things that you should look for in your candidate to hire a talented and top-notch developer for your company.  

Skill Set Required For A Java Job

Every company has its own preferences depending upon the type of the job, so you need to be well aware of the skills you should look for in your candidate. Refer to the skills listed below and our Java developer hiring guide to help you start hiring.   

Must Fit In Your Company’s Culture  

Another important thing that you should look into with your Java developer is the ability to fit into your company’s culture. Sometimes, remote developers fit in naturally while in–office teams struggle to make basic communication work. Don’t let the mode of work hinder you from putting together a good distributed team.

Should Possess Problem Solving Skills

Every Java developer needs to have the skill of creating, deploying, and managing code efficiently. Moreover, they must give you the solutions that actually work. It is better to consider conducting a live technical test as it will better assist you in determining their capabilities.  

Specialist Java Development Knowledge

When hiring someone for the job, it is essential to know whether they possess the technical expertise needed for a project, but also whether they have a good grasp on basic concepts of Java language that are required for the application’s development.  

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning here that it is easy to flex one’s skills on resumes and CVs, but when it comes to the practical application, many developers fail. It is crucial to administer a test before hiring to know whether they have the required expertise you need in your team or not. 

Essential Java Developers Skills and Certificates 

If you are going to hire a Java developer, then it is highly significant to make sure that the candidate you are going to hire must have some hard skills as well as soft skills. 

Let’s start with hard skills. 

Hard Skills (Technical Skills to Learn Java Development)

We decided to look into what firms often seek out when hiring Java developers and the technical skills every Java programmer should acquire or hone to be competitive in the employment market.

Expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools.

Nowadays, everything revolves around machine learning, data science, and AI. They have simplified many aspects of our daily lives and professional work. AI and machine learning is largely responsible for most of the noteworthy changes and developments in tech and business in recent times. 

Most of these breakthroughs and smart machines and devices that we use today were made possible by Java’s backend work. Java is the programming language used to create a majority of the most popular tools being used for Big Data. 

Java’s extensive library support has also made it a popular choice for many applications. Java is a fast and dependable language for creating complex software applications. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a Java developer, having prior experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning can be beneficial.

Design Principles  

Every Java developer should have skills in architecture and software design. Here we are going to list down all the design principles that are essential for every Java developer to have: 

  • OCP (Open/Closed Principle) 
  • DIP (Dependency Inversion Principle) 
  • ISP (Interface Segregation Principle)
  • SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) 
  • LSP (Liskov Substitution Principle)

Architectural Patterns  

Some architectural patterns that Java developers are required to learn are listed below:

  • Client-Server Pattern  
  • Pipe-filter pattern 
  • Peer-to-peer pattern  
  • Master-Slave Pattern  
  • Event bus pattern  
  • Blackboard pattern  
  • Model View Controller pattern 


Java developers should also know about microservices. The following are some microservices patterns that every Java developer should be aware of.  

  • Time-based security  
  • Handling sensitive information  
  • Docker Rootless Mode  
  • Cloud and Cluster specific security  
  • Delivery pipelines  
  • Access and Identity tokens  
  • GraphQL APIs  

Some Other Skills Required For Java Developers 

What are some skills you can acquire or learn as a Java developer that can help you gain an edge over other Java developers?

Designing, security, and testing software are all requisite technical skills for a Java developer. You’ll stand out from the competition if you know advanced server deployment technologies too. Another way to boost your market value is to learn version control and collaborate on projects with others. Other areas of expertise include skills in multiple Object-Oriented Programming languages, Java Design Patterns, and the Java Programming Interface. Senior developers need to thoroughly understand common DevOps tools like Chef, Docker, Maven, Kubernetes, and Jenkins because they are tasked with adopting coding best practices and creating manuals and scripts.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, there are more skills that are always major plus: 

  • JUnit and Mockito  
  • Spring Boot  
  • Design Patterns  
  • JVM Internals  
  • React or Angular  
  • IDE Eclipse or IntelliJ  

Soft Skills Every Java Developer Should Have

Always remember that if the candidate doesn’t have the essential soft skills, the hard skills have little to no worth.

Communication Skills  

The most important skill is communication. Developers need to know how to communicate with each other as a team, raise confusions, share ideas, identify concerns and discuss the progress of a project in a useful manner. They also need to communicate well with other departments of a business especially that are related to achieving business goals, marketing, providing functionality to in-house teams and customers. Developers also need to be able to communicate well with clients and customers – especially those in senior roles. Soft skills are given huge importance when it comes to vetting developers at Gaper. 


Another important skill you need to look for in your candidate is teamwork. If the employee collaborates with the other members of the team as needed, it will maintain good productivity. If not, effective project management will be impossible.

Always Ready To Learn New Things

It is important that the candidate has a growth mindset and positively takes criticism and uses it for their growth. The world of programming and software development is ever changing. New standards and programming concepts continue to go in and out of fashion. A good developer will always stay abreast with these changes if they don’t want their skills to become obsolete and redundant. 

For example, the upcoming trend and hype surrounding web3 and the metaverse will open up an entirely new demand and supply economic conundrum. Existing professionals will have to upgrade their skills in order to incorporate new concepts and innovations into the applications and projects they work on. 

Skill Tests Evaluation

There is always the risk of hiring incompetent Java developers when putting together a team. In that case, you’ll lose money because it will take time and resources to train them to be productive team members for your project.

As a result, it is recommended that you evaluate and test the candidate’s knowledge of Java to find the ideal Java developer and avoid possible problems. 

If you cannot test Java applicants on your own, let us help you in hiring however many developers you need for your team. Book an appointment with us today.

Here, we have compiled a list of some skills assessments that can help you dig up a hidden gem for your tech team. Aspiring Java developers can also use these tests to evaluate their own skills and add new skills to their CVs. 

  • Java MCQ Online Test for Hiring the Best Java Developers. Quantifying the skills required for Java architect roles, such as annotation, auto wiring, demand mapping, aggregate functions, and so on, is essential.
  • RESTful Testing. Perform an evaluation of your abilities in areas such as JAX-RS, a framework built on top of REST web services, and RESTEasy, a framework for securing REST web services.
  • Online Core Java Test
  • Java Full Stack Developer Test. Perform skill assessments on a wide range of topics relevant to full-stack Java development, including but not limited to: regular expressions, strings, the Burndown chart, modeling and demand mapping
  • The Java Practical Exam for Selecting Experienced Mid Level Java Developers.
  • Online Advance Java Assessment for Hiring Proficient Senior Programmers.
  • An online evaluation of Spring Boot knowledge and expertise, including annotations, security, dependencies, lines, and configuration, is available to prospective employers.
  • Liferay Online Test Use metrics to evaluate competencies like the number of portlet applications, classes, and portlet deployments in Liferay.

Interview Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Java Developer

In this section of the article, we will mention some of the technical questions you can ask a Java development candidate so that you can evaluate their skill set. Let’s have a look.  

  • What is your understanding of the JDK, JVM, and JRE? 
  • Elaborate public static void main? 
  • Describe static class? 
  • What is the objective of the static variables and the static methods? 
  • What do you know about the technique? 
  • Describe the various signatures of methods? 
  • Why do we use the word platform-independent for Java? 

What Abilities Should A Java Full Stack Developer Have?

When it comes to building a software, a full-stack developer is someone who can do it all. To put it another way, they can handle both front-end and back-end work in Java application development. Given the breadth of their responsibilities, they must possess a similarly extensive set of skills. Full-stack developers typically have expertise in a wide variety of languages and frameworks, including Java, Ruby, Python, and.Net in addition to front-end technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Developers focused on the full-stack have mastered multiple server platforms, including Nginx, Apache, and version control tools like Git. The principles of user interface, user experience (UI/UX) design, and familiarity with database and cache technology may also be necessary. They might also know their way around REST, SOAP, APIs, and web service development. They should also have a firm grasp of algorithms, syntax, and data structures and be able to construct unit tests.

How can I Improve My Java Skills?

Java is constantly and periodically updated by the parent firm, so developers must keep their knowledge of Java up to date as well. Getting certified in the most up-to-date features of Java, attending training programmes, and getting up-to-date system training are all frequent ways to upgrade one’s Java knowledge. One can also sharpen their Java abilities by constantly reading code, practicing data structures and algorithms, and using web resources like video tutorials and training materials.

The best place to start for developers is Java’s own website for developers. How much have you learnt about Java 19?

How to Learn Java Online For Free With Certificate

Coursera is the best site to learn Java online for free with certificate. Coursera provides access to more than 1,700 Java classes taught by industry experts and faculty from the world’s leading institutions and businesses. These classes can help you launch or enhance your career in Java. You can educate yourself on various subjects, including data science, programming languages, and more. This site offers video tutorials on Java programming in several different languages. The videos can be viewed in various languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and French. These lectures also include contributions from some of the people who were pioneers in establishing some of the computing and programming concepts we are familiar with.

The famous website has now included a free Java education course. It is a top pick among the many excellent interactive Java learning resources available today. Their online IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or Java Editor lets you not only write but also run, test, and debug your code.

As a bonus, it awards certificates following successful completion of training programs. You will learn Java basics, including the OOP (object-oriented programming) paradigm. Along the way, you will be able to use your newly acquired Java knowledge by creating seven different projects.

Many well-known businesses rely on W3Schools. W3Schools has been providing online coding education for more than 20 years. Businesses that are trying to hire competent developers place high importance on their certifications. Over 50,000 certifications have been issued so far. W3Schools covers an extensive syllabus of Java concepts and tutorials. It begins at the ground level so that anyone taking the refresher course can quickly and easily grasp the language.

Learn Java Online Free For Beginners

If you are just starting out with Java development, you can easily find lectures online to learn Java online for free for beginners. Users should not worry about cost, as most of these sites provide free guides.

One of the fastest ways to learn Java and increase a programmer’s coding competence while learning is to tackle various coding challenges. This is one of the finest ways to learn Java. Programmers can improve their problem-solving skills by taking on and completing various challenges. The developer will benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of it as well. In addition, IT professionals can practice coding on websites to prepare for interviews.

List Of Websites To Learn Java For Free

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top 5 websites to learn Java for free.

  • Pluralsight

Pluralsight has many helpful online courses for learning Java and other programming languages. Pick the courses you’re interested in and move through them at your own pace.

The website also offers a free trial that, if used wisely, would give you more than enough time to gain a solid foundation in Java and Coding.

  • Udemy

The second site on our list of the best five websites is Udemy. This is one of the best online resources for learning programming languages like Java. If you’re a beginner in need of a solid foundation in Java, Udemy’s Java Programming for Complete Beginners Course is the best option. There are paid and free options available. In addition, several courses are available to learn Java from scratch for a low price (about $10), including The Complete Java Masterclass, widely regarded as one of the best courses for beginner programmers interested in learning Java. This course has been brought up-to-date to include coverage of two LTS releases of Java, versions 11 and 17.

  • Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is one of the most well-known and often visited sites in the programming community. There are millions of helpful answers to questions on the site, and they pertain to every programming language possible. For this reason, StackOverflow includes numerous code segments where developers may get code examples on a wide range of topics, which is essential for learning any programming language.

Stack Overflow’s community-oriented nature is a major selling point. When engaged, its various communities provide programmers with access to the site’s extensive database of questions and answers. Programmers can discover various tips and tricks, many of which are exclusive to this website and cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Learn Java Online 

This tutorial on learnjavaonline.org is an online, interactive resource that provides access to a free Java course. It’s a gateway to the Java ecosystem. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced coder, this website has everything you need to master the Java programming language.

  • Udacity

Udacity is among the most well-known and frequently visited sites for studying Java online. Udacity also offers tutorials for virtually every language used in computer programming. Programmers everywhere have unrestricted access to the site’s contents, which are offered openly for free. 

These lectures are designed for people who have no prior experience with Java. In fact, all newcomers to computer programming will benefit from taking these classes, not just those new to Java. Beginners will obtain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and computer science by taking advantage of the courses offered on Udacity.


  • How can I hire Java developers?

Gaper uses a perfect match mechanism to find the most compatible and talented Java developers and a Java architect ideal for organizations needing reliable developers. Gaper has developed a systematic and deliberate procedure for finding and vetting suitable placements for expert Java developers in various organizations and startups. Book an appointment with us to learn more about hiring Java developers.  

  • What are the skills required for Junior Java developer?

Here are some skills required for a Junior Java Developer:

  • Java-based web services,
  • JavaScript,
  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • SQL,
  • ORM,
  • J2EE framework,
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design.

Let’s Wrap Up

A competent Java developer has solid coding skills and in-depth familiarity with the Java ecosystem. It is important to keep up with the latest versions of several of the technologies that Java uses. To be successful in Java development, one must keep up with the language’s constant evolution.

To become a “full-stack” developer, all developers must adopt the same set of technologies if they are to work towards a cohesive system of software development and project management. Soft skills are also a must for any Java developer, and the following are some that are particularly important:

  • Having good interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Ethics in the workplace

It takes a wide range of technical skills to be an effective Java developer. Developing these skills requires consistent practice and also experience. We have covered some of the most important abilities you’ll need to succeed as a Java developer. Always remember that practice is the key to writing well-designed, fast, and testable code. 

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