Transforming Healthcare Communication with MuleSoft and Salesforce
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Transforming Healthcare Communication with MuleSoft and Salesforce

Revolutionize healthcare communication using MuleSoft and Salesforce. Discover seamless integration for enhanced patient care. Explore the future of health tech!

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for rapid and efficient communication within the healthcare sector has become more critical than ever. The ability to communicate swiftly can make a life-saving difference. However, the conventional methods of communication, which involve delays and inefficiencies, are no longer acceptable.

As technology has advanced significantly in the realms of web development and security, it’s only logical that we should harness these advancements to enhance healthcare communication. After all, if our health isn’t safeguarded, the progress we make in other fields becomes inconsequential. 

Legacy systems can often be a bottleneck in the flow of information among healthcare professionals. However, at Gaper, we have the expertise and tools to transform healthcare communication.

The CareWeb Revolution: A Success Story

UCSF Medical Center’s Challenge

UCSF Medical Center, a renowned academic medical institution with over 750,000 patient visits and 40,000 admissions annually, faced a significant challenge.

They relied on a legacy pager-based system for communication among the 8,000 staff members. This system had the following drawbacks:

  • One-Way Communication: All correspondence was text-based and one-way. Consequently, physicians were forced to inquire further by phone for more details, which resulted in a slower flow of information and response times.
  • Coordination Hurdles: Coordinating care teams was challenging because messages were not saved for future reference.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Sending messages via the pager network was not HIPAA-compliant.
  • Bulky and Expensive: Team members had to carry pagers alongside their mobile devices, which was cumbersome and costly.

The Solution: CareWeb Messenger with Salesforce and MuleSoft

UCSF Medical Center set out to revolutionize patient care team collaboration. To address their challenges, they developed CareWeb Messenger. This next-generation messaging platform securely integrates patient information across key systems. The tools used in this solution include:

Salesforce  Platform: Salesforce provided a single view of communications about patients and test results. It also facilitated communication between patients and their attending doctors and nurses. This approach combined elements of social networking sites while maintaining the necessary security and HIPAA compliance.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform: To ensure seamless integration and data sharing across various systems, UCSF’s Medical Center employed MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. This hybrid approach connects on-premise and cloud applications, allowing for absolute data integrity and security.

The combination of Salesforce and MuleSoft enabled CareWeb Messenger to function as a paging system for UCSF Medical Center staff across web and mobile platforms.

It tags all messages to the sender, recipient, and patient and securely stores this information, including text and images, under the respective patient’s account. This platform allowed for multiple threads and indexing of messages, offering a comprehensive overview of all communications related to patient care.

The results were clear: the flow of rich information in real-time improved patient outcomes. It was an ideal example of how technology can lead to innovation in the healthcare industry.

Benefits of the Solution

The implementation of CareWeb Messenger brought significant benefits:

  • Staff members at the UCSF Medical Center communicated with each other more than 3,000 times a month, a significant increase.
  • Care teams enjoyed a single view of the patient by integrating UCSF’s Medical Center Epic EMR, Salesforce, mobile, and communication platforms in a short time.
  • HIPAA compliance was ensured with tighter management of patient data.
  • A next-generation searchable communication platform was built on Salesforce.
  • Patient data was consolidated in one location using MuleSoft.
  • Operational efficiency increased, and costs were reduced by eliminating the existing paging solution.

This successful implementation not only improved patient outcomes but also showcased how the partnership between Salesforce and MuleSoft could drive innovation in the healthcare industry.

It served as a shining example of how modern technology solutions can revolutionize healthcare communication, ensuring patient care remains at the center of focus. 

Your Path to Custom Healthcare Messaging Solutions

As a healthcare provider, you might be seeking a similar transformation. The good news is that Gaper can help you achieve this using the power of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. Just as UCSF integrated its Epic EMR with non-clinical systems, we can connect your healthcare systems for a unified view of patient data and messaging.

Our services encompass the integration of on-premise and cloud applications within a secure, scalable environment. With the Anypoint Platform, we configure integrations graphically, simplifying setup and maintenance while ensuring data integrity and security. Our mission is to improve healthcare communication, and we have the tools to make it happen for you.

What We Offer

  • Healthcare Integration: Seamlessly connect on-premise, cloud, and mobile applications for efficient healthcare communication.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Ensure the highest standards of patient data security and privacy.
  • Cost Reduction: Optimize communication systems to reduce operational costs and improve response times.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to your healthcare facility’s unique needs, we provide customized messaging solutions for improved patient outcomes.

At Gaper, we’re dedicated to delivering similar transformative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Just as UCSF Medical Center addressed its challenges, we’re here to provide custom healthcare messaging solutions to empower your healthcare facility.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve HIPAA-compliant, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare communication. With Gaper, you can create a patient-centered experience that truly makes a difference.

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