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Hiring Developers in Brazil: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply

All you need to know about hiring developers in Brazil

Brazil has emerged as a powerhouse for IT talent, even if it might not cross your way among the countries you consider when thinking of hiring developers or engineers. Brazil has made significant investments in its IT sector, which has led to a sharp increase in the number of dependable, professional software engineers. Additionally, recruiting Brazilian employees is particularly easier on the pockets due to the relative weakness of the Brazilian Real vs the US dollar. Although Brazil has not yet made its place near China or India when it comes to outsourcing, there are still a number of important benefits. In this article, we’ll examine some of the pros and cons of Hiring Developers In Brazil.

The Economic and Business Landscape of Brazil

The economy of Brazil is considered to be the third largest in the Americas. Their economy is also middle income developing mixed economy. Brazil is considered 10th largest by nominal GDP in the entire world along with being the 9th largest with purchasing power parity. The economy of Brazil is solely dependent on a mixed economy system which also consists of import substitution for growth purposes. Brazil is a country which has vast resources of gold, uranium, iron and timber according to an estimate of US$21.8 trillion of worth. The distribution of income in Brazil is known to be very unequal. Brazil is considered as one of the world’s largest economies and is also currently at rank 12.

Brazil has many advantages in terms of business. For example, making a commercial presence in Brazil is a better and easier way to have access to other countries in that region. This also allows that specific country to benefit from developments in strategic trade. Brazil was ranked 124th for ‘’ease of doing business” in the world bank’s report based on doing business in 2020.

Tech Startups and Companies in Brazil

There are 1300 start-up companies in Brazil. The ranking is among the top 5 economies and apparently has the highest start-up rate in the world.


There are 1,144 healthtech startups in Brazil such as Wecancer. This healthtech company has a mobile app for its cancer patients who are supposed to record their daily life events and sickness because of the treatment of cancer or just cancer itself. This app uses a lot of questions on a daily basis to record patients’ responses.

Similarly, there are other companies as well that are committed to providing aid almost as similar to Wecancer such as Smart Fit and Pipo Saude.


1,446 financial technological startups were founded in Brazil in December 2021. For investors and the finance market, Brazil’s FinTech market had boomed in time. There are more than 700 unicorns present in the world as of now and about 12 of them are located in Brazil.


There are about 525 EdTech startups in Brazil such as Descomplica. This app is designed to give an online learning platform for students. It consists of pre-recorded videos, live classes and many quizzes for children in different subjects. Similarly, StartSe and EBAC are also online learning platforms.

IT and Tech Education In Brazil

Brazil has the 5th largest number of mobile phones and internet users in the world. There was an article published based on facts in the EE Times that there are 189 million mobile phones, 200 tech savvy consumers, and a high demand for PC’s, this has led to an increased internet usage in all of Brazil. A country like Brazil needs to have a major improvement in the ability of their teachers in terms of passing on information regarding communication technologies in education. The way that ICT related information is being taught in the educational systems is directly linked with the reduction of the digital divide that is existing in the country.

Software Developer Salary in Brazil

The normal estimated salary for a software developer in Brazil is around $79,998 per year in Brazil, IN and also $5,000 cash bonus every year.

Tech Stacks

 A full stack developer in Brazil usually earns around 8,670 BRL per month. The salaries in this field range from about 3,990 BRL (lowest) to 13,800 BRL (highest). This information is purely the average monthly salary of a person including housing, transport, and other benefits as well.

Java Developer Salary in Brazil

A person who works in Brazil as a Java Developer usually earns around 8,740 BRL per month. The salary ranges are from 4,540 BRL (lowest) to 13,400 BRL (highest). This is considered to be the average monthly salary including housing, transport and other benefits that follow.

PHP Developer Salary in Brazil

A PHP developer with an early career who has ample amount of experience earns around $31,200 compensation which is based on 11 salaries. A Php developer who has reached the middle of his career earns around $103,500 based on 8 salaries.

Junior Developer Salary Rates in Brazil

Junior software engineers often have fewer than two years of expertise in the field. They are familiar with programming languages like C++ or Java, however, they don’t have a lot of work experience. Junior developers are trained enough to undertake system performance monitoring, can work on small projects concerning debugging, and run development tests. They lack the credentials to act as lead software engineers. Because of their short work history and need for supervision, young developers get a lesser compensation. Junior software developers in Brazil get an average yearly income of around $36,200 BRL, or just over $6,400 USD.

Mid-Level Developer Salary Rates in Brazil

Mid-level software developers have many projects under their belts and often have (more than 2) and up to 5 years of experience professionally. They are capable of creating their own development platform and supervising junior developers. They are adept at software debugging and are knowledgeable about some or all phases of system development. Mid-level engineers are able to build straightforward unit tests, generate new code, fix issues, and improve existing code. They are paid more since they can take on more responsibility without supervision . Brazilian mid-level software developers get an average pay of $100,464 BRL per year, or about $17,800 USD.

Senior Developer Salary Rates in Brazil

Normally, Senior Software Engineers are required to have five to eight years of working experience. They are expected to have contributed to several projects. Senior developers are able to implement techniques for creating, testing, and sustaining software. They may manage junior and intermediate developers. A senior developer is capable of independently identifying and utilizing design patterns to resolve challenging challenges. These seasoned developers are capable of designing and writing challenging tests. Senior developers will undoubtedly earn the greatest earnings, which average $141,359 BRL ($25,100 USD) yearly.

Software Developer Jobs in Brazil

Since technology changes almost every day, there are always numerous job positions for Software developers open at all times. 

Java Developer Jobs In Brazil

Glassdoor: According to Glassdoor there are currently 827 open remote jobs for Java developers In Brazil.

LinkedIn: Brazil currently has 1000+  job openings.

Indeed Jobs: Brazil currently has 137 Job openings. 

Python Developer Jobs in Brazil

Glassdoor: According to Glassdoor, there are 759 open jobs for Python developers in Brazil.

LinkedIn: According to LinkedIn, there are 1000+ jobs opening for Python Developers in Brazil

Indeed Jobs: According to Indeed jobs, there are 14934 Python Developer jobs available. 

Ruby Developers Jobs In Brazil

Indeed Jobs: According to Glassdoor, there are 160 open jobs for Ruby developers in Brazil.

LinkedIn: According to LinkedIn, there are 417 jobs available for Ruby developers in Brazil. 

Glassdoor: According to Glassdoor, there are 160 open jobs for Ruby developers in Brazil.

Why Hire Developers from Brazil

Outsourcing is typically done primarily to reduce costs. Hiring Developers In Brazil also means significantly reducing labor costs. Save on all obligations related to recruitment, training, and long-term employees. Outsourcing software development means outsourcing a project to a company with professional experience that helped the company achieve its goals. In other words, there is the additional comfort of knowing that your application will be delivered on time and on budget.

In 2012, Brazil’s software market grew 26.7%, overtaking China and ranking 7th in the world industry. Through recent initiatives, both state and private sectors have continued to grow, from sending Brazilian students to prestigious universities abroad to offering tax cuts in the IT sector.

How To Hire Developers from Brazil

There are numerous platforms available online where you can hire Developers from anywhere in the world. But since our main focus is hiring software developers from Brazil, let’s have a look at the list of websites that can provide you with the best:


Gaper.io specializes in providing companies with the top 1% of vetted software engineers.  Gaper is a remote company which means they hire and provide worldwide. They have engineers available from all over the world, who by the way, go through a screening process to ensure the quality of their services. Moreover, they take as long as 48 hours to match you with your Engineer. 

The best thing about gaper.io is that they connect you with an engineering expert instead of an HR head or any other employee. Why do they do that is so you can get the best united candidate for your project. An expert will be able to understand your queries better, hence, you will be matched with the engineer best suited for your needs!


Linkedin can be referred to as a social app/platform for job seekers and vice versa. Companies/employers post jobs and users seeking jobs can apply if they feel suited for the job. Other than the job aspect, as mentioned earlier, LinkedIn has a social aspect to it as well. People connect on LinkedIn just like they do on other social media platforms. However, on LinkedIn, people talk more about current matters around the world such as businesses, recession, tech shortage, etc.


GitHub is a platform that mainly consists of pioneers and experts in the software development industry. A few of the best software professionals in the IT world are found on GitHub. People looking for Freelance Developers trust GitHub ore due to the fact that it is solely dedicated to tech. Hence proving the fact that all the members/users of GitHub are familiar with software developing, further leading to the reassurance of your project being in good hands. Moreover, not only can you hire a single freelancer, but if you need a freelance developing team, GitHub will make that happen too.


A website called Hired links businesses with developers. Product management, data science, product marketing, and more divisions have been added throughout time.

By connecting employers and applicants, Hired benefits both groups of people. They also play a little role in the applicant vetting process. This enables the developers to work on complex projects in settings that enhance their skills. Additionally, they are only approached for jobs that, in light of their skill set, are considered appropriate for them.


Q1. Does Brazil have good developers?

Brazil has made significant investments in its IT sector, which has led to a sharp increase in the number of dependable, professional software engineers. Furthermore, the lack of competitiveness of the Brazilian Real against the US dollar has allowed Hiring Developers In Brazil more cost-effective.

Q2. What companies are hiring for Java Developer jobs in Brazil?

Companies currently hiring in Brazil are: Gaper.io, Platform Builders, IBM, GSB, KCS IT, Verity, BuscarVagas, BEES Brasil, Bnex, Amzn Servicos de Varejo do Bra, The Getch.


Brazil still emerges as a highly appealing, trustworthy, and affordable choice for US businesses contemplating employing outsourced software engineers despite the abundance of outsourcing possibilities. There are a few aspects of hiring Brazilian programmers from outside that US-based businesses may be sure of, from the beginning to the end of the project.

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