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How To Hire jQuery Developers

An extensive guide for hiring the best jQuery developers.

What Is jQuery?

jQuery was first introduced to the public by its creator, John Resig, in 2006. Because it is an open-source platform, it offers a significant chunk of its free code available on Creative Commons, where anybody can access it, learn from it, and integrate it into their projects. There have been many jQuery releases, including one tailored for mobile devices. Given its usefulness and ease of use, companies in various domains seek to hire jQuery developers for their projects.

Front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developers rely on jQuery to build their projects. It makes it possible for developers to write their code once only. Browser compatibility is dealt with by the library on its own. Since then, it has become the most widely used JavaScript library of its time.

Providing developers with the ability to change how JavaScript functions on a site makes utilizing JavaScript much simpler and saves them significant time. It gives a developer the freedom to be creative with the design of a website. jQuery is used on a large number of websites.

In simple terms, jQuery wraps many lines of JavaScript code into a few lines of wrapped text that is much easier to read. Put another way; jQuery allows users to accomplish more with less effort. After a piece of code has been written into a browser, this feature lets the user make alterations to it. Its API is compatible with a wide range of web browsers. jQuery can be used as a platform for plug-ins that extend the library’s functionality. With jQuery, compatibility issues between different browsers are taken care of.

What Are Some Common Uses Of jQuery?

Site Interactivity

jQuery and JavaScript are used to enhance web page interactivity. jQuery can be used in various ways on a website, including displaying and hiding info, generating on-screen animations, and altering existing web pages, among other possibilities.

Web Server Communication

jQuery can be used to transfer user data to online servers through AJAX technology. It’s a popular practice when you want to keep track of a user’s actions on your server without having to reload the user’s page. jQuery contains AJAX by default.

Extensions for your web browser

A browser extension is a small piece of software that may be placed into a user’s browser, allowing them to do additional actions on several websites. Grammarly and Google Translate are two of the most popular browser extensions.

Advantages of Hiring Remote jQuery Developers

  • You’ll be able to choose from a larger pool of applicants from across the world. You don’t have to pick anyone in particular; you can choose those with the most impressive abilities.
  • More developers are interested in working with you – around one-third of developers examine remote work possibilities when searching for new employment.
  • It is far simpler to give technical assistance for your website or web app twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; all you need to do is recruit jQuery developers from a few different countries so that you can be assured that there is always somebody monitoring your product.
  • Many countries’ living expenses are cheaper than in the West, allowing you to optimize your budget better

What Should Companies Look For When Hiring A jQuery Developer

When looking for a jQuery developer, experience, salary, and the nature of the work arrangement are all factors to consider. In addition, the type of project you need to tackle and the talents required to finish it are important considerations to keep in mind.

jQuery Skills Required

A jQuery Developer should have the following skills:

  • jQuery functions and methods
  • Standard JavaScript programming practises
  • Traversing the DOM tree
  • User event processing

jQuery Experience Required

All of the following are good criteria for experienced jQuery developers:

  • The ability to read and write HTML and CSS
  • A jQuery-based approach to handling errors
  • Representation of data in JSON format
  • Debugging and testing jQuery programs
  • Asynchronous AJAX web page handling
  • Modifications to the dynamic stylesheet and animations
  • Standard JavaScript programming
  • Web development and object-oriented programming
  • The web browser’s developer console and page inspection
  • Projects for private enterprises, businesses, and open source

jQuery Interview Questions

These are some of the questions you should ask while interviewing jQuery developers:

  • Is there a difference between the two programming languages, JavaScript and jQuery?
  • What is event bubbling, and why is it important?
  • When is it preferable to utilize JavaScript over jQuery?
  • jQuery’s effects methods: what are they?
  • How do you troubleshoot jQuery code?
  • Is there a specific use for jQuery’s serialize() function?
  • What is the syntax for decoding a JSON string?
  • Using AJAX in jQuery programming, where might it be useful?
  • What is the purpose of jQuery’s css() function?
  • What are the best practices for integrating jQuery into a website?
  • In jQuery, how do you gain access to cookies?
  • What is the main distinction between “prop” and “attr”?

How to Interview a Skilled jQuery Developer? 

Assuming you plan to perform an in-person interview to hire jQuery developers, here are some ideas to help you get the best possible results.

Involvement Of Developers In The Process Is Encouraged

To build a team of highly-talented developers, you should include at least 3-5 senior programmers in the interview process. A manager can’t determine a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses independently.

Schedule Ample Time For The Interview

You must give a reasonable amount of time for the interview process. Ask all the necessary questions, request a demonstration of skills, and have the candidate devise a solution to a problem. As a result, it will help you hire the proper individual for the job vacancy; otherwise, you may choose the wrong person if you rush it.

Make Informed Decisions 

Remember that if a recruiter has all the necessary abilities, there is no reason to prolong the hiring process. In contrast, it is best to decline a candidate if they display many warning signs. It’ll make the interview and recruiting process easier for everyone involved.  

How Much Does it Cost to Hire jQuery Developers?

The average annual income for a jQuery developer is $109,661 in the United States, equivalent to that of a JavaScript developer. Average hourly rates for freelance jQuery developers are $58.58. Freelancer rates for jQuery can also range anywhere from $15 to $120 per hour, considering the developer’s experience level, the developer’s location, the availability, and the additional programming languages that are necessary.

For additional information on pricing for freelance software developers, see our in-depth pricing guide.

What Determines the Cost of Hiring jQuery Developers?

Now that we are familiar with and understand the fundamental guidelines for hiring jQuery developers, we will move on to the factors influencing the cost. We’ll cover tips that should be kept in mind by any company looking to hire a jQuery development team or individual jQuery developers.

Skills Required For Your Project

Your company’s success heavily depends on the caliber of employees you hire. Therefore, when hiring a development team, it is important to verify that they possess the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge in areas such as knowledge of API integration, platform, and framework. Cost insight of the process by which jQuery developers construct an application is a valuable commodity for businesses. You can also propose your requirements to see if the jQuery developers you have opted for can do it.

The project’s overall scope

At the outset, you should know how long the project will take, what it will entail, and what features it will need. Many factors, such as the developer’s location, technological expertise, and experience, contribute to the cost of hiring a software developer, all of which are related to the complexity of the jQuery development project. Experienced jQuery developers with industry experience can advise businesses on what they can expect regarding timeline, resources, and cost.

Size of the Team

The complexity of the project would determine the size of the team. Each team member’s salary is based on their experience and expertise. To put it another way: if you don’t hire enough people, the project could take longer than expected and cost more money. Create a plan of action and build a group of people who can implement it successfully to achieve your goals.


The last but certainly not least factor when looking to hire a jQuery Developer is location. Consider the developer’s location when estimating how much it will cost to hire a developer. If you’re located in an area with a high cost of living, outsourcing to developers in other countries may be your best option. How? By using an outsourcing service for software development. jQuery developer outsourcing offers the same conveniences and customization in app creation as in-house development.

Hire The Best jQuery Developers Through Gaper

The need to hire qualified developers has become increasingly evident to most companies. Hiring a remote jQuery developer is a cost-effective way to gain access to a wide range of technical skills.

Gaper uses a perfect match mechanism to find the most compatible and talented jQuery developers and a jQuery architect ideal for organizations needing reliable developers. Gaper has developed a systematic and deliberate procedure for finding suitable placements for expert jQuery developers in various organizations and startups.

Gaper is more than just an innovative hiring platform; we ease the transition to the modern workforce for startups. Gaper will find you the best jQuery programmers after they have been extensively screened and vetted. Our developers are dedicated to staying on top of global trends while keeping the needs of specific regions in mind.

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Benefits of choosing Gaper to Hire jQuery Developers 

jQuery Solutions Developed Specifically For Your Needs

Gaper employs jQuery developers with top-tier expertise in the field to create reliable software tailored to your company’s specific requirements. We can recommend the best technology for your needs with our extensive knowledge in your area.

Exceptional Architecture

To ensure that your software can keep up with the changing demands of your business and market needs, our experts place a premium on long-term efficiency by focusing on micro-services and cloud-only architecture.

Flexible Communication

Our company is committed to keeping open lines of communication with our customers. A consistent connection between the parties is ensured by having a single point of contact at all times. In addition, we have discussions about the required information, our priorities, and the frequency of updates.


We stick to tried-and-true processes with full transparency into everyone’s roles, with defined objectives and timelines for all tasks. Furthermore, we encourage our customers to participate in the development process actively.


First things first: before you even think about hiring  jQuery developers, you have to figure out your products’ requirements. These specifications must be in sync with your company’s objectives to ensure that the final product lives up to your standards. Things like long-term goals, user requirements, specialized features, etc., should be considered as you develop your application.

To begin designing these jQuery applications, the first step is to recognise the need for them and take the appropriate measures. This, however, necessitates that you have a thorough understanding of the current business requirements. Because there are so many different jQuery applications to pick from, it’s critical to know how to sort them based on your specific requirements.

There is a wide variety of industries, and each one has its own unique set of requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that businesses seek out a firm that can cater to the IT sector’s requirements and understand and appreciate the subtleties of business operations. As a result, when evaluating a company, remember to factor in all these variables.

If you’re looking to hire a jQuery development company, do your research first. In order to get the expected business results from your jQuery solutions, you need to specify your requirements and expectations upfront. It’s important to note that almost any business, regardless of size or industry, can use the expertise of a jQuery application development firm. Your startup can be one of them too.


What is jQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is both free and open source. It’s designed to make navigating and modifying the HTML DOM tree easier. jQuery also makes using CSS animation, Ajax, and other features easier.

Is the jQuery framework obsolete?

Over the last few years, jQuery’s popularity has dropped significantly. Angular, Vue, and React’s front-end JavaScript frameworks have displaced jQuery’s odd syntax and are overly complicated. Interestingly, jQuery is still useful. Among the many projects, it’s been used on everything from complex e-commerce applications to basic landing sites. If you’re not a CSS expert, jQuery can still be useful for quick prototyping and animation. It may be outdated, but it is far from being extinct.

How many websites are using jQuery?

As of 2019, more than 70% of the world’s top 10 million websites utilize jQuery, according to Wikipedia.

Do businesses still use jQuery?

Yes, in fact some of the most popular organizations using jQuery are Uber, Twitter and Udemy, according to Stackshare.

In A Nutshell

JavaScript developers fluent in the jQuery framework may be the best option for your web development needs. Even though these professionals are in high demand due to the library’s tremendous popularity, you still need to do your homework while looking for the perfect applicant with the proper qualifications. In recent times, there has been an increase in overseas and remote job postings for software developers. When companies have access to such talent, they can reduce management costs and speed up hiring employees based on their specific skill sets.

There is no doubt that offshore development has gained momentum and shows no signs of slowing down. Organizations that engage in outsourcing have grown stronger despite their challenges. In the same manner, like these companies, yours can succeed too.

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