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How to Hire Node.js Developers

When looking to hire Node.js developers for web application development, employers and recruiters need to keep in mind the cost of hiring, technical skills and soft skills of a candidate.

Are you looking to hire Node.js developers that tick all the boxes? As a recruiter, you might be aware of how the software developer recruiting phase can become daunting and lengthy. 

According to, Node.js is the most widely used web development tool in the United States. This is one of the pushing factors behind the high demand for Node.js developers.  In this article, we shall dive into important details related to hiring dedicated Node.js developers. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript-based platform that software engineers can use to generate dynamic web page content. It can build video streaming sites, online chat applications, and many other types of web applications. It is beneficial for servers as well as desktop applications. The sheer popularity of the JavaScript programming language led to the discovery of Node.js.

Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009. In 2016, the Google cloud platform became a part of the Node.js foundation. Fast forward to 2022, more than 6.3 billion websites are utilizing Node.js. The primary reason behind this is that it is easy-to-use and scalable.

Advantages of Node.js 

As a technical recruiter, you should be aware of the benefits Node.js has to offer. It can become easier to define your software developer requirements and understand why big organizations such as NASA and Paypal prefer Node.js.

  • Node.js is easy to scale both horizontally and vertically
  • In terms of code execution, it is quite fast
  • Because of JavaScript, it is relatively easy to learn
  • Node.js supports back-end and front-end development processes hence extra hiring costs can decrease
  • It reduces application development time so the developer can do testing more frequently
  • There is increased security for writing code
  • The Node.js developer community can act as a source of information for its users. 

Who is a Node.js Developer?

A Node.js developer is an IT professional that works with Node.js to prioritize server-side functionality for websites. The main focus is the back-end component. However, a Node.js developer must also balance the front-end aspects of web development as well. Node.js developers have to ensure that they maintain productive and effective collaboration with the front-end developers on their team. 

Node.js Developer Responsibilities

As a startup founder or team leader, it is essential to know Node.js developer duties. This especially helps during the search phase as well as the software developer interview stage. Plus, this builds the criteria for assessing the resumes of candidates. 

  • Maintaining the performance of the central database
  • Checking for bugs, and running diagnostic tests and, fixing errors
  • Creation and deployment of Node.js code
  • Providing and executing data storage solutions
  • Collaboration and communication with front-end programmers
  • Designing and implementing high-performance web applications with low latency
  • Preparation of project reports

Node.js Developer Qualifications

Node.js remains one of the fastest-growing programming languages today. In 2021, it came sixth in Stack Overflow’s survey on the most popular technology. It has been a favorite among developers because it is easy to learn. Having a Node.js developer on a a startup’s tech team is very advantageous, but to hire a dedicated Node.js developer, one should know what academic background and skillset make a good candidate’s resume stand out.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any relevant subject can give a student the background they need to pursue a software development career. It is a combination of math, science as well as basic software development concepts. 

The degree is three to four years long. It covers concepts such as algorithms, data structures, hardware & software systems, computing tools, programming languages, and operating systems. A Bachelor’s degree in computer science also increases tech career options an individual can consider.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering 

A degree in software engineering focuses more on the technical aspects of software development. Many courses might be similar to those in computer science. Some essential parts of this degree include databases, operating systems, communications, and web software.

Students learn about the software development life cycle. Plus, a Bachelor of science in software engineering degree equips students with skills that assist in systems design. BSc software engineering online is also gaining popularity.

  • Node.js Developer Course

To learn Node.js from scratch, one has to have a certain background. It is mandatory to know basic Javascript programming, modern Javascript, and command line before starting Node.js courses online. 

From beginner-level courses to advanced Node.js courses and coding boot camps, there is a variety of ways to polish a developer’s programming skills. Udemy and Coursera are wonderful sources for availing of online Node.js courses. 

  • JavaScript

Node.js is built around the JavaScript programming language. Knowing JavaScript fundamentals is a big plus if a developer wants to learn Node.js. Especially for beginners, knowing JavaScript is a must.

It is an undeniable fact that JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world. Plus, JavaScript is easy to grasp. Therefore, learning Node.js can be easily possible for many software engineers. 

  • Master in Computer Science

A Master in Computer science can surely give a resume an edge over others. A master’s degree in computer science reflects advanced knowledge of technological concepts.

A sufficient amount of experience and a master’s in computer science can prove to be quite beneficial for a team of software developers. According to Forbes, three of the top jobs were in fields requiring computer technology degrees.

Node.js Developer Skills

Is your business is looking to hire a Node.js developer? One of the most crucial aspects of the software developer hiring process is knowing how to screen candidates. This is only possible when the recruiter can assess their developer skills. 

Junior Node.js Developer

When it comes to years of experience, a range of one to three years qualifies one to be a junior Node.js developer. For many startups, a graduate degree is compulsory. However, if a Node.js developer has a strong portfolio, it can make all the difference. This especially goes for the post of a remote Node.js developer

  • Hands-on knowledge of Node.js
  • Good proficiency in JavaScript technologies
  • An understanding of security compliance and accessibility
  • Knowledge and application of design principles behind a scalable application
  • Knowing about code versioning tools like GIT
  • Being able to integrate databases into one system
  • Understanding SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Implementation of automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Candidates should know about asynchronous programming
  • Creating database schemes

Senior Node.js Developer

A senior Node.js developer might have to fulfill more responsibilities than just the technical side. A senior Node.js developer’s work experience must be at least more than 2 years. Plus, they should not be afraid to mentor younger team members.

  • Being able to take responsibility for projects
  • Leading technical discussions with team members and clients
  • Proficiency in Typescript
  • Being an expert in another programming language
  • An understanding of public clouds
  • Knowledge of Scrum and Agile methodologies
  • Building applications hosted in AWS, Azure, or, GCP
  • Knowledge of CI/CD pipelines
  • Command over CSS and HTML through a JS framework 
  • Knowing GOF patterns and Solid principles

Node.js Developer Soft Skills

Certain soft skills are a necessity when it comes to a Node.js developer job. This especially applies to most software developers from entry-level Node developers to senior Node.js developers.

  • The willingness to always learn
  • Being a team player
  • Ready to contribute during team meetings
  • Punctuality reflects professionalism and a serious attitude
  • Being a multi-tasker
  • Strict compliance with company rules and regulations

Node.js Developer Salary Rates

The recruiting manager should be clear about what salary they want to offer before they decide to hire Node.js developers. After discussing with the startup founder, a budget can be finalized. This simplifies the hiring phase. For remote job posts, the Node.js developer hourly rate is determined.

Node.js Developer Salary in the US

According to, the average yearly Node.js developer salary in the US is 96,100 dollars. The top three cities to make the most money for Node.js developers are New York, Tennessee and, Illinois.

  • Junior Node.js developer salary in the US: 48,000 dollars to 92,000 dollars per year
  • Senior Node.js developer salary in the US: 100,000 dollars to 152,000 dollars per year

Node.js Developer Salary in the United Kingdom states that in the UK, Node.js developers earn an average of 76,500 British pounds per year. London and Manchester remain popular choices for Node.js developers.

  • Junior Node.js developer salary in the UK: 38,000 pounds to 75,000 pounds per year
  • Senior Node.js developer salary in the UK: 80,000 pounds to 112,000 pounds per year

Node.js Developer Salary in Canada

A Node.js programmer working in Canada can earn 126,000 Canadian dollars on average per year. The city of Toronto is brimming with opportunities for Node.js developers. Therefore it offers one of the highest salaries in the country.

  • Junior Node.js developer salary in Canada: 65,000 dollars to 120,000 dollars per year
  • Senior  Django developer salary in Canada: 130,000 dollars to 200,000 dollars per year

Node.js Developer Salary in Australia

In Australia, a Node.js developer has an average yearly salary of 91,300 AUD. However, a software developer’s salary can vary according to location, experience, and skills.

  • Junior Node.js developer salary in Australia: 45,000 dollars 90,000 dollars per year
  • Senior Node.js developer salary in Australia: 100,000 dollars to 145,000 dollars per year

Node.js Developer Salary in Germany

A Node.js developer working in Germany can make an average of 3770 euros per year. Berlin has one of the highest Node.js developer salaries to offer in Europe. 

  • Junior Node.js developer salary in Germany: 1740 Euros to 3600 Euros per year
  • Senior Node.js developer salary in Germany: 3800 Euros to 6000 Euros per year

Node.js Developer Hiring Guide

Choosing a suitable Node.js developer for your company can become tricky. The following is  basic guide that can be followed when hiring Node.js developers but if you find yourself finding it difficult to hire Node.js developers for your tech team, set up a quick, virtual appointment with us to see whether our vetted developers suit your needs. 

Start with a clear description

As an enterprise looking to hire a Node.js developer, the first step should be more research-based. The start-up founder should discuss job objectives and goals with senior business and tech personnel. 

There could even be a checklist that states and explains the Node.js developer’s job description. As a result, it becomes easier to filter your search. These are some questions that could be helpful 

  • What should be the Node.js developer’s work experience?
  • What hard skills and soft skills are required for Node.js developers?
  • How much salary can the startup pay?
  • Will it be a work-from-home job, an in-house post, or a hybrid mode of working?

Look for job posting platforms 

The current economic situation coupled with external factors such as political instability and the COVID pandemic pushed businesses into rethinking their working strategies. The use of virtual hiring platforms has become quite common. 

There are few AI-based platforms such as ours, Gaper that assist recruiters in shortening the hiring process. Gaper is a global marketplace of the most vetted software engineers. It assists businesses in finding suitable software developers for their startups. 

If you find that other names in this niche do not quite fulfill your requirements, you can either set up a quick appointment with us to explore our marketplace, or choose a platform of your liking from a list of platforms for software engineers that you can refer to. 

Hiring through platforms like Gaper is not only a more effective solution but also saves a huge chunk of time. According to, 44% of companies use publicly available data to speed up recruitment. Even during this stage, you can follow a strategy rather than doing a haphazard search.

  • Begin your search by checking job boards
  • Start posting on your social media networks such as LinkedIn, and Facebook communities
  • Post job openings on seven to eight jobs boards that meet your requirements
  • Add information about the company, job title, duties, essential skills, preferred skills
  • You can add incentives such as perks and benefits
  • Check candidate profiles and judge if they are in sync with the specifications 
  • Along with a senior Node.js developer and HRteam member, make a list of preferred candidates.

Choosing the right Node.js developer

Finally, you’re closer to finding the perfect Node.js developer for your organization. Now, this phase is what determines the final hiring decision. To hire dedicated Node developers, there should be criteria to determine if they can become a part of your company’s tech team.

Furthermore, you can divide Node.js interview questions into basic, intermediate and advanced. That depends on the Node.js developer’s experience and expertise level. However, the following questions are mandatory for all types of interviews.

  • How does Node.js work?
  • Where can a software engineer use Node.js?
  • What is control flow function?
  • State the differences between Node.js and Javascript.
  • How many API functions are there in Node.js?
  • Why is Node.js attracting so many Javascript engineers?
  • Why is Node.js single-threaded?
  • What are the common modules?
  • Describe some pros and cons of Node.js
  • Which framework is most commonly used in Node.js?

Provide feedback

Before hiring a Node.js developer, it is integral to give feedback. As a consequence of this, you can tell the candidate their weaknesses and how to work on them.  Secondly, it can prove to be useful in contacting potential candidates in the future.


Companies such as Mozilla, NASA, Medium, and Trello are utilizing Node.js for their services. Many businesses from startups to enterprises are incorporating Node.js in their software development tasks.

According to, out of over 63,000 checked websites in the US, more than 37,000 run on Node. Therefore, the demand for Node.js developers continues to increase. Therefore, the hiring process needs to be strategically planned so that the final decision does not turn into regret.


How do I hire a Node.js developer?

According to our Node.js developer hiring guide, the following steps should be taken.

  • Having a clear job description of Node.js developer roles and responsibilities
  • Searching for job posting platforms and suitable virtual job boards
  • Checking profiles of candidates that match company requirements
  • Shortlisting suitable software engineer cv profiles
  • Beginning the interview phase for the best Node.js developers according to the criteria

What tasks do Node.js developers need to carry out?

  • Maintaining the performance of the central database
  • Checking for bugs, and running diagnostic tests and, fixing errors
  • Creation and deployment of Node.js code
  • Providing and executing data storage solutions
  • Collaboration and communication with front-end programmers
  • Designing and implementing high-performance web applications with low latency
  • Preparation of project reports

How much does a Node.js developer earn?

The average yearly Node.js developer salary in the US is $96,100.

What are some interview questions when hiring Node.js developers?

  • How does Node.js work?
  • Where can a software engineer use Node.js?
  • What is control flow function?
  • State the differences between Node.js and Javascript.
  • How many API functions are there in Node.js?
  • Why is Node.js attracting so many Javascript engineers?

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