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How to Hire Quality Assurance Engineers For Your Business

This article guides the reader on how to hire quality assurance engineers. It also elaborates on essential aspects of the software developer hiring process.

As more startups are looking for software development services, the need for QA engineers is also growing. The U.S Bureau of Labour predicts that the employment of software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers will increase by 25 percent from 2021 to 2031. This rate is much higher than the average for other occupations. 

What is software quality assurance?

Software quality assurance is the process of improving software development. It is a systematic plan of action that improves product quality. 

It can be described as a methodology to detect issues and prevent failures. 

Why is quality assurance necessary?

Before you hire quality assurance engineers, it is crucial to know about the importance of their role. Quality assurance assists businesses in increasing product reliability. One of the benefits of quality assurance is that it plays a pivotal role in sustaining clients. 

What is a quality assurance engineer?

A QA engineer checks software development phases and remains involved in the software development process. The stages include design, development, debugging, testing, and delivery. At the same time, QA engineers have to collaborate with developers, so the final product remains bug-free. 

What’s the difference between a QA engineer, QA analyst, and QA tester?

A QA engineer monitors every stage of the software development process. Their main goal is to make sure the final product is error-free. A QA analyst deals with the business aspect of an application. This is before coding starts. A QA tester primarily focuses on the execution of tests, they are not required to plan these tests. 

Advantages of software quality assurance

Quality assurance streamlines the software development process. Unlike software testing, there needs to be quality assurance throughout each software development phase. In this section, we will highlight software quality assurance benefits for businesses.

  • When the engineer uses the right QA methodologies and best practices, it can save a lot of money that would otherwise go into product revision.
  • Businesses are all about meeting deadlines, quality assurance best practices, and methodologies to minimize time loss. 
  • Quality assurance increases the chance of customer satisfaction.
  • It helps developers to identify areas that need improvement.
  • Software quality assurance encourages an organized approach to development. 
  • QA promotes the usage of safety parameters in software development. 
  • It improves tech team efficiency hence enhancing business productivity. 
  • With quality assurance, developers can reduce the probability of errors in each phase.

Quality assurance engineer responsibilities

To hire quality assurance engineers that suit your company’s requirements, the startup founder should discuss QA engineer responsibilities with the tech team. In some cases, responsibilities may change according to QA engineer work experience. 

  • Creation of well-structured test plans as well as test cases
  • Understanding and identifying the needs of the client
  • Making procedures for software developers to follow
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest tech trends 
  • Recognize, document, and track bugs to prevent future mishaps
  • Performing regression tests after resolving bugs
  • Collaborating with software developers and other parties to ensure software passes all checks
  • Evaluation of the presentation layer in front-end testing
  • Checking business and database layers in back-end testing

Quality assurance engineer skills

It is a quality assurance engineer’s responsibility to ensure there are no issues with the final product. As a startup looking to hire quality assurance experts, one should know the software QA skills that will make a candidate stand out. 

  • Communication with non-technical professionals
  • Should be a team player
  • QA engineers should be able to keep track of test progress
  • Time management is a crucial skill
  • Have a solid understanding of testing tools
  • The willingness to keep learning
  • The know-how of quality assurance tools
  • Prior experience in application development and quality assurance

Technical skills required for QA engineers

As a company looking to hire quality assurance engineers, you should be well-versed in the technical skillset of a QA engineer. 

  • Candidates should know about software programs such as online mobile apps, web apps, etc. 
  • Experience in the Agile development process
  • Identification of software bugs
  • Recognizing and reporting flaws in the software testing process
  • An understanding and comprehension of the software development lifecycle are so important.
  • QA testers should be able to perform UI tests using programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, etc. 
  • Knowing how to code automated tests 
  • Understanding of manual, automated quality assurance and automation testing frameworks
  • QA engineers should know software testing basics.

QA engineer education

Before hiring a QA team or QA engineer, the employee must know what kind of academic background can work in favor of a particular post. Quality assurance is all about proactive processes, therefore knowledge of computer science basics does help. 

  • Computer science BSc

Academic certifications do add to a candidate’s resume. It reflects a strong base on specific concepts and topics. A Computer science degree might not be compulsory but it is a strength. 

74% of software quality assurance engineers have a bachelor’s degree, with the second most common being a certificate or associate degree at 22%. (career explorer) Aspiring software developers and QA engineers are even opting for online computer science degrees

  • Quality assurance boot camp

A QA engineer might not be required to code like a software developer. However, an online QA boot camp gives beginners the career support they need to start their QA engineering career. 

A software QA boot camp can be 9 weeks to 16 weeks long. Names of some of the websites for the best QA boot camps are listed below:

Quality assurance engineer salary

As a recruiter, one should know what payscales are being used in the market for a specific job. Quality assurance engineers are high in demand nowadays and the salary should be attractive enough to attract a top-notch quality assurance engineer. However, it is essential to consider if the company is looking for an entry-level QA engineer or a senior QA engineer.

QA engineer salary US

The average salary of a person working as a software QA engineer in the US is 82,300 USD per year. 

  • US software QA engineer entry-level salary: 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD per year
  • US software senior QA engineer salary: 84, 000 USD to 128, 000 USD per year

QA engineer salary UK

According to, the average salary for a software QA engineer in the UK in 2022 is 61,500 GBP per year.

  • UK software QA engineer entry-level salary: 28,300 GBP to 50,000 GBP per year
  • UK software senior QA engineer salary: 70, 000 GBP to 97, 700 GBP paper year

QA engineer salary Germany

A quality assurance engineer in Germany makes 3070 Euros per year. The salary may vary according to experience, skills, and company requirements. 

  • Germany QA engineer entry-level salary: 1410 Euros to 2200 Euros per year
  • Germany senior QA engineer salary: 3500 Euros to 4880 Euros per year

QA engineer salary Australia

The average quality assurance engineer salary in Sydney is 77,635 Australian dollars per year. 

  • Australia software QA engineer entry-level salary: 50, 000 Australian dollars to 70, 000 per year
  • Australia software senior QA engineer salary: 80, 000 Australian dollars to 123, 000 per year

QA engineer salary France

A person working as a quality assurance engineer in France earns 44,600 Euros per year. 

  • France QA engineer entry-level salary: 23,900 Euros to 40,000 Euros per year
  • France senior QA engineer salary: 50,000 Euros to 68,200 Euros per year

QA engineer salary Russia 

The average salary for QA engineers in Russia is 1 078 407,00 Russian rubles per year.

  • Russia QA engineer entry-level salary: 167 994,00 ₽ to 197 640,00  ₽ per year
  • Russia senior QA engineer salary: 2 160 000,00 ₽ and 2 484 000,00 ₽ per year

Quality assurance engineer step-by-step hiring guide

QA-related jobs are in high demand. predicts that QA engineer job openings will increase as the tech industry continues to grow. We shall discuss how to hire quality assurance engineers for your business. 

Research helps

Sometimes, one does not know what to start with. In such situations, the internet can be your best friend. Start by researching QA-related topics. This includes quality assurance engineer roles, software QA engineer job description, etc. The startup founder should discuss important aspects over a meeting with the software development team. Before starting the QA engineer hiring process, the startup founder should consider these factors. 

  • The budget for the project
  • Are you looking to hire an in-office QA engineer team or a quality assurance engineer?
  • What technical skills are you looking for?
  • Are you looking for a junior QA engineer or an experienced QA engineer?
  • The complexity and timeline of the project
  • Would you hire a freelance QA engineer or an offshore QA team?
  • What technical services do you need?
  • If you’re hiring a QA team, what should the size be?

Looking for the right channels

Let us assume you have finalized the QA engineer job description with your team. Now, it is time to take action. Now, we shall cover some ways of finding the best quality assurance engineers for your business. That too, without wasting time or precious resources. 

  • Social media platforms

Social media has become a big part of growing networks and promoting products. The recruiter can search websites such as LinkedIn to find QA engineer profiles. They even have details such as work history, resumes, and certifications. All you have to do is post a QA engineer job opening. The more details you mention, the more suitable candidates will apply.

Companies often post job opportunities on Facebook groups. The hiring party can specify details such as company name, QA engineer job description, nature of work, etc. 

  • Online hiring platforms

Online job boards can play a major role in streamlining the hiring process. Days of sifting through heaps of resumes are long gone. Virtual hiring platforms such as Gaper connect startups with tech experts from around the world. By providing a diverse pool of talented engineers, Gaper eases the strain on businesses to hire top developers. 

The signing-up process is fairly simple. All you have to do is add your company details, tech stack, email address, etc. The recruiter can even book an appointment with the CTO. What makes QA engineers from Gaper stand out is the strict vetting process. It consists of two assessments, language and practical assessment. After clearing these tests, the candidates can become a part of Gaper. 


Feeling uncertain about the next step? This is one of the most pivotal stages of QA engineer hiring. Remember to sit down with your developer team and prepare a questionnaire. This will assist in finalizing the perfect candidate for the job! Listed below are some QA engineer interview questions. 

  • Explain what is test ware in the context of quality assurance.
  • What do you mean by gorilla testing in the context of quality assurance?
  • What are the most suitable tests to perform on web-based applications?
  • Differentiate between Quality Assurance and Quality control.
  • What’s your experience with object-oriented programming languages?
  • How do you keep up-to-date with the latest tech trends?
  • What do you mean by bug leakage and bug release?
  • Do you know how to design test frameworks for UI testing?
  • Describe a test strategy that you’ve found to be useful
  • What is the meaning of data-driven testing?

Follow up

After you hire quality assurance engineers for your business, do not forget feedback from other candidates. This may help the person in understanding their shortcomings so that they or can work on them. Plus, it creates a positive image of the company. 


  • Are QA engineers necessary?

A business should hire quality assurance engineers because their primary goal is to keep monitoring every phase of software development. Quality assurance engineers can assist businesses in retaining loyal clients. 

Plus, they help save a huge amount and money. Therefore businesses can spend their valuable cash on growth, marketing, etc. QA engineers provide support for developments by preparing a set of standards to follow as well as keeping each stage bug-free. The main aim is to maximize the quality of the final product. 

  • Is QA tester the same as QA engineer?

Some of their tasks overlap, however, both are different. Both roles do fall under the category of quality assurance but their roles vary. A QA engineer should know how to plan tests for checking if the product is free of errors. 

A QA tester only runs these tests, they have no responsibility for planning them. A QA engineer knows the product inside out. They have to work with the client, and developer team as well as do research to prevent bugs. Whereas, a tester has a more limited role. 

  • How do I find a good QA engineer?

The most beneficial method to find a top-tier quality assurance engineer is by creating a step-by-step procedure. Hiring demands organization, patience, and a well-planned approach. 

Research: Begin by researching aspects such as QA engineer salaries, job descriptions, business advantages, etc. At the same time, it is integral to keep the software developer team in the loop. Keep in mind company goals and budget. 

Search: As a recruiter, it is important to consider what hiring channel is most suitable. Some useful sources for hiring quality assurance experts include LinkedIn, Facebook communities, Gaper, etc.

Interviewing: This is the stage that helps the recruiter to find the right candidate for their business. What can streamline the process even further is the use of a questionnaire which contains questions related to the QA engineer job description.

Follow-up: Do not underestimate the importance of following up. It not only reflects the company’s image of professionalism. A follow-up email or message can be beneficial to the candidates so they can work on their weaknesses and grow their strengths. 

  • What are top 3 skills for quality assurance specialist?

In many ways, a quality assurance engineer needs to be an all-rounder. Why is this? Quality assurance engineers are involved in each stage of software development. 

Attention to detail: A keen interest in detail makes for an excellent QA engineer. They need to keep a close check on the software development process. That is how one minimizes the risk of bugs and errors. Plus, they need to remember the client’s vision and use it to benefit the business.

Technological research: As a QA engineer, it is mandatory to stay up-to-date with new technology trends. There should be a willingness to learn and expand one’s knowledge. Such an approach can improve the final product. 

Knowledge of quality standards: As a professional working in software quality assurance, it is a necessity to know about quality assurance terminologies, methods, and standards. 

  • Why should I hire a QA?

Without a QA engineer, software developer teams can’t create an efficient product. A quality assurance engineer’s main responsibility is to prioritize that the final product remains free of errors. Mentioned below are some quality assurance engineer responsibilities:

  • Follow a set of standards during software development
  • Preparation of reports on errors during software testing
  • Carrying out an analysis of test results
  • Identification of KPIs for better quality
  • Knowing how to use task management and bug-tracking tools

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