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Why are software engineers the highest paid professionals out there?

A software engineer is a trained professional who focuses on the development and design of software for various technical devices to maximize their efficiency.

Software Engineers: A Quick Review

A software engineer is a trained professional who focuses on the development and design of software for various technical devices to maximize their efficiency.

They have an in-depth understanding of programming languages, software development, and computer operating systems, and they apply those engineering principles to software development. They are also known as software developers.

Software engineers carry out research, develop concepts, and implement those ideas into working software for various companies and organizations. The products they develop range from video games to operating systems and everything in between.

In addition to developing new software, software engineers are also responsible for maintaining and modifying current software. So now you know the reason why software engineers are paid so much?

As a result of their importance and inevitability in technological growth, software developers are extremely well paid. There appears to be an ever-growing need for highly competent and qualified software engineers.

As the population grows, the landscape changes, technical advancements and solutions become more prevalent, and the economic capacity for financial independence grows, there is an increase in the demand for these services. With billions of physical devices connected to the Internet and sharing data, businesses have increasingly become technology-driven.

Now that we have so many apps and websites to choose from, it’s difficult to fathom a world without them all at our disposal. Because of the efforts of software developers, we have access to these technologies.

Why are software engineers paid so much?

Software engineers are paid so much because of the high demand and generally lower supply in the global market. There is also the fact that as technologies evolve, more skilled engineers are difficult to come across.

Not to mention they are profitable and efficient for businesses that rely heavily on tech. You can find out more about what makes them profitable here!

We live in an era where software is used for entertainment, medical research and everything in between. Everything nowadays has a software application, and it’s rare to come across something that doesn’t.

All of this software development and maintenance requires many software engineers. The question is, do we have enough qualified software developers and programmers to handle the demand?

In a nutshell, the answer is no.

If it is difficult to hire software engineers in general, hiring excellent software engineers is even more difficult. The quality of a software engineer’s work is frequently linked to their coding skills.

Aside from that, software development is a complicated field with its own set of challenges, challenges you have to face every day, challenges that demand your immediate attention, and many other complications.

Nearly 80% of software developers have reported feeling burnt out in a recent survey. According to the International Labour Organization, as of 2021, there would be a global shortage of 40 million skilled employees. The worldwide talent shortfall will reach 85.2 million workers if the current trend continues.

Supply and Demand Play a big role in higher pays:

The fact that supply does not match demand is the primary reason for software developers earning so much. Competent developers are in high demand to help companies simplify and automate their procedures.

Despite the fact that many young people are now attending college to study computer technology, demand significantly outnumbers supply.

According to Forbes and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for engineers with the relevant skill set is predicted to climb 22% from 2019 to 2029.

This implies that, especially in major cities, the ball is firmly in the developer’s court when it comes to salary talks. It’s simple to find another employment if a company is unable to provide a competitive compensation package.

Development Teams are the backbone for most businesses:

For many firms, the IT department is quickly becoming the most crucial staff within the organisation. Companies might lose a lot of money if services are down or things aren’t operating properly.

According to reports, the Facebook downtime cost the firm $60 million, based on their projected sales of $85.97 billion in 2020. Software developers make a lot of money by preventing problems like these from occurring and allowing systems to function properly.

The teams who design software for commercial ventures, nonprofit organisations, and other agencies have evolved to accommodate the global demand.

Many teams require international workers, consultants, and customers, resulting in a “globalised” team, and some characteristics of software cooperation are evolving as a result of the increased demands.

Technologies are changing and updating by the second:

Most trades or vocations need you to master a set of abilities that you will utilise on a daily basis for the duration of your career. Software engineering, on the other hand, is a little different. Learning to code is only the beginning of a long journey; you will never truly stop learning.

Because technology evolves at such a rapid pace, the development landscape is always evolving. To remain relevant, developers must continually upgrade and upskill. You must also be extremely adaptive.

These qualities, as well as the willingness to continue learning, are in high demand, which is one of the reasons programmers earn so much money.

The value they bring to rapidly expanding tech companies is immeasurable:

Software engineers make a lot of money. That is because of the high demand for their services, the difficulty in finding qualified candidates, and the scarcity of available engineers to fulfil the growing demand.

Good developers are hard to find these days, and with the advancement of technology, companies now require more of them than ever before. A developer’s job is demanding and constantly evolving, contributing to their high salary.

To deliver an amazing amount of value to a firm, you don’t need a large staff of engineers. When Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram, the firm had only 13 workers. Software developers have an exceptional output-to-value ratio. In any other industry, obtaining such figures is extremely tough.

Becoming a Skilled Software Engineers demands a lot of time and effort

Learning software engineering from the beginning is difficult, but with a bootcamp, even industry rookies may quickly acquire a solid knowledge foundation and prepare for an entry-level career provided they are prepared to invest in the time, effort, and attention.

Learning software engineering might take anything from six months to four years. You may become a software engineer in six months to a year if you enroll in a coding bootcamp or school and that is only the beginning!

Code Requires Constant Upgrade.

Knowing this is critical to comprehend the current situation of rising demand for software engineers in the United States. As a result, many people, particularly beginners, believe that software engineers’ work is done after the code is written and the product is complete, except for routine maintenance and other such activities. In reality, though, things are quite different.

You should be aware that code frequently gets out-of-date or obsolete due to various factors, such as the emergence of new technologies or the demand for new features. As a result, it requires regular and consistent upgrades throughout time.

For many reasons, such as faster and better performance, cost reduction, and so on, organisations may choose to rebuild old software or rewrite the complete code from scratch utilising the latest technology. And that’s why software engineers are still needed for the product even after being released and deployed successfully.

Is it fair that software engineers make so much?

Yes, because being a coder is a difficult and time-consuming job.

The engine of our economy’s growth is technological innovation, and engineers are the brains and heart of this innovation.

Software developers spend their entire lives learning new things! We are not simply talking about reading a book here and taking a course there; rather, we are referring to the extreme consumption and memorization of information at the limit of human capabilities.

It is not that these engineers are compelled to do so, but those who wish to maintain their “high earner” status are required to do so.

It’s not uncommon for people to second-guess their job choice after learning that software developers may make up $150,000 per year. People who work in this field are generally compensated well because they have to have a wide range of skills to succeed at it.

Then there’s the fact that they have to constantly study and adapt to the ever-changing nature of technology itself. When looking at a product built by a few engineers, the corporations who hire them are the ones that reap most of the profits; hence they aren’t paid as much as one might expect.

How much do software engineers earn?

Software engineers make an average of $114,576 a year, with the majority receiving a $4,000 bonus each year. The above is a nationwide average; pay will vary based on where you work in the country and what kind of software engineering position you have.

According to payscale, software engineers in the United Kingdom make £38,001 ($52,004) per year, with incentives ranging from £600 ($821) to £10,000 ($13,684). Germany and the Netherlands, for example, earn €52,038 ($60,162) and €46,708 ($54,025) respectively in Europe.

Below is a list of some of the highest paid Software Engineering roles.

AR/VR Tech Engineers

According to Hired, the need for engineers in augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) increased by 1400% in 2020. AR/VR is considered the next level of digital technology; thus, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Companies are looking into AR/VR as a growth strategy from retail to education. Because of the great demand for AR/VR software engineers and the scarcity of qualified candidates, wages in this discipline tend to be among the highest in the market. AR/VR engineers are paid between $120,000 and $200,000, with a typical $165,000 salary.

Cybersecurity Engineers

Cybersecurity is becoming an extremely crucial and highly valued role as the world grows increasingly digital. Aside from computer firms, other sectors such as banking, financial services, and healthcare also place a high value on cybersecurity.

In 2020, the demand for cybersecurity engineers has risen by 49%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average income for security engineers rose by 5% in 2020 to $163,000.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are in high demand because of the growth of big data and the insights it can provide. As a result, they are among the highest-paid. According to Robert Half, big data engineers make an average of $163,000 per year. More experienced data engineers, on the other hand, can earn as much as $222,000 per year.

Gaming Designers

Gaming engineers are here to stay, with an average income of $161,000 and an 11% increase in job demand.

Mobile Engineers

Mobile engineers represent the second largest talent pool for software engineers, and their numbers have been continuously increasing in recent years. Full-stack engineers are in high demand in mobile application development on Android and iOS platforms. A mobile engineer can expect to make an average salary of $146,000 per year.

Application and Embedded Engineers

Embedded and application engineers, according to LinkedIn, are the highest-paid professionals after data scientists and machine learning engineers, although both the demand and supply for these professionals are low. The average income for embedded engineers is impressive at $155,000.

Machine Learning Engineers

In the United States, the national average income for a Machine Learning Engineer is $131,001. For better estimates of Machine Learning Engineer salaries in your region, we recommend you filter by location. Salary estimates are based on 2,164 anonymous salary submissions by Machine Learning Engineer employees on Glassdoor.

Natural Language Processing Engineer

The use of tasks like syntax, semantics, discourse, and speech to process language has increased considerably in this sector. On Hired, you may find NLP Engineer jobs. Candidates for this position can expect to earn anywhere from $140,000 to $220,000, with a typical pay of $180,000.

Top 5 Best paid companies for software engineers


Lyft has a well-deserved reputation for paying its entry-level engineers well, with a salary of $230,000 a year. Benefits include:

  • A free Lyft Pink membership.
  • Free online classes.
  • Eighteen weeks of paid parental leave.

It’s important to consider job security during a pandemic, especially when rideshare firms have been forced to scale back their operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Senior engineers can earn $461,000 per year on this career social media platform. Employees can use their PerkUp! Allowance to pay for fitness classes, massages, child care, elder care, pet care, house cleaning, student loan repayment, and tax preparation at the company’s annual end-of-year celebration.


Gaper is a marketplace that vets the top 1% engineering talent and connects it to businesses across the globe. Since their presence is global their engineers can enjoy the advantage of high hourly rates depending on the location they are in and their experience. With an increase in demand for newer technologies engineers can earn in the higher range of $60 – $80/hour rate.


Doordash’s entry-level software engineers can expect to make little under $200,000 when they begin their careers. Revenues for this food-delivery platform are increasing rapidly due to the epidemic and the increased number of people staying at home and ordering food. Doordash’s employees enjoy a variety of perks, including a $75 monthly wellness credit, unlimited vacation days, and stipends for time spent working from home.


Netflix offers a competitive salary and benefits package for mid-career software developers. The salary of a senior software engineer at this streaming platform and production company is $455,00 per year.

Employee retention is a primary goal of the company’s compensation system. Employees receive market-leading compensation. When a job category’s salary rates rise due to changes in the market, employees’ compensation rises as well. With this approach, there’s no need to wait for year-end bonuses or salary hikes.


While ridesharing services had been hit hard by the pandemic, vacation rental businesses have also been affected. The starting salary for software engineers at Airbnb can be as high as $213,000 per year, while the highest salary for staff engineers, who hold a senior position, can be as high as $550,000.

As of today, the company has five dozen open positions for engineers, so there’s still a lot of room for growth even though travel has mostly been put on hold. Airbnb’s “annual travel and experiences credit” to its staff is a significant incentive for working for the company, especially when travel resumes.


How much do software engineers make?

Software engineers make an average of $114,576 a year, with the majority receiving a $4,000 bonus each year. The above is a nationwide average; pay will vary based on where you work in the country and what kind of software engineering position you have.

Is software engineering worth it?

Yes, computer science and software engineering degrees are likely to lead to a high-paying career. As more firms seek competent Software Engineers, this career path is increasing at a faster rate than the overall employment market.

Is software engineering an easy job?

Getting a job as a software engineer is never simple, but it’s more challenging the first time around for a few crucial reasons. That’s why getting a job at a top IT firm is famously difficult. As a newbie. Fortunately, thousands (perhaps millions?) of engineers have gone through this procedure before you.

Which companies pay the highest salary to software engineers?

  • Lyft
  • Gaper
  • Linkedin
  • Doordash
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb


In short, software engineering is not an easy field. It’s long hours and difficult to keep up with the ever changing technolgy and staying relevant. Software engineers have a highly sought-after skill set, they earn a lot of money, and because the job itself is challenging.

Because of the advancement of technology, software engineers are in greater demand than ever, and there aren’t enough of them to fill all of the gaps. And they will continue to be well compensated as long as we use our smartphones and play video games because we wouldn’t have these commodities if they weren’t for them.

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