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What Makes Remote Software Engineers Profitable and Worthwhile

We know how companies have already adopted remote working strategies that allow most, if not all, of their employees to telecommute/work from home. Interestingly, such businesses where working remotely was openly embraced were able to fare better during the COVID-19 turnover last year.

We know how companies have already adopted remote working strategies that allow most, if not all, of their employees to telecommute/work from home. Interestingly, such businesses where working remotely was openly embraced were able to fare better during the COVID-19 turnover last year. Yet, what’s more exciting is how remote working has become an important part of the global workplace. Amongst the many fields of work, remote software engineering is one benefactor of such a work environment. It is now normal to be a digital nomad programmer who works on, e.g. web development, from their own home, or perhaps a hotel room at their vacation.

From low running costs to high productivity, remote software engineers offer a lot of benefits to businesses – especially if hired through a business that specializes in recruiting and vetting tech personnel. Before we get into how a remote software engineering firm helps your business out. Let’s have a glimpse of what such firms really are.

Remote engineers are either working as freelance individuals through platforms like Upwork and Freelancer, or, they work with contractors as part of a team with developers, coders, and designers. The former is always the cost-friendlier option. Most freelancers welcome any work thrown at them.

If it offers a good exchange rate for their services. The latter, yet, may prove to be a dime costlier. Yet, such contractors provide you with all your requirements under a single roof.

Now, which party you should hire depends highly on the nature of your project. You may only need an extra pair of hands on a one-time project. Or, you may want to have a remote wing to your development department at an affordable cost. In either case, hiring remote software engineers offer your business the following benefits.

What is a Remote Software Developer’s definition?

The functions of a remote software developer are the same as those of a conventional software developer. There is only a significant distinction: remote software engineers are physically separated from the rest of their teams. However, this does not mean that their coworking tools and systems do not allow them to collaborate efficiently.

So, what qualities do clients look for in a remote developer? You should aim to be the greatest developer you can be, even if you work alone. Prepare to always learn new things and develop your skills. Hone your soft skills as well. You may not be working face-to-face with your coworkers, but your work day should include a healthy flow of information amongst the team members you work with.

We have demonstrated 6 reasons, why remote engineers are very worthwhile. Let’s dig deep into it?

1: Remote Engineers Are More Productive

It is a well-known fact for employees to be more productive when they choose their own time and place for work. However, don’t take my word for it! A survey by IEEE Xplore suggests engineers’ productivity is in a strong correlation. With the variety of work and the ability to work remotely.

Considering that’s true. You’d only lower the benchmark for your work expectations. From employees in a restricted environment. Software engineers indicate a high productivity time during late hours of the night. Also, if you sit these engineers in a 9-5 environment, you’d only be getting scraps of that focus and productivity.

You’ll have a higher chance of meeting deadlines if your team works remotely. Typically, the turnaround time for a remote working cycle is 24 hours. Also, in those 24 hours, the engineer may work only two or eighteen to meet the deadlines. Unlike at an office where the employees are eager to clock out the moment a clock tick past five.

2: A Larger Pool of Talent Around the Globe

Finding the right talent for projects is a major stakeholder for business success. Especially in a technical field like software engineering. Around 41% of employers suggested in a survey of 2019. Which they face a major deadlock when finding specific talent for their projects.

And why not? When you’re only advertising your job for a specific part of a town in a single city. So, you don’t have many chances of seeing variety. All the applicant’s surface from the same city. Or even worse, the same part of town.

When you compare that to the limitless pool of global talent online. You get highly conflicting results. You’ll come across a plethora of developers worldwide. Who has specializations in the field of your project? Even more so, you’ll discover a diverse set of skills. Further, the experiences of these individuals. So, you can benefit highly from as an employer.

There’s always going to be a massive difference in the variety of skills. The talent you get from a traditional work environment and hiring remotely. One is a contrastingly local environment, while the other is a global market platform. Also, if you want to compete in the global pool, you know which option bears more fruit for your business.

3: Zero Infrastructure Costs

Businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars. To make their workplace attractive for talent. Even more, if you intend to build an infrastructure. Which helps your workers focus and keeps them from being distracted. Sophisticated workstations, expensive computers, reliable broadbands, amenities, and office misc equipment costs fortunes.

In contrast, a remote software engineer presents you with a completely different picture. You don’t need to accommodate your remote team in a physical environment. Also, there goes your estate costs for buying/renting an office space in the best part of town. They usually have their specialized computers and equipment to boost their productivity. Which cuts down your expenses on dedicated computers and misc equipment.

Freelancers are typically well equipped on their own to get started on your project. After all, their livelihood depends on having the systems to generate the most income.

Also, for contractor teams. The sole responsibility of infrastructure costs falls on the contractor. Since they’re the ones taking a chunk of profits on remote projects. They make sure their teams are short of no equipment or special subscriptions.

4: Well-Nigh Less or No Running Costs

We finally come to the most romanticized factor of hiring a remote software engineer. The employment costs! There are several factors that come into play when hiring a new employee for your company. In a physical working space, you may not always get a trained professional, as mentioned above. You’ll have to spend time training the individual while on the payroll.

Moreover, there are significant sideline expenses. Taking the shape of Medicare, insurance, bonuses, retirement funds, and training taxes. You usually don’t bat an eye on these protocols, but oh lord, do they add up!

Apart from running into an individual with the exact match of skills for your job. A remote software engineer significantly brings down your employment costs. There are no extracurricular expenses in the training taxes and retirement funds. Even more exciting, the probation period of remote employees is significantly shorter. As they’re already well-versed in the industry of your projects.

Yet, the most attractive feature is how you can find a software engineer. From India offering better skills than most of your employees, for less than half the rate! If you don’t believe me on this one, have a quick glance at freelancer platforms and have yourself blown away!

5: Round the Clock Availability

Frequent communication and swift results are what an employer expects from his workforce. Since we live in a world of instant gratification. A quick response to a work transaction really sets the bar high. Both for productivity and workplace relationships. Also, unfortunately, that is a little hard to do when you have workers fixed on a day-to-day shift.

Yes, you will be getting the communication you desire during work hours. Yet, outside of that, most employees tend to ignore work messages and queries. Until they reach the office the next day. Also, don’t even get me started on the excuses of how they’re reliant on the office computer. Moreover, around the equipment for completing an urgent task.

Remote software engineers offer you a completely different aspect of a work environment. One of the key components of freelancers and remote contractors is their availability. Quick responses to work queries. They are what sets their ratings high on various platforms. Also, they wouldn’t want to lose that.

So, whether you need an urgent task run when the sun is highest or at midnight. A remote worker will most likely make himself available.

6: Higher Employee Retention

Employee retention is usually the deciding factor of your business’ success. The more people you have on your team that is acquainted with the working of your business. The less time you have to spend in explaining simple processing tasks. Also, seeing how the tables have turned around. Employers are seriously struggling in retaining employees, especially the millennials.

The current generation couldn’t care less about job security. A minor rift in the attitude of employers. Or workplace tensions are enough for the millennials to kiss goodbye to the firm. Also, that can go to the diversity of opportunities available today.

So, how do you deal with such a generation that pays no heed to their own job security? You let them work at their own will! So, we find out something interesting from the survey. How a remote working lifestyle increased employee retention for firms by as much as 10%!

Having a work environment of their own. Software engineers are not only to provide you with high bars of productivity and low costs. Yet, also the opportunity to become a working part of your business machine.

Companies Hiring for WFH Engineering Positions

  • Amazon – Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and has a robust WFH program.
  • CommScope – Providing a diverse variety of services. Tailored to an individual client and network needs.
  • Kelly – Provides workforce solutions pioneer in the employment market. Connecting qualified individuals with leading companies.
  • Kforce – Offers direct-hire and flexible employment solutions. In the technology and financial services industries.
  • Zapier – To automate tasks, help combines over 1,500 applications.
  • InVision – A digital product design tool. Which assists businesses in perfecting their user experience.
  • GitHub – A platform for hosting and reviewing code. As well as collaborating with over 36 million developers.
  • Clevertech – Assisting firms in developing cutting-edge technologies.
  • Shopify – An all-in-one e-commerce solution.
  • HubSpot – To assist firms in growing, marketing and sales. Also, have service is available for software developers.

Where to look for Remote Software Development Jobs and Hiring?

  • RemoteOk.io – a remote employment platform that offers a variety of remote jobs
  • Gaper.io – assist you in finding a Software Engineer recruitment. For custom software development projects.
  • Turing – Remote developers can apply for full-time, long-term positions.
  • Toptal – A select group of the best independent software developers and designers
  • Flexjobs – Website that collects job postings from all around the internet. Also, displays a variety of remote employment opportunities.
  • Hubstaff Talent – There are a variety of remote jobs available here. Including web and software development.
  • LinkedIn Jobs – Recruiters from all around the world use LinkedIn. So, head to LinkedIn Opportunities to start looking for developer jobs.
  • Upwork – With over 16 million registered freelancers. It is one of the largest networks for remote workers.
  • Fiverr – Low-ballers congregate here to find the cheapest services.


Remote working may not always favor every work environment. The teachers may still have to go to school, or other physical labor still has to show up at the site. Yet, when it comes to focusing on intensive tasks. Where even a minor distraction takes a heavy toll on concentration. It becomes a deciding factor for your business’ success.

Also, seeing the growing technicality of the IT industry, it is best to have an external work wing. It reduces the overall costs of running your projects. Improves communication and boosts productivity. It has a much higher retention rate than a physical working environment.

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