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Best Freelance Jobs for Beginners in 2022

January 13, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic and its variants have ensured that WFH systems continue to thrive and cement their place as the default mode of work. However, the normalization of remote work…

In-house Development vs Outsourcing | A detailed Comparison

January 18, 2022
In today’s world, outsourcing is seen as a worldwide phenomenon. Several corporations are currently outsourcing their software development projects.

Best choice of tech stack for iOS and Android 2022

February 4, 2022
In today’s highly competitive industry, having a unique product idea is merely the first step toward success. Creating a successful mobile app requires catering to a wide range of user…

Benefits of Code Review: Every Team Must Know [2022 Guides]

March 17, 2022
The basic purpose of every software development team is to provide customers with high-quality code. Having to deal with faulty code is a common problem for most teams. The best…

100 Business Quotes To Renew Your Perspective On Doing Business

April 25, 2022
As people turn, in great numbers, to starting business ventures of their own, it is a good idea to look at words of wisdom from individuals with prior experience in…

On the Road to Fund Raising: Hiring the Best for Your Startup

May 16, 2022
There is a lot of work involved in starting a new company. A startup must go through a series of barriers, including refining an idea, finding a team, and creating…

What is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: A Fundamental Guide

September 9, 2021
When an individual starts to think about Blockchain technologies. That person always starts questioning, that what is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency anyway?

How Fintech is Changing the World in Great Ways

September 13, 2021
Fintech combines the two words, i.e., Finance and Technology. It is a technological solution to pre-existing financial systems.

Alternatives to Indeed to Hire Developers in 2023 – Pricing and Reviews

October 24, 2022
For a long time, Indeed has dominated the market as the go-to website for individuals seeking employment. Free unlimited job publishing, pay-per-click (PPC) possibilities, and a few applicant-tracking tools make…

Top 23 Upwork alternatives with prices to Hire Developers

October 10, 2022
Hiring remote developers has become a normal practice for a lot of enterprise businesses and startups alike globally. A popular marketplace of sorts to hire remote engineers is Turing which…

23 Best Turing Alternatives with Pricing in 2023 [Updated]

September 26, 2022
Hiring remote developers has become a normal practice for a lot of enterprise businesses and startups alike globally. A popular marketplace of sorts to hire remote engineers is Turing which…

23 Best Toptal Alternatives with Pricing in 2023 [Updated]

September 6, 2022
With the onset of COVID19, we have seen drastic changes in the years after 2019 till now in the work culture all around the world. Working from home is the…

Supply vs. Demand of Software Developers and Engineers: The Economics of the Tech Talent Shortage in 2022

May 17, 2022
The scarcity of software developers has made it more difficult than ever to find engineering expertise. We examine the facts and causes of IT talent shortages in the United States,…

The Importance of Soft Skills At Gaper

October 30, 2020
At Gaper, we take soft skills seriously. Put simply, when we create augmented teams of software engineers, we don’t just look at technical prowess. Candidates also need to demonstrate that…

“Live Life a Little” says Capital Innovators’ Managing Partner – Judy Sindecuse

January 28, 2020
After majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Judy went off to Harvard Law School. She practiced law for almost an entire year before she came up with a business idea and got…

Collin, from SaaS Venture Capital, has a lot to share when it comes to remote employment and go fund hunting

January 23, 2020
Colin started out with setting up “Acceleprice” (the accelerator) in the year 2012 and thereon had his own setup by the name of “Work America” in 2014.

Chenoa – from Blue Startups – Indicates how Honolulu is more than just a Tourist Destination

January 21, 2020
Blue Startups started in 2013, which works with companies on the Pacific Rim. Prior to founding Blue Startups, Chenoa was into Angel Investing for almost 20 years.

Brian’s Journey with Capital Innovators

January 14, 2020
A Law Student from Washington University, St Louis, Brian learned about blockchain and cryptocurrency early on in 2012 – this is before it became commercial. He became infatuated with the…

Eugenia Shevchenko on the prospect of remote employment

January 6, 2020
Eugenia Shevchenko has been working in several capacities and realized her calling was in Event Management. With a bit more perseverance she landed at SeedStart. Talking about remote employment and… @2022 All rights reserved.

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