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Hiring Blockchain Developers: A Guide for Tech Recruiters


Are you a tech recruiter who is looking to hire blockchain developers? With technology advancing at a pace that is now quicker than ever before, many businesses have begun incorporating the latest phenomena into their talent acquisition strategies and often need to hire software engineers quickly

The role of a tech recruiter in all of this is to find the right people to join their clients’ tech team. While many developers are now choosing to learn blockchain development, hiring and vetting them is a challenge in its own right.

Blockchain technology has become a norm for businesses across all industries, and on top of this the pool of talent is largely competitive. Yet with that being said, this article will guide you, as a recruiter, through the process on how to more efficiently hire blockchain developers.

Why recruit blockchain developers?

According to Forbes, Gen Z will make up 27% of the global workforce by 2025. Therefore, we need to think plan ahead rather than regress backwards. Using modern technology should also mean utilizing modern methods.

As blockchain technology evolves, more and more companies have become reliant on it. Consequently, such companies are turning to experts who specialize in blockchain in particular to meet their unique needs, and as a result the demand for recruiters who are able to source talented developers is on the rise.

Are you a recruiter looking to hire blockchain developers and use more advanced talent acquisition strategies? Then, it is crucial  to understand just what you’ll be working on. Understanding the necessity of blockchain and its uses gives you a clearer picture of which core competencies to look out for in developers.

A comprehensive image of what the business you are hiring on behalf of is looking for will save you trouble further down the line, and allows you to narrow down a pool of candidates sooner.

The reason that the vast majority of companies turn to them is because blockchain developers are key for securing business transactions. They primarily develop decentralized applications and smart contracts which make the process much more secure, and operate more smoothly.

Construct a candidate profile

In order to find the best match for the job, you need to know exactly what the position entails. Once you know why the company wants to hire blockchain developers, you can build a profile that clearly defines the role they are looking to fill, what to expect out of it, and the skills necessary..

What skills and qualifications should recruiters look for in a blockchain engineer?

While each organization may have their own precise requirements, as a recruiter there are some skills that you must look out for from blockchain developers no matter what. Whether you are recruiting an individual blockchain developer, or are looking for someone to join a company’s existing tech team, you need to ensure that the developers you source possess fundamental skills that can’t be overlooked, will always be in demand, and are crucial for any job requiring a blockchain developer.

Command over programming languages

A blockchain developer needs to have command over the following programming languages:

Comprehensive knowledge of blockchain technology

How to hire blockchain developers that match the company’s specific requirements? The fundamental competency recruiters need to look for is a thorough understanding of blockchain technology. Due to how much more advanced blockchain development is compared to simple apps or web pages which rely on an OS such as Android or iOS, you must find candidates who specialize in blockchain. 

Having certified blockchain education and experience, beyond a course running through the basics ensures that potential hires have an extensive understanding of blockchain, know its multiple functions, understand the terminology, and all in all are professionals.

Thorough understanding of decentralized applications

A detailed understanding of  dApps is vital for blockchain developers to have. When recruiting potential developers, it is imperative to know if they have previously created dApps, and how familiar they are with the decentralized data space.

Experience with smart contracts

Smart contracts play an essential role in blockchain technology, and so consequently, having experience in developing them is necessary. They not only secure transactions taking place on the blockchain, but lend a crucial hand to other aspects, such as enabling various applications on a blockchain platform to run.

Creating effective job descriptions as a recruiter

Generally, you come across generic job descriptions on the internet. When we talk about improved talent acquisition strategies for hiring blockchain engineers, as a recruiter, you need to craft a detailed job description. Nailing an effective job description to hire blockchain developers will provide you as a recruiter with the most valuable asset you can have: something to make developers want to come to you first.

Make sure your job description is concise, so applicants do not get lost in an overload of information. Letting them know exactly which skills are required of them, the exact duties and responsibilities that they can expect, and a timeframe within which they can apply for the position is what the majority, if not all, candidates are looking for.

In addition to this, construct a job description which is tailored specifically for blockchain experts, and not simply software developers as a whole. Including the key skills listed above will make sure that the must-haves are covered.

Testing practical skills to hire blockchain developers

Before you hire blockchain developers, you need to interview short-listed candidates. Aside from simply asking questions and having them respond, having them take a practical test is the best way to conduct the interviews. 

This provides you with a better idea regarding the extent of their technical competence, which is vital for blockchain due to its very specific requirements.

Carrying out a technical screening to gauge their expertise with coding, languages, and basic tasks that a blockchain developer can be expected to face in the day to day gives you an immediate picture of the candidates’ abilities.

In addition to this, asking for them to give detailed explanations of projects that they have worked for in the past is another great way to assess their practical knowledge. When they run through the work they have done step by step, you also get a better clue regarding their hands-on experience.

Where can recruiters find blockchain experts?

The hiring funnels we use are an integral part of improved talent acquisition strategies to find the best blockchain experts. Searching for the ideal candidate from a pool of talented blockchain developers is a challenge on its own. Knowing where to locate them and how to get in touch with them can be daunting if you do not know where to start. Some of the places to start with are as follows.

Making use of job boards: 

Online job boards are an ideal platform for finding qualified candidates. Posting to job boards lets you connect with blockchain developers who are actively on the look for job openings, and because of this demand less active outreach on the part of the recruiter.

In order to make the best use of job boards, make sure that you are posting to a platform which can actually give you the results you need

Ensure that the job board you are searching on is reputable, and that qualified professionals are the ones likely to be using it. LinkedIn and Indeed are some of the first choices for many, and posting to them is something that recruiters should never skip out on.

Online communities for hiring blockchain developers

The best way to find and hire blockchain developers is to reach out to them in their own spaces. 

As blockchain is an open-source technology, there are many online communities such as Discord, GitHub and Reddit where developers have discussions about their own experiences, give each other advice, and share updates. 

Navigating through these online communities is well worth it, as they are teeming with countless developers who are not only skilled, but looking to build their own expertise as well, and due to this are more likely to be searching for career opportunities that recruiters can provide.

Platforms for freelance blockchain developers

Many organizations may not be looking to hire a full time blockchain developer, and instead need a short-term or project-based hire. In this day and age, there are many digital marketplaces for talent which can help you connect with developers who work on an hourly or project based basis.

Gaper is one such platform, with a repertoire of talented blockchain developers with the added bonus of them already having been vetted. In this case, recruiters would simply need to outline the exact skill sets they are looking for,  experiment with talent acquisition strategies, explain the more precise requirements for the job, and will be provided with a candidate who matches.

Set up an appointment with us now to hire blockchain developers for your startup or company.


Are blockchain developers in demand 2022?

Blockchain technology and consequently blockchain developers face one of the most rapidly expanding demands. As the technology is still developing, the potential for advancement is great, and many want to take advantage of the fact by hiring blockchain developers to utilize it for their needs.

How much does it cost to hire a blockchain developer?

While the cost of developer largely depends on the scope of a project, most freelance blockchain developers charge anywhere between at least $50 to $100 per hour.

Does Google hire blockchain developers?

Google has begun developing Web3 products and services, which includes blockchain technology, and as such is currently hiring scores of blockchain developers to expand their Google Cloud division.

Why hire a blockchain developer?

With blockchain on the rise, and with such a potential, it is quickly becoming a necessary technology for many aspects of various industries in this day and age. As such, being able to work with a blockchain developer is something most organizations should definitely try to do by hiring a professional blockchain developer.

Which country is best for blockchain developer?

40% of the blockchain startup industry is concentrated in the United States. 

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