How to hire front-end developers: A guide for tech recruiters
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How to hire front-end developers: A guide for tech recruiters

This article is about how to hire front-end developers. Moreover, it also talks about all aspects of hiring software engineers.


Are you a tech recruiter looking to hire front-end developers? Is the startup founder after you to find a front-end developer to “spruce up” their website? As a tech recruiter, you might want to explore the right resources without wasting time. We will also learn about hiring software developers.

Companies desperate to hire front-end developers

If you skim through global Google trends, you’ll observe that the search term for front-end developers has risen almost 300% in the past decade. Why is the demand to hire front-end developers so high?

Many organizations depend on online channels to promote their product and grow their customer base. However, the process of hiring software engineers is what stresses them out!!

Front-end developer job description

Ready to hire front-end engineers? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer employment in the US will grow by 8% from 2019 to 2029. Think of how you interact with a website. Do you find it interesting? Does it load fast? Is the website easy to use?

All of these elements come under a front-end engineer’s job description! To explain it better, front-end engineers are responsible for striking a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of a website. All these features come under the client side of an application/website.

How to hire front-end engineers

Did you know that within the tech sector, IT services and custom software development are still some of the leading tech jobs? Startup founders and entrepreneurs are hungry for skilled front-end engineers, preferably those that fit their specific requirements.

As a tech recruiter, you must think beyond traditional methods of hiring software engineers. That’s what makes you an expert, we will talk about a better strategy for hiring front-end developers.

Never rush, do your research

Are you in a hurry to hire front-end developers? The biggest mistake that IT staffing companies make is that they make hurried decisions. Tech recruiting is a sensitive task, and you need to understand that top talent is what grows an organization.

Don’t know where to begin? The first step should always be to discuss product specifics with the startup founder or company representative. Make notes, make a presentation, ask them to fill out a form – whatever gives you more information. For example, front-end developer salary is a crucial factor. Listed below are a few considerations that you should never forget!

  • Phases of the project, the team’s vision, and expected outcome
  • What kind of front-end developer is the company looking for? (junior front-end developer, senior front-end developer, etc)
  • The cost to hire a front-end developer, remote software developer, freelance developer, or a team of developers
  • The details of the contract, clauses, benefits, etc.
  • Finalize front-end developer skills, soft skills, technical skills, etc.
  • Create a candidate profile

Know the front-end development tech stack

How would a tech recruiter hire front-end developers if they don’t have the slightest idea about relevant programming languages? No one is asking you to become an expert, but the tech recruiter should understand front-end development and how it can help the company.

What separates a front-end developer from a back-end developer? What skills are a must-have? As a tech recruiter, you must be well-versed in front-developer responsibilities. Of course, Javascript is one of the oldest and most popular coding languages. However, many others are an integral part of front-end development.

  • Javascript
  • React
  • Angular JS
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Vue JS

Craft a stellar front-end developer job description

What is the secret ingredient for creating a job description to hire front-end developers? Do you want to avoid a generic job description? Then, the best solution is to be as specific as you can. The more straightforward you are, the better the job description will be.

Be honest to the extent that you do not drive the candidate away. The recruiter must believe that they are selling the organization’s image. That’s how you compile an ideal job description. You can include all these aspects in the front-end developer job post.

  • Expected milestones, deliverables, and probation period details
  • The tech stack that the company is looking for
  • Years of experience
  • Software developers must have skills
  • Front-end developer tech skills, soft skills
  • Daily tasks and company regulations
  • The mode of work to be followed, hybrid, remote, etc
  • The salary offer
  • Helpful personality traits
  • Mention benefits such as health insurance, days of leave, etc.

Networking events to hire front-end developers

As a tech recruiter, one needs to keep an eye on top tech companies and how they search for software developers. Keep the startup or company representative in the loop and organize tech events to connect with the front-end engineers you’re looking for.

According to a growth hacker on Quora,

“In recent times, Hackathons have successfully developed into a seamless recruitment process. They have occupied a prominent position among the marketing tools for tech-based organizations.”

Think out of the box because you’re trying to hire front-end developers who bring something different to the table. Bootcamps, tech meetups, webinars, and hackathons are great ways to bring in some interesting candidates for the job.

Interactive events such as hackathons and meetups pave the way for more one-on-one interactions. Through such platforms, the tech recruiter can learn a lot about prospective candidates for the front-end developer role.

Vetting, vetting & vetting

Who said hiring software engineers is a bed of roses? However, it is certainly not as complicated as we make it. Seasoned recruiters know how to utilize the right channels to analyze candidate skills before interviewing them. This saves a lot of time and effort.

According to a Reddit user,

“I made a test for them to build some simple app (like a to-do app, infinite scroll, etc) so I could see how they handle the state change, component separation, etc. The project should be simple enough so that it won’t take too much time to build, yet complex enough so that I can see their working process in general.”

How do you upgrade the front-end developer hiring phase? A diverse marketplace of software engineers such as Gaper might be the solution. Once the tech recruiter adds their details, they can expect a call from the CTO. The objective of the discussion is to paint a clear picture of company expectations, needs, etc.

The vetting process consists of two stages. The first is a practical assessment of the candidate’s skills, and the second is a language skills test.

Ask good questions

Judging a candidate on their resume doesn’t cut it. One of the last yet more essential steps to hiring software engineers – not thinking enough about interviews is a big mistake enterprises make. You have to think about how they analyze problems, their responses to practical questions, and what they plan to do with their career. The tech recruiter should judge candidates on their potential to grow rather than only on their past experiences

According to a head of software development on Quora

“You will be asked about your experience, more specifically the projects you’ve worked on recently (in your last employment, but in general I’ve got the past 12 months if you were in your last job for less than that time). I want to know what the project was about ……This is the important part. Talk about yourself and what you did.

……If you give very short answers, literally answering questions in the fewest number of words then it becomes a Q&A, not an interview and our interview will be over in 15 minutes. Needless to say, I’ve probably learned nothing about you of interest and you won’t get a call back. Sell yourself.”

Make a solid job offer

“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.” – Bill Gates, Former CEO of Microsoft

Come up with an employee proposition that a candidate can’t refuse. Thanks to modes of work such as remote and hybrid, software engineers now know the value of their experience. As a tech recruiter, you should understand what benefits would entice your dream software developer. Then, use this tactic to your advantage. Happier employees mean better productivity.  Put your thinking cap on with this question: what do the best front-end engineers want?


The job outlook growth for web developers is more than double the national average for all job growth through 2026. The demand to hire front-end developers keeps rising as businesses continue to invest in web applications, mobile apps, websites, etc. In such circumstances, tech recruiters must keep themselves up-to-date with the most effective tools, technologies, and hiring methods.


Do big companies hire front-end developers?

All types of companies including big ones hire front-end developers to work on their websites and web apps so they can grow their user base. The design of the website or app, its ease of use, loading speed, etc. – all these factors add to make the website an exceptional source for selling a product or service.

Also, a website wouldn’t be of any use if it didn’t appeal to the client. Therefore companies need front-end engineers for progressive web applications, motion UI, etc.

How do I find a good front-end engineer?

To find front-end developers, you need to research different hiring channels before you make a decision. It depends on the requirements of the company as well. Are they looking for freelance front-end developers? Does the startup founder plan to outsource front-end development?

Social media platforms

LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Github support several software dev communities where software developers come for discussions, advice, and tips. Hence, they are a beneficial source for finding front-end engineers. All you need to do is mention all the requirements in detail – so that all the effort doesn’t go in haste.

Virtual job boards

Why not let the experts do their job? Online hiring platforms such as Gaper act as marketplaces for software engineers. You can fill out the online form, add all the details, and schedule an appointment with the CTO. From a tech recruiter’s perspective, these websites save time and resources when it comes to vetting front-end developers.

Are front-end developers still in demand?

“…the growing technical needs of many industries indicate that front-end development is still very much in demand.” A decade ago front-end development was a restricted role, but now it has become much more complex. Enterprises have begun to depend on websites and web applications to grow their customer sales, the number of users, etc. Therefore, the demand for front-end developers will only continue to increase in the future.

How much should I pay a front-end developer?

According to, the average salary for a front-end developer in the United States is $119,224 per year.  Salary may vary according to the experience, benefits, location, and nature of the job. The average hourly rate for a front-end developer ranges between $51 to $63.  

How do I recruit a front-end developer?

To hire front-end developers, especially as a tech recruiter you need to devise a step-by-step plan, this approach separates you from outdated hiring techniques. First of all, get enough information on the company so that you can formulate a developer profile and details such as salary, job duties, expectations, deliverables, tech stack, nature of work, etc.

When you’re done with the research, it’s time to look for channels. Should you organize tech events to attract the best front-end developers? Would an interesting job post with benefits and initiatives be enough? As a recruiter, one should have sufficient knowledge about relevant tech stacks to assess candidates. Otherwise, all the questions during interviews would be unclear.

Spend some time on the front-end developer job description, so that there are no anomalies when you involve other parties. For example, you hire a virtual job board for vetting and candidate selection. The more detailed the job description, the more fruitful the search results will be.

Make sure that interviews are not robotic and that the candidate shares enough so that you can get an idea of their potential. Apart from technical vetting, the recruiter should be able to tell if they’re the right fit for the front-end developer job!

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