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Glenn Reed is the CFO at Intellishift. Experienced, agile, continuous learner and hyper growth focused tech exec.

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How To Hire C++ Developers

January 26, 2023
C++ is a widely-used programming language. When it comes to achieving your technological goals, speed and productivity, this is the programming language to master. C++ served as the foundation for…

How to Hire Backbone Developers – A Guide for Tech Recruiters and Hiring Managers

January 20, 2023
Backbone.js is a great choice when it comes to preventing a majority of the pitfalls that developers fall into when it comes to incorporating unstructured codes into the development of…

Top 10 Tech Stacks and Choosing the Right One

January 17, 2023
Tech stacks, also known as technology stacks or software stacks, are the combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools used to construct and run programs. Choosing the appropriate technology stack…

How to Hire Developers in San Francisco

January 23, 2023
Are you looking to hire developers in San Francisco? What exactly is it about San Francisco that dubs it the trophy winner in tech talent? Also, why would a company…

How to Hire DevOps Engineers For Your Business

January 10, 2023
DevOps is a methodology for improving the entire software development and maintenance pipeline. An organization's security, scalability, and effectiveness can all benefit from hiring a DevOps engineer, who is a…

How to Build an App Like Discord

January 4, 2023
Discord has 150 million monthly users from K-pop fans to sewing hobbyists to gamers. What makes it so popular and how can you develop an app like Discord?

How To Hire Python Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

September 23, 2022
Your startup or enterprise may need to build web applications or other digital products at some point, for which it may become necessary to hire Python developers. There are some… @2022 All rights reserved.

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