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Understanding the Role of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Data Security: Risks and Solutions

May 22, 2024
The main topic of discussion is data security with large language models. How can LLMs help in maintaining data security?

Automated Underwriting Systems: How LLMs Can Automate Loan Processing and Increase Approval Rates

May 17, 2024
Discover how Automated Underwriting Systems leverage LLMs to streamline loan processing, boosting approval rates. Learn more now!

10 artificial intelligence project ideas

May 13, 2024
The main topic of discussion is 10 AI project ideas. Let's talk about AI projects for entrepreneurs!

Large Language Models and Personalized Healthcare: The Next Frontier in HealthTech

May 12, 2024
Explore the intersection of large language models and personalized healthcare, the cutting-edge frontier in HealthTech innovation.

LLMs and Legal Education: Integrating Technology to Prepare Future Lawyers for the Digital Age

May 6, 2024
Discover how 'LLMs and Legal Education' integrates technology to prepare future lawyers for the digital age. Explore now!

Leveraging LLM Libraries for Next-Generation Chatbots

May 2, 2024
Explore advanced chatbot capabilities with LLM libraries. Elevate your conversational AI game for next-gen interactions. Dive in now!

Top 12 Python project ideas for beginners

May 1, 2024
The main topic of discussion is Python projects for beginners. Are you ready to learn about the top 12 Python project ideas for beginners?

Developing Innovative Projects with LLMs and NLP Technology

April 23, 2024
Empowering breakthroughs with LLMs & NLP: pioneering innovative projects at the intersection of language models and natural language processing.

How To Hire Great Deep Learning Experts

April 19, 2024
Learn the proven strategies for hiring top-notch deep learning experts. From sourcing to interviews, build your dream team with confidence.

10 Jobs That AI Will Make Easier For You in 2024

April 14, 2024
The main discussion topic is artificial intelligence's impact on the future of jobs. Will AI replace jobs?

Transforming Contract Management: The Role of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Streamlining Processes

April 13, 2024
Discover how Large Language Models revolutionize Contract Management, streamlining processes for efficiency and accuracy. Explore the transformative power now!

How Do you Hire Great LLM Experts?

April 7, 2024
This article will act as a guide to hiring LLM experts. If you want to hire the best LLM experts, then you are at the right place!

How to Hire Great Machine Learning Experts

April 1, 2024
A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring Exceptional Machine Learning Experts in 2024.

The Evolving Role of CTOs in Healthcare: Adapting to the Challenges of AI and Data Privacy

March 28, 2024
Explore how CTOs in healthcare navigate AI and data privacy challenges. Learn about their evolving role in shaping the future of healthcare.

Tailored Gen AI Solutions: Empowering Enterprises with Privacy, IP Protection, and Cost Efficiency

March 25, 2024
Elevate your enterprise with customized Gen AI solutions. Our focus: Privacy, IP protection, and cost-effectiveness. Empower your business today!

AI Integration in Healthcare: How CTOs Can Drive Innovation and Transformation

March 18, 2024
Discover how CTOs can spearhead innovation and transformation in healthcare through AI integration.

Fintech Trends: The Skills and Expertise CTOs Need to Lead the Way

March 15, 2024
Discover essential skills for Fintech CTOs navigating industry trends. Stay ahead with expertise in technology, innovation, and leadership.

Robots at the Helm: AI’s Influence on Decision-Making in Robotics

March 11, 2024
Explore how AI is reshaping decision-making in robotics. Discover the impact of robots controlled by advanced algorithms.

Quantum Decisions: The Fusion of AI and Quantum Computing

March 6, 2024
Discover the synergy between AI and quantum computing in 'Quantum Decisions.' Explore cutting-edge advancements and the future of technology at the intersection of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

The Future of Wealth: AI and ML Reshaping Asset Management

March 2, 2024
Discover how AI and ML are transforming asset management, shaping the future of wealth management. Explore innovations and insights.

In Conversation with Elena Thomas: Equity Management for SMEs, Emerging Markets, AI in Finance

February 27, 2024
Discover insights from Elena Thomas, CSO/COO at OptionTrax, in this engaging conversation about finance, operations, and leadership.

Virtual Reality Surgery: AI’s Immersive Revolution in Medical Training

February 26, 2024
Explore Virtual Reality Surgery: AI's Immersive Revolution in Medical Training, where AI and VR redefine surgical education with unparalleled realism.

Algorithmic Trading: Leveraging Custom LLMs for Financial Insights

February 22, 2024
Unlock the potential of Algorithmic Trading with Custom LLMs tailored for financial insights. Explore how leveraging these powerful tools can enhance your trading strategy. Dive into the future of finance…

Fraud Detection in Fintech: The Power of Custom Language Models

February 19, 2024
Let us talk about AI fraud detection. We will also discuss the role of artificial intelligence in fraud detection and prevention.

Customizing LLMs for Healthcare Applications: Challenges and Opportunities

February 15, 2024
Customizing LLMs for Healthcare - Explores technical aspects of tailoring language models for the specific needs of healthcare applications.

Natural Language Processing in Electronic Health Records: Custom LLM Approaches

February 12, 2024
Revolutionize Healthcare: Enhanced Natural Language Processing in Electronic Health Records with Custom LLM Approaches. Maximize Data Insights!

Andromeda Surgical: Pioneering the Future of Autonomous Surgery

February 8, 2024
Discover the future of surgery with Andromeda Surgical! Pioneering autonomous surgery for precision and innovation. Elevate healthcare with us. Explore now!

Tax management and adoption using AI

February 4, 2024
Optimize your tax strategy with AI-powered solutions! Explore seamless tax management and swift adoption techniques. Boost efficiency and savings. Embrace the future of finance now!

The Role of AI in Personalized Healthcare

February 2, 2024
Unlock the future of healthcare with AI! Explore the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence in personalized healthcare. Revolutionize your well-being today.

Natural Language Processing in Electronic Health Records: Custom LLM Approaches

January 31, 2024
Unlock the power of Natural Language Processing in Electronic Health Records with our custom LLM approaches. Optimize healthcare data analysis for superior insights. Explore now!

Navigating Ethical Crossroads: AI’s Impact on Decision-Making

January 26, 2024
Explore ethical dilemmas in decision-making with AI's influence. Navigate the crossroads of technology and morality for informed choices.

Adaptive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) using AI

January 24, 2024
Optimize projects seamlessly with AI-driven Adaptive PPM. Elevate efficiency and outcomes effortlessly.

3 Steps To Progress Your Fintech Talent Strategy In 2024

January 22, 2024
Elevate your fintech workforce with our 3-step talent strategy guide for 2024. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Artistic Choices: How AI Reshapes Creative Decision-Making

January 19, 2024
Let’s unravel the relationship between artificial intelligence and creative decision-making for companies. Will AI replace artists?

Securing Decisions: AI’s Role in Cybersecurity Choices

January 17, 2024
What is the relationship between AI and cybersecurity? We will talk about how companies use AI in cybersecurity.

Interpretable Language Models for Healthcare Decision Support

January 15, 2024
This article will discuss the relationship between interpretable language models and healthcare decision support. Moreover, we will talk about interpretable machine learning.

Data Security Challenges in Fintech with Custom Language Models

January 12, 2024
Let us learn about financial data security. How can custom large language models help to solve issues?

Smart Choices: How AI Makes Decisions and Why It Matters

January 11, 2024
How smart is AI? Do you want to learn about artificial intelligence and decision-making? Let us find out!

Unlocking Hybrid App Potential with Nativescript Stack Integration

January 8, 2024
This article is all about the Nativescript stack integration. Moreover, we will talk about the capabilities of the open-source framework in detail.

Mobile App Mastery: Elevate Your E-commerce with Amazon-Like Features

January 4, 2024
Transform your business with cutting-edge mobile app strategies! Discover Amazon-like features to boost sales and engage customers. Unleash your e-commerce potential today!

10 Best Ways to Secure Your Android App

January 2, 2024
Discover the top 10 strategies to safeguard your Android app and healthcare data model. Enhance security with expert tips for robust protection. Click now!

Maximizing Business Efficiency with Robotic Process Automation

December 29, 2023
Explore the game-changing synergy of Robotic Process Automation in healthcare data models. Elevate efficiency and accuracy for a smarter, future-proof healthcare system.

How Custom LLMs are Revolutionizing Industries

December 25, 2023
This article's main topic of discussion is how custom large language models are revolutionizing industries. Plus, we will also cover LLM use cases.

From Zero to MERN: A Beginner’s Guide to Full-Stack Development

December 22, 2023
Embark on your coding journey! Learn MERN stack step-by-step with our beginner's guide to full-stack development. Start from zero and master the essentials. Dive into the world of web development…

React-ing to MERN: How React.js is Transforming Web Development with MongoDB, Express, and Node.js

December 20, 2023
In this article, we'll take a closer look at how React.js transforms web development when used with MongoDB, Express, and Node.js (also known as the MERN stack). We'll also discuss…

How to hire front-end developers: A guide for tech recruiters

December 18, 2023
This article is about how to hire front-end developers. Moreover, it also talks about all aspects of hiring software engineers.

16 Essential Python Interview Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Python Developers

December 15, 2023
Hiring Python developers? Ace the process with our guide featuring 16 essential interview questions. Elevate your team with top Python talent today!

Microsoft’s Tech Stack: Powering the Tech Giant

December 14, 2023
Discover the powerhouse behind Microsoft's success with our in-depth exploration of their cutting-edge tech stack. Uncover the innovation driving the tech giant's growth!

From Theory to Practice: Real-World Examples of large language models’ Impact on Businesses

December 11, 2023
Let's talk about some of the best large language models. Moreover, we will cover the applications of large language models in the business world.

Revolutionizing Home Loan Processing with MuleSoft Data Integration

December 8, 2023
In this article, we will unravel the world of home loan processing. Moreover, we will talk about the advantages of MuleSoft data integration.

Decoding Large Language Models: Evaluating Their Use and Impact in Modern Business

December 6, 2023
This article's main topic of discussion is how different types of large language models are transforming modern businesses. Furthermore, we will discuss the potential and future of large language models.

Importance Of Quality Training Data For Businesses And Where You Can Access It

December 4, 2023
AI excellence starts with quality training data! Discover insights from leaders like Lionbridge AI, Appen, and Scale AI. Invest wisely for reliable results.

Building the next generation of AI native products and how one company is helping scale the process

December 1, 2023
Learn how one company is revolutionizing the process, providing invaluable insights to scale your innovations efficiently. Unleash the power of the next generation with expert guidance.

Transforming Healthcare Communication with MuleSoft and Salesforce

November 29, 2023
Revolutionize healthcare communication using MuleSoft and Salesforce. Discover seamless integration for enhanced patient care. Explore the future of health tech!

Mastering Front-End Tech Stack for Web Development

November 27, 2023
Level up your web development game! Dive deep into mastering the front-end tech stack for a dynamic and user-friendly online experience.

In Conversation With Jim St. Clair: Transforming Patient Engagement, and AI in Healthcare

November 16, 2023’s VP of Sales Mustafa Najoom sat down with a short chat with Jim St. Clair, the COO at WellnessWits and discussed the role and potential of AI in healthcare…

Ensuring Healthcare data security with MuleSoft and Salesforce

November 14, 2023
The main topic of discussion is ensuring healthcare data security. Plus, we will talk about how MuleSoft security and Salesforce can provide integrated healthcare solutions.

10 Python Project Ideas You Can Start a Business With and Make Money With In 2024

November 10, 2023
From building web applications to data analysis tools, these Python projects have great potential. Get inspired and turn your coding skills into a successful business venture.

How to leverage and integrate large language models like Chat GPT for maximum business impact

November 7, 2023
The main topic of discussion is the business benefits of large language models such as Chat-GPT. Furthermore, we will discuss the uses of large language models, focusing on Chat-GPT.

Netflix’s Tech Stack Secrets: A Closer Look

November 1, 2023
Netflix's Tech Stack Secrets Unveiled: A Comprehensive Dive into the Magic Behind the Streaming Giant.

Large Language Models: A New Tool for Health Tech Innovations

October 30, 2023
Unlocking Health Tech Advancements with Large Language Models. Explore the Future of Healthcare Innovation.

Top 10 Tech Stacks for Modern Web Development

October 23, 2023
Discover the top 10 tech stacks shaping modern web development. Stay ahead in the digital era with these powerful tools and frameworks.

Advantages of Hierarchical Process Models for Data Protection

October 22, 2023
The main topic of discussion is the benefits of hierarchical process models for the protection of data.

An analysis of large language models and their effect on startup performance

October 18, 2023
This article's main topic of discussion is the impact of large language models on startup growth. Furthermore, we will cover LLM use cases in business workflows.

How to launch your MVP quickly using Ruby on Rails

October 13, 2023
Boost your business success by launching a MVP quickly using Ruby on Rails. Learn the step-by-step guide.

Comparative Analysis of Custom LLM vs. General-Purpose LLM

September 26, 2023
Let us take a look at the two main types of large language models. Moreover, we will carry out a comparative analysis between general-purpose LLMs and custom language models.

How to Deploy Custom LLM Applications for Your Business’s Website

September 21, 2023
Boost Your Business Website with Custom LLM App Deployment - Drive Growth and Efficiency Today!

Understanding the Impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) on Businesses: Evaluating Uses and Integrations

September 18, 2023
We will discuss the impact of large language models on different types of businesses. Moreover, we will cover how LLMs and AI can help organizations.

How React JS is Revolutionizing Web Development

September 13, 2023
This article will cover the advantages of React.js in web development. Moreover, we will talk about the role of React. Js in web application development.

Full-Stack Flexin’: Why the MERN Stack is Taking Web Development to the Next Level

September 12, 2023
The main goal of this article is to guide MERN stack developers. Moreover, we will learn how to evolve our web development skills.

App-solutely Amazing: How Android Development is Changing the Game

September 8, 2023
A detailed look into how Android app development will dominate the future of app development. Plus, we will learn why it remains popular in mobile app development.

Stacking Up: Why MERN is the Ultimate Toolkit for Building Dynamic Web Applications?

September 6, 2023
Learn why and how MERN is the perfect toolkit for your next web application.

Pythonic power: Mastering Data Science with Python and its Libraries

September 5, 2023
This article is about the best Python libraries. Plus, we will describe the roles of the top Python libraries in data science.

Can You Build a Product with Just a Python Developer?

September 1, 2023
The main topic of discussion is how a Python developer can build a product. Moreover, we will discuss how Python programmers can utilize the Python programming language to create a…

The Essential Skills To Look For When Hiring Prompt Engineers

August 30, 2023
This article will focus on the essential skills of AI prompt engineers. It is a guide for recruiters hiring for prompt engineer positions.

The Ethical Implications Of AI and Machine Learning in Fortune 500 Companies

August 28, 2023
This brief will explore the ethical implications of AI and machine learning within Fortune 500 companies. We will examine the potential risks, and benefits associated with the use of AI.

Scale Your Business with Personalized LLMs: Automating Workflows with Large Language Models

August 21, 2023
This article's main topic of discussion is how to scale your business. Furthermore, we will cover the role of large language models in business workflows.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Python Developers: Python Developer Salaries in 2023

August 25, 2023
In this article, we shall discuss the cost of hiring Python developers. Plus, we will cover Python developer salaries in detail.

Streamline Your Startup with Business Automation: How Python Can Help You Automate and Optimize Your Business Processes

August 23, 2023
The main topic of discussion is the benefits of Python for businesses. Plus we will highlight some of the advantages of using Python programming language for automation.

How the MERN Stack is Streamlining Web Development

August 21, 2023
In this article, we'll explore how the MERN stack revolutionizes web development. Plus, we will cover how it helps a MERN stack developer to create web applications.

In Conversation With Jon Nordmark – AI and LLM Solutions for Enterprises

August 19, 2023
Ahmed Muzammil, VP of Engineering at sat down with Jon Nordmark, CEO and Co-Founder at for what was an illuminating discussion about LLMs and their use cases for…

Top 6 Node.js Frameworks You Should Know About

August 18, 2023
In this article, we will cover the six best Node.js frameworks and the advantages of Node.js for startup tech teams.

Top 12 Pieces of Advice for Building Scalable and Performant Server-Side Applications with Node.js

August 16, 2023
This article covers the top 12 pieces of advice for building scalable and performant server-side applications with Node.js open-source framework.

The role of angel investors in 2023: How to find them and win them over?

August 11, 2023
Navigate angel investing in 2023: Discover strategies to locate investors and impress them effectively. Your guide to securing crucial funding.

10 Expert Tips for Node.js Debugging & Profiling for Fintech Apps

August 9, 2023
Elevate Node.js debugging for fintech apps with top insights from experts. Master profiling techniques and ensure seamless performance. Learn more now!

Why Ruby on Rails is a Cost-Effective Solution for Startups

August 7, 2023
Discover how Ruby on Rails boosts startup efficiency and saves costs with its rapid development and robust framework. A smart choice for budget-conscious ventures.

Designing Data Models For Regulatory Compliance In Health Tech Applications

August 4, 2023
Discover data models ensuring regulatory compliance in health tech apps. Stay compliant effortlessly!

Beyond MEAN: Why MERN is the New King of Full-Stack Development

August 2, 2023
Discover why MERN outshines MEAN in full-stack development. Unleash the power of MERN stack now!

How Python is Revolutionizing SaaS Startups: The Benefits and Advantages of Using Python for Building Scalable and Flexible Software

July 31, 2023
In this article, we will cover the advantages of Python language. Plus, we will discuss how Python is helping SaaS startups in SaaS product development.

The Ultimate Guide to Developing High-Quality Android Apps with Java: 10 Best Practices and Strategies

July 28, 2023
In this ultimate guide, we'll present ten best practices and strategies to help you develop high-quality Android apps with Java.

Mastering the MERN Stack: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Full-Stack Web Development

July 26, 2023
In this article, we'll delve into some tips, tricks, and best practices for mastering the MERN stack and building robust and scalable full-stack web applications.

Why Hire Python Developers for Your Fintech Startup

July 24, 2023
Continue reading to discover why Python is the best programming language choice for the financial technology industry.

How to choose the right Ruby on Rails development team for your startup

July 20, 2023
Find the right Ruby on Rails remote team for your startup. Discover expert tips on selecting a reliable and skilled Ruby on Rails development team to fuel your startup's success.

10 Essential Tips for Securing Your Android Device from Cyber Threats

July 19, 2023
Discover the top 10 essential tips to protect your Android device from cyber threats. Enhance your Android security and keep your device safe from malicious attacks.

Designing HIPAA-compliant and secure health tech apps for iOS

July 18, 2023
Build robust and secure health tech apps for iOS that adhere to HIPAA regulations. Achieve data privacy and compliance with our expert HIPAA-compliant app development services.

Designing Data Models For Regulatory Compliance In Fintech Applications Using MongoDB

July 17, 2023
Achieve flawless regulatory compliance in your fintech applications using MongoDB Developer Data Platform.

Implementing Biometric Authentication and Encryption in iOS Fintech Apps for 100x Secure Architecture

July 5, 2023
Learn how to increase the security of your iOS fintech app using biometric authentication and encryption. Discover the advantages of a 100x secure architecture for safeguarding sensitive financial data and…

Understanding the fundraising landscape for startups in 2023: What to expect?

July 6, 2023
Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, this guide is a must-read for anyone looking to navigate the competitive world of startup fundraising.

Creating Your Own Neural Network in Python: A Complete Guide

July 7, 2023
How To Create Your Own Neural Network In Python

Transforming Customer Experience: How Generative AI Can Enhance Personalization for Fortune 500 Companies

June 26, 2023
Generative AI can have a significant impact on marketing, particularly in enhancing personalization.

Artificial Intelligence and the Struggle for Privacy: Who Will Win?

June 26, 2023
In this article, we will talk about the relationship between AI and privacy. Moreover, we will cover the role of artificial intelligence in data and privacy.

From Idea to Product: How Generative AI Can Help You Build Your Startup

June 23, 2023
How Generative AI can help your startup rapidly prototype and develop products, streamline your product development process, Harness the power of AI to turn your ideas into profitable products.

The Future of Design: How Generative AI Is Changing the Creative Landscape

June 20, 2023
Discover how generative AI is changing the design industry, its potential benefits and drawbacks, and future applications. Learn how designers can prepare for the future of design with generative AI.

The Essential Skills To Look For When Hiring Prompt Engineers

June 10, 2023
This article will focus on the essential skills of AI prompt engineers. It is a guide for recruiters hiring for prompt engineer positions.

Quick on the Draw: The Art of Hiring Prompt Engineers for High-Speed Development

June 9, 2023
In this article, the main topic of discussion is hiring prompt engineers. Moreover, we will discuss how they help in high-speed development.

Current Trends in AI Prompt Engineering Hiring and What They Mean for Your Company

June 8, 2023
In this article, we will discuss AI prompt engineering hiring trends. Plus, we will discuss how these talent acquisition trends can help to grow your company.

What is Python Used For? A Guide for Business Owners

May 30, 2023
What Are the Applications of Python in Business? Why Should Your Next Project Use Python? A Guide to Python Beginner's Guide

Choosing the Right Android App Framework: A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 10 Options

May 26, 2023
In this article, we will cover the top ten android app frameworks. Plus, we will discuss the benefits of developing android apps with these frameworks.

AI Prompt Engineering: How ChatGPT Gave Birth to Tech’s Hottest Job

May 23, 2023
Learn how ChatGPT has a huge potential for creating a whole industry of jobs powered by AI.

Prompting the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing Prompt Engineering and Hiring Practices

May 19, 2023
Unlock the potential of AI for optimizing prompts and hiring practices. Learn how AI is revolutionizing the recruitment process and explore cutting-edge applications in this insightful article.

Native vs Hybrid: What is the Best Way to Develop Your Mobile App?

May 17, 2023
With the overwhelming number of mobile phones in use today, it's no surprise that businesses want to make their apps stand out from the competition. But how do you choose…

Artificial Intelligence Giants: Comparing Google and OpenAI’s Strategies for Success

May 9, 2023
In this article, we will discuss the artificial intelligence research done by OpenAI and Google. Plus we will talk about OpenAI and Google AI research.

Raising Capital In The Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Market In 2023: Opportunities And Challenges

May 8, 2023
Learn what options the crypto and blockchain market offers for raising capital in 2023.

Analyzing Trends in Startup Funding and Valuation in 2023: What Do They Mean for Your Startup?

May 5, 2023
This article is all about trends in startup business funding. If you want to learn about investing in startups in 2023, then this is your guide!

The Intersection of Social Media and Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges

May 4, 2023
In this article, we will talk about AI in social media. This topic will cover the advantages of AI, the good and the bad.

The Role of AI in Financial Management for Startups

May 3, 2023
Discover how AI is transforming financial management for startups and how you can leverage it to stay ahead in the FinTech industry. A complete guide.

How to Hire Developers for a Fintech Startup in 2023

April 26, 2023
Fintech (finance + technology) is a burgeoning industry that has already greatly reshaped the way financial services operate in this day and age.

Tips for non-technical founders working with Ruby on Rails developers

April 20, 2023
The main concept behind the ROR framework is rapid development. Hence, startups can deploy web applications quickly.

Why Ruby On Rails Is A Great Choice For Startup Founders

April 18, 2023
In this article, we will cover the advantages of Ruby on Rails development. Moreover, we will discuss why Ruby on Rails is the best tech stack for startup founders.

Why is it so Difficult to Hire Software Engineers?

April 12, 2023
The need for top tech expertise is increasing along with US’ industry's constant change and advancement.

Should You Outsource Software Development in 2023?

April 10, 2023
Does your tech startup need to change its recruiting policies? Should you outsource software development in 2023? 

How to Build a SaaS Product for a Small Business: SaaS Product Development for Startups

March 24, 2023
Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Curious to know how SaaS application development services can help your company?

Strategic Hiring for Startups: Top Platforms to Hire Freelance Web Developers in 2023

March 24, 2023
When you're trying to hire a freelance web developer, it is essential that you use the right freelance platforms. What services are reliable?

How to Hire Developers in Chicago in 2023

March 17, 2023
The city of Chicago is working together to draw the tech talent essential to fuel a herd of quickly expanding unicorns.

Ruby vs PHP: Which Tech Stack Should You Choose

March 13, 2023
Let's explore the ideas involved and the distinctions between Ruby on Rails vs PHP Laravel. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Developer or Programmer in 2023

March 6, 2023
This article aims to provide insight as to what the average rates of software developers are, and which factors affect these rates.

How To Publish An iOS App on Apple App Store

March 3, 2023
The goal of the App Store is to provide its users with the best possible experience, which is why developers strive to meet or exceed industry standards with every new…

How To Publish An Android App on Google Play

March 2, 2023
The Google Play store is the largest, best-known marketplace for apps geared towards Android users.

How to Hire Software Developers Quickly: Simplifying Tech Hiring

March 1, 2023
Are you looking to hire software developers but with a better approach? Thinking of recruiting software developers and don’t know what process to follow? This guide will serve as your…

Code Review Advantages: A Guide for Tech Teams

February 28, 2023
Code review is the process of looking at the code and its quality to find places to improve (called "code smells"), bugs, errors, and parts of the code that might…

How to Build an App Like Slack

February 24, 2023
What’s the big deal with Slack? Before we find out more about how to build an app like Slack, you might want to know what this user from Reddit has…

How to Create an App Like TikTok: Tech Stacks, Costs, Features

February 16, 2023
After its launch in 2018, no one could predict that TikTok would come such a long way! It has become popular among gen-Z not only to stay up-to-date with the…

How to Hire MERN Stack Engineers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2023

February 13, 2023
As time goes on, both technological capabilities and consumer expectations are increasing. Companies are working hard to blend desktop and mobile environments for their customers.

The Most Common and Best Tech Stacks for Blockchain App Development

February 6, 2023
If you don't know what blockchain is, you have most probably been living under a rock. Through the years, this technology has assisted in reducing the conventional difficulties that a…

How to Build an E-Commerce App For Your Business

February 2, 2023
These days, mobility is essential. There are very few instances in which people have been completely cut off because mobile technology provides connectivity across national borders, regional boundaries, and administrative…

Why is Big Tech Laying Off Employees? A Look Into the ‘Hire Fast, Fire Fast’ Approach

February 1, 2023
The tech winter of 2022-23 was cold. It was characterized by hiring freezes, icy cuts to workforces, and coldly cutting off employee access to company resources without warning. How long…

How To Hire C++ Developers

January 26, 2023
C++ is a widely-used programming language. When it comes to achieving your technological goals, speed and productivity, this is the programming language to master. C++ served as the foundation for…

How to Hire Backbone Developers – A Guide for Tech Recruiters and Hiring Managers

January 20, 2023
Backbone.js is a great choice when it comes to preventing a majority of the pitfalls that developers fall into when it comes to incorporating unstructured codes into the development of…

Top 10 Tech Stacks and Choosing the Right One

January 17, 2023
Tech stacks, also known as technology stacks or software stacks, are the combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools used to construct and run programs. Choosing the appropriate technology stack…

How to Hire Developers in San Francisco

January 23, 2023
Are you looking to hire developers in San Francisco? What exactly is it about San Francisco that dubs it the trophy winner in tech talent? Also, why would a company…

How to Hire DevOps Engineers For Your Business

January 10, 2023
DevOps is a methodology for improving the entire software development and maintenance pipeline. An organization's security, scalability, and effectiveness can all benefit from hiring a DevOps engineer, who is a…

How to Build an App Like Discord

January 4, 2023
Discord has 150 million monthly users from K-pop fans to sewing hobbyists to gamers. What makes it so popular and how can you develop an app like Discord?

The Best Tech Stack for Android App Development

December 20, 2022
Creating a successful mobile app requires catering to a wide range of user preferences and choosing the right mobile application technology stack.

How to Hire Developers in New York

December 13, 2022
Hiring talent solely from New York is an even greater task now. It is filled to the brim with ginormous corporations and software startups, however, is the city’s market as…

Best Countries to Hire Developers From in 2023 – Developer Rates and Salaries

December 8, 2022
Remote development teams are often considerably less expensive than hiring local, in-office personnel. Sending work abroad can enable certain businesses to save up to 80% of their costs or more.

What is AI?: All You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

December 6, 2022
What exactly is AI and how does it work? Read on to learn everything you need to know about AI.

How to Hire Quality Assurance Engineers For Your Business

November 29, 2022
This article guides the reader on how to hire quality assurance engineers. It also elaborates on essential aspects of the software developer hiring process.

How to Hire Front-End Developers for Your Tech Team

November 28, 2022
This article guides the reader on ways to hire front-end developers for tech teams. It will cover all the essential aspects related to hiring front-end developers.

How to Hire Full-Stack Developers

November 22, 2022
What You Need to Know on How to Hire Full Stack Developers?

How to Hire Node.js Developers

November 3, 2022
When looking to hire Node.js developers for web application development, employers and recruiters need to keep in mind the cost of hiring, technical skills and soft skills of a candidate.

A Guide To Coding For Dummies

October 31, 2022
A one-stop guide to coding for dummies to help beginners build their foundation of knowledge and get a kickstart to code.

Skills Needed to Become an Android Developer: Learning Android Development

October 25, 2022
Learning Android development is definitely worthwhile for anyone who is interested in getting into mobile application development.

5 Skills Needed to Become a Java Developer

October 24, 2022
A guide to become a Java Developer!

How to Hire AWS Lambda Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

October 19, 2022
AWS Lambda allows its users to run programs in multiple different languages including Java, Python, and C#, as well as many different types of applications or back-end services. What does…

How to Choose a Technology Stack for iOS Development

October 17, 2022
A technology stack combines technologies, platforms, and services that create web apps or mobile applications. The tech stack should simplify the application development process instead of complicating it. This article…

7 Advantages of Node.js for Startups

October 28, 2022
The advantages of Node.js makes it popular amongst startups to develop e-commerce, real-time, or social networking applications making it important to hire a Node.js developer for every tech team.

How To Hire Django Developers

October 13, 2022
A guide to hiring Django Developers

How To Hire jQuery Developers

October 12, 2022
An extensive guide for hiring the best jQuery developers.

How to Hire Ruby Developers

October 10, 2022
Guide to hiring Ruby Developers

How to Become an iOS Developer: Learning iOS Development

October 18, 2022
A beginner's guide on how to become an iOS developer and learn iOS development so you can build applications that work on Apple's devices and ecosystem.

How to Become a Ruby Developer: Learning Ruby Development

October 20, 2022
The demand for Ruby developers is continuing to stay steady as it continues to get updates and remains in use by a lot of major companies. A lot of aspiring…

Why Choose MERN Stack for Your Applications? Advantages of MERN Stack for Web Development

October 26, 2022
MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. MERN stack is an open-source, full-stack JavaScript solution to build dynamic, responsive, advanced and attractive websites or applications quickly and easily.

How To Hire Python Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

September 23, 2022
Your startup or enterprise may need to build web applications or other digital products at some point, for which it may become necessary to hire Python developers. There are some…

Top 10 Development Tools to Build the Best Web Applications

October 14, 2022
Best tools to build Great Web Applications.

How To Hire iOS Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

September 5, 2022
Finding talented iOS developers is not an easy task. Here is a compiled list of tips and different steps that you can take to help you in the process of…

How to Hire PHP Laravel Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

August 29, 2022
A non-complex, easy-to-use framework, PHP Laravel is an important programming skill to have onboard. We have compiled this guide to help you hire the best PHP Laravel Developers.

How To Hire Java Developers – Recruiter and Employer Guide for 2022

August 22, 2022
Java developers remain an indispensable part of tech teams. Here is a simple guide on recruiting and evaluating professional Java developers to meet your business goals.

Generating Sales; In Conversation with Eric Klein, COO & Co-Founder Cloudonix

August 15, 2022
In conversation with Gaper: Cloudonix is changing the way companies manage communications; merging data and voice to generate more sales!

Top 20 Places to Hire React Developers in 2022

August 12, 2022
Everything to know about places hiring react developers!

The Best Web Development Trends for 2022

August 16, 2022
Everything to know about the latest trends of web development.

5 Signs of Software Engineer Burnout and How to Reduce It

August 10, 2022
All about software engineers going through a burnout phase and how they can handle it.

Remote Work = Remote Hacking? Five Data Protection Tips to Keep Your Data Secure

August 5, 2022
With remote work’s convenience comes the risk of remote hackers.

Hiring Developers in Brazil: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply

August 1, 2022
All you need to know about hiring developers in Brazil

Hiring Developers in Pakistan: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply (Updated 2023)

July 20, 2022
This article guides the reader about hiring software developers in Pakistan. It also discusses essential aspects of the software developer hiring process.

Hiring Developers In China: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand and Supply

July 19, 2022
Everything there is to know about hiring developers in China through Gaper.

Hiring Developers in the US: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand, and Supply (Updated 2023)

July 7, 2022
This article guides the reader about hiring software developers in the US. It also elaborates on important aspects of the developer hiring process.

Hiring Developers In India: Evaluating Costs, Skills, Demand and Supply

July 13, 2022
Everything there is to know about hiring developers in India through Gaper.

100 Powerful Leadership Quotes for Entrepreneurs

June 27, 2022
Leaders are leaders for a reason. They get to lead the rest of the world with their strong and meaningful words, and practical actions.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Software Engineer

July 1, 2022
To become a Software Engineer, one can expect to spend three to four years in school and work, depending on their background, experience, and career plans.

It is Time For Universities to Step Up: Tackling the Skill Shortage in Tech

June 29, 2022
The tech sector is increasingly changing and universities need to tackle the skill shortages issue.

How to Hire a Software Engineer: Education, Experience, Job Description, and Testing

June 16, 2022
Decide what kind of software engineer will align with your specific business needs.

How to become a Remote software engineer in 2022

June 14, 2022
The tech industry has grown at an exceptional rate over the past decade. This is not only due to changing circumstances. Technology is something we have become dependent on. Just…

Five Reasons Why Start-ups With Remote Teams Succeed

June 10, 2022
Start-ups with remote teams have experienced a high success rate. They increase efficiency and boost innovation in your business.

7 Fintech Startups to Lookout for in 2022 

June 1, 2022
The rate at which startups are sprouting is surprisingly high. With the help of AI, fintech startups focus on simplifying financial transactions. When we talk about this particular industry, it…

How To Become a Software Engineer Without a Formal Degree

June 3, 2022
Whether you're re-entering the job market or stuck in a job you don't enjoy,  then becoming a software developer may just be the thing for you.

Startup Woes in 2022: Is Remote Hiring the Answer?

May 30, 2022
There are many hiring challenges your startup can face in its early stages but how should you tackle them? A complete guide to remote hiring that saves you the trouble…

How Not to Fail Interviews Ever Again

May 26, 2022
We are all familiar with feeling exultation at securing a job interview. The majority of us fail interviews at one point or another mainly because of the confusing interview questions…

Fundamentals Of Hiring Remote Developers

April 15, 2021
With the onset of COVID-19, changes in technology and human ingenuity are remarkable. One of the results of this is remote working. In the past year, we saw a boom…

Remote Working Tools Necessary for Software Engineering Team

April 27, 2021
Have you ever given a task or have given a task to someone which seemed very difficult? Yet, completed within no time? For example, a video editing task or a…

Things Remote Startups Should Do in Their First Year of Business

May 5, 2021
Founders and CEOs face a plethora of challenges when they initiate a startup. Building a remote work management team and raising startup capital is the priority.

Cryptocurrency Market – A New Gambling Addiction?

May 6, 2021
The cryptocurrency market has now formed a new cult following. It is the new mode of investing and making money. Yet, how volatile is this market and how do people…

How Software Engineers Can Excel in Their Jobs to Earn Dollars?

May 20, 2021
Over the last two decades, technology has advanced at an exponential speed. Without all these advancements in technology. Our day-to-day necessities such as working from home wouldn’t exist.

Acing Remote Interviews – Software Developer Interview Tips

May 21, 2021
Hiring software developers has its own set of inherent challenges. We always talk about acing remote interviews from the interviewees’ perspective. Yet, have we ever discussed the other side of…

4 Steps of How to Become a Remote Developer

May 27, 2021
Remote jobs are quickly becoming more and more popular in almost every industry. It is growing by over 173% in the past ten years. This phenomenon has taken over the…

Remote Work Interviews: Ace Software Developer Interviews

May 31, 2021
While the Coronavirus Pandemic is at its final stages, the impact it has left on the future of work is massive. Remote work is now considered the new norm.

Why Distributed Teams Work More Efficiently and Productively

May 31, 2021
As humans, our advancements in the last 2 decades are far greater than one could imagine. The technological capabilities we have are helping change the world as we know it.…

Hiring Remote Developers – Move to Flexibility, Equality, Efficiency

June 17, 2021
Why are multinational technology giants are embracing remote work? While comparably smaller businesses are struggling to accept the idea of hybrid work?

Hire Remote Team in Tech from Different Countries – A Statistical Overview

June 29, 2021
Business communities across the world are trying to return to pre-pandemic work systems. There is an increasing move towards the acceptance of hybrid and remote work. Even when lockdowns are…

How Much is a Web Developer’s Salary in the US? A Complete Guide

July 8, 2021
One of the burning questions is constantly asked. When it comes to a career in web development.

How much can you earn as a Web Developer: Freelance or Full-Time?

July 16, 2021
While there are some successful web developers who work full-time for one company, freelancing has grown equally lucrative in recent years. With the passage of time, society’s perspective has shifted,…

15 Best Sites to Hire Freelance Developers in 2021

July 19, 2021
Hire freelance developers or recruiting a freelancer for any post can be a crucial task. However, finding out the best way to recruit someone online is more difficult as compared…

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Developer for A Startup

July 26, 2021
Due to the pandemic, leadership in uncertain times becomes more challenging. Since new business owners are finding themselves in very unfamiliar environments and circumstances.

5 Actionable Tips of Hiring Software Developers for a Startup

August 2, 2021
Hiring software developers for a startup is an expertise. It combines avenues such as social networking, technical knowledge, process management, and intuition. Anyone who has ever been in charge of…

Future of Fintech – Networking Event in New York

August 2, 2021
Bloomberg terms the pandemic fuelled business activities and product development processes as ‘’crisis-inspired innovation’’. Not only that, they also describe fintech to be bringing about an uprising of sorts once…

Distributed Teams vs Outsourcing: Hiring Remote Engineers

April 5, 2021
Start-ups around the world have been using the old redundant methods to hire people. However, technology has enabled us to produce new methods of employment. In different industries hiring methods…

Why Remote Developers Team Will Prevail in 2021: An Overview

April 4, 2021
The Pandemic has affected almost every industry around the globe. In the United States alone, the unemployment rate reached a peak of 14.7% in April of 2020. It was at…

Ways to learn MERN Stack: A guide

January 28, 2021
Want to learn MERN stack, but don’t know where to start? You came to the right place. This is where you can look at a glance all the different methods…

Gaper for MERN Stack

January 29, 2021
Full-stack developers have been in demand, increasing way more so over the last decade. In simple terms, a Full-stack developer can write both client and server-side codes.

Idea Generation vs. Problem Generation

February 9, 2021
And overtime all inventions have only ever catered to solving needs. Each new brilliant idea is simply the next tech-savvy step to solving the next tech-savvy problem.

Experiential Entrepreneurship and Taking the Plunge

February 20, 2021
Experiential ANYTHING has always proved to be most effective whether in the learning realm or in the entrepreneurial sphere.

6 Tips For Building A Successful Remote Startup Team

February 24, 2021
In 2019, only 12% of U.S. companies didn’t allow remote work. That’s just one of 52 statistics that paints a rather clear picture: Remote work isn’t the future of work;…

Are co-working spaces dead?

February 25, 2021
Co-working spaces were all the hype running up to the pandemic. With an increase in startups, solo entrepreneurs, people were on the lookout for spaces that would provide the resources…

Going Global: Product Design (UI/UX) For International Markets

March 1, 2021
In this era of extreme and rapid globalization, business firms and companies have to keep up with the local and international trends if they aim to expand and survive.

Struggles of the Remote Work life; are we working more than before due to WFH?

March 2, 2021
The world went remote almost overnight once the pandemic hit. While remote work was something a lot of Americans adopted, with Silicon Valley as usual taking the lead, there was…

Remote Leadership in Uncertain Times – Credibility & Flexibility

March 2, 2021
As the good leader of a company, or a part of a company, the onus of ensuring that things keep running smoothly even during difficult, unprecedented times falls on you.…

Competition and Work in 2021: Adjusting to Remote Work

March 2, 2021
Since the world has changed in the most unexpected ways. Inevitably, our work and career will not stay the same.

Remote Work Software Developer, A Better Future for Development?

March 3, 2021
Remote work software developer in the development field is much more popular. It is more famous than it was a few back later. Especially as the COVID-19 has hit the…

How To Find Work as a Freelance Software Developer

March 4, 2021
What was once considered a “futuristic” approach in regards to the modern workplace? The capability to work any time, any place- is now rapidly integrating due to the global lockdown.…

How to assemble and sustain an efficient software development team

March 6, 2021
Back in 2019, 12% of American companies did not allow remote work. Freelancing was perhaps the only major approach that allowed people to work virtually.

Team management software you need to improve productivity

March 9, 2021
What are the most common team management issues faced by managers everywhere? These can include a lack of communication, poor teamwork, poor time-tracking and time management, low-performance levels, difficult employees,…

Top 10 companies that offer remote jobs around the world

March 9, 2021
Telecommuting, work-at-home jobs, and the concept of being a digital nomad has been around for a while. However, it was only in 2020 that remote work achieved ubiquity around the…

How is the remote work impacting the global economy?

March 10, 2021
Since the coronavirus has entered our lives, not only has our day-to-day life at home changed. Yet, it has also dramatically affected and altered the workplace too. Many companies have…

Why 2020 Changed The Software Development Market Forever

March 18, 2021
The Pandemic has affected almost every industry around the globe. In the United States alone, the unemployment rate reached a peak of 14.7% in April of 2020. It was at…

Everything You Should now About Dedicated Software Development Teams

August 4, 2021
Surveys in 2020 show that the pandemic has majorly affected the American tech market. The global talent shortage has caused the tech roles to be in the top ten most…

What Makes Remote Software Engineers Profitable and Worthwhile

August 9, 2021
We know how companies have already adopted remote working strategies that allow most, if not all, of their employees to telecommute/work from home. Interestingly, such businesses where working remotely was…

How to Earn as a Web Developer 2022: Freelance or Full-Time? (Updated)

August 11, 2021
A Web Developer is in charge of writing code that instructs websites on how to run. Web developers are usually divided into two categories: “front-end” (“client-side”) and “back-end” (“server-side”) development.

Planning To Hire a CTO For Your Startup? Follow These Steps

December 23, 2021
The tech industry is booming, and every entrepreneur out there is trying to bag the best talent for their company. However, whenever it comes to hiring senior management, startup founders…

Best Freelance Jobs for Beginners in 2022

January 13, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic and its variants have ensured that WFH systems continue to thrive and cement their place as the default mode of work. However, the normalization of remote work…

In-house Development vs Outsourcing | A detailed Comparison

January 18, 2022
In today’s world, outsourcing is seen as a worldwide phenomenon. Several corporations are currently outsourcing their software development projects.

Why are software engineers the highest paid professionals out there?

January 21, 2022
A software engineer is a trained professional who focuses on the development and design of software for various technical devices to maximize their efficiency.

A guide towards freelance jobs for beginners

January 25, 2022
Many people are inspired by the concept of working as a freelancer when they are seeking to develop a source of income.

Tech in 2022: Should Your Business Form a Software Development Partnership?

January 26, 2022
It is 2022 and you as a business owner/founder would probably agree that the past two years have transformed work systems for good.

Best choice of tech stack for iOS and Android 2022

February 4, 2022
In today’s highly competitive industry, having a unique product idea is merely the first step toward success. Creating a successful mobile app requires catering to a wide range of user…

Top 20 Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant in 2022(Updated)

February 10, 2022
Business owners often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and always running short on time. Twenty-four hours in a day seem very less at times. In fact, no time in the world…

Must read guide before using Toptal | Detailed Toptal Review (2023)

February 14, 2022
Toptal, which derives its name from the word “top talent,” acts as a middleman between organizations and freelancers. Its main edge is its pool of pre-screened freelancers.

In conversation with Aaron Smith, CEO of Sageflo, on Empowering Businesses Through Better Marketing, and Remote Work Advice

February 23, 2022
Aaron is the CEO at Sageflo. Gaper’s VP of Sales, Mustafa Najoom, had a little chat with him on the growth of company and navigating remote work dynamics in an…

In conversation with John Walker, CTO at Goalster Corporation, on productivity associated with Remote work

March 1, 2022
Recently, Gaper’s VP of Engineering, Ahmed Muzammil, had the pleasure of having John Walker as a guest on an episode of Founder’s Grit.

How did Netflix become successful

March 11, 2022
Netflix finds that a ‘responsible’ person embodies the qualities that make a person right for their company. These people are self-motivated, self-aware, and self-disciplined who do not need to rely…

How To Build A SaaS Product? Step by Step Guide in 2022

June 16, 2022
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a type of cloud computing service. SaaS allows users to access data from any computer or mobile device having an internet connection and a web browser.

Benefits of Code Review: Every Team Must Know [2022 Guides]

March 17, 2022
The basic purpose of every software development team is to provide customers with high-quality code. Having to deal with faulty code is a common problem for most teams. The best…

How to Build a High-functioning Remote Tech Team [2022 Guides]

March 29, 2022
Managing a remote team is one of the most challenging responsibilities in today’s multi-location workplaces. There are many additional issues for managers to contend with, including time zones, social isolation,…

100 Business Quotes To Renew Your Perspective On Doing Business

April 25, 2022
As people turn, in great numbers, to starting business ventures of their own, it is a good idea to look at words of wisdom from individuals with prior experience in…

On the Road to Fund Raising: Hiring the Best for Your Startup

May 16, 2022
There is a lot of work involved in starting a new company. A startup must go through a series of barriers, including refining an idea, finding a team, and creating…

Skill Shortages in 2021: Why Remote Engineer Teams Are the Answer

December 17, 2021
Talent shortages are at a 10-year high in the US. The statistics for this variable are predicted to be even higher for the upcoming years posing a tangible threat to…

The What, Why, and How: The Cybersecurity Skill Shortage

December 9, 2021
The great resignation is the talk of the town. Professionals are resigning, while companies struggle to find talent to replace them.

6 Best Sites Hire Remote Engineers Online

August 13, 2021
With the best sites hire remote engineers online proves to be extremely beneficial. Aside from the many research studies on remote development.

8 All-Embracing Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers for Startups

August 25, 2021
What is remote developer anyway? What could be the benefits of hiring remote developers? Should you hire a remote developer team for your startup? There are some questions that come…

What Makes FinTech Successful

August 27, 2021
Why is Fintech Exciting? Why is Fintech so popular these days? Is Fintech Safe? At some point you came across these questions. As a new comer, it is very difficult…

Start 4 Blockchain Businesses that can Earn Spotlight in Future

August 30, 2021
Numerous blockchain-based ventures can earn you instant revenue. However, these businesses remain obscure, and locating them can be a cumbersome task.

5 Remote Work Benefits for Employees in Australia

September 1, 2021
There are several remote work benefits for employees. Those who live in Australia especially. So, the question arises why we are targeting only Australia? As we found with our deep…

Blockchain Remote Careers for Developers

September 3, 2021
In this era, developers are not limited to designing websites or developing mobile apps. Their demand in the blockchain sector is increasing as well. The reason is that worldwide demand…

Best Freelance Software Development Tools In 2021

September 7, 2021
Have you ever thought about leaving your full-time nine to five job to work for yourself? Therefore, you would be among 24 million Americans if you did think about it.

What is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: A Fundamental Guide

September 9, 2021
When someone begins contemplating Blockchain technologies, they typically inquire about the definition of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

How Fintech is Changing the World in Great Ways

September 13, 2021
Fintech combines the two words, i.e., Finance and Technology. It is a technological solution to pre-existing financial systems.

Leading for Success Through Flexibility and Creativity

September 17, 2021
Are you one of the leaders who adopt flexibility and creativity in entrepreneurship? Leaders all across the world are facing change and complexity now more than ever before. Thanks to…

4 In-demand Blockchain Developer Skills to Qualify for Jobs

September 19, 2021
Blockchain is one of the biggest technological achievements of the 21st century. The garnered mainstream renown after cryptocurrency became a disruptor in the fintech world.

5 Best Remote Working Tools for Developers and Designers

September 21, 2021
The pandemic hit the world, and people has forced to adapt work from home (WFH). It wasn’t an easy for everyone to change according to the idea because it was…

8 Steps to Uplift Freelance Software Development Career

September 23, 2021
If we do not believe in year-to-year innovation, it is never too late. By reflecting our past and present in a consistent way, we can improve our future. This isn’t…

Alternatives to Indeed to Hire Developers in 2023 – Pricing and Reviews

October 24, 2022
For a long time, Indeed has dominated the market as the go-to website for individuals seeking employment. Free unlimited job publishing, pay-per-click (PPC) possibilities, and a few applicant-tracking tools make…

Top 23 Upwork alternatives with prices to Hire Developers

October 10, 2022
Hiring remote developers has become a normal practice for a lot of enterprise businesses and startups alike globally. A popular marketplace of sorts to hire remote engineers is Turing which…

23 Best Turing Alternatives with Pricing in 2023 [Updated]

February 22, 2023
Hiring remote developers has become a normal practice for a lot of enterprise businesses and startups alike globally. A popular marketplace of sorts to hire remote engineers is Turing which…

Why ROR Is A Great Choice For Startup Founders

April 19, 2023
Are you a startup founder? Why should you choose Ruby on Rails development for your company? What features make the ROR framework the best tech stack for your organization? In…

Benefits of Code Review: Every Team Must Know

April 19, 2023
The basic purpose of every software development team is to provide customers with high-quality code. Having to deal with faulty code is a common problem for most teams. The best…

Best choice of tech stack for iOS and Android 2022

April 19, 2023
With the onset of COVID19, we have seen drastic changes in the years after 2019 till now in the work culture all around the world. Working from home is the…

The Most Common and Best Tech Stacks for Blockchain App Development

April 19, 2023
In today’s highly competitive industry, having a unique product idea is merely the first step toward success. Creating a successful mobile app requires catering to a wide range of user…

23 Best Toptal Alternatives with Pricing in 2023 [Updated]

May 8, 2023
Businesses across the globe are seeking services that provide vetted Software engineers or freelance developers as competition arises to secure the best resource. Toptal has made quite a reputation as…

Ways to learn MERN Stack

May 8, 2023
Want to learn MERN stack, but don’t know where to start? You came to the right place. This is where you can look at a glance all the different methods…

Must read guide before using Toptal

April 19, 2023
With the onset of COVID19, we have seen drastic changes in the years after 2019 till now in the work culture all around the world. Working from home is the…

10 Side Gigs You Can Do From Home

December 7, 2021
Ever since the pandemic started, many have lost their jobs. Many voluntarily quit even because of the circumstances. The real point being, the expenses have risen, and the incomes have…

Dedicated Development Teams: Everything You Need to Know

December 9, 2021
Hiring remote dedicated teams has been becoming a go-to approach for a lot of businesses ever since the pandemic reared its head. Some companies are good with a few members…

Supply vs. Demand of Software Developers and Engineers: The Economics of the Tech Talent Shortage in 2022

May 17, 2022
The scarcity of software developers has made it more difficult than ever to find engineering expertise. We examine the facts and causes of IT talent shortages in the United States,…

5 Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin that you should know of

January 14, 2021
Bitcoin is no doubt the leading crypto-currency and has been for years in terms of its market capitalization, popularity, and user base. It holds a special place in the history…

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Gaper is a business for businesses. Specifically, the small nascent ones attempting to make a place for themselves in the extremely competitive tech markets of NYC.

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Adam Porroni from Valerity sits down with Gaper to share his wealth of knowledge about helping his clients out pre and post COVID with remote teams, security, and more.

Evolving Accelerators, Remote Sales and More – on Gaper’s Podcast

May 31, 2020
Whitney fell in love with launching products early on in her career. She met her business partner, Mike, when she was running her beauty SAAS consultancy company.

A Chat with Csaba on the Future of Remote

June 1, 2020
Originally from Hungary, Csaba studied economics which basically led him to explore the world of investments. He is fortunate enough to have built and managed 3 hedge funds to date.

4 Crucial Skills For Aspiring Millionaires

June 8, 2020
This article aims not to give examples of other millionaires whose ‘success stories’, while impressive and commendable, are not necessarily relatable to other individuals out there.

5 Steps To Financial Freedom

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Remote Work – A New Tomorrow – A New Future

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The conjunction of socio-economic and technological advancements has started a revolution. Even, in the different ways that businesses conduct their everyday operations.

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“Hire Smart” is the advice Nour Chamoun– Forbes 30 under 30 – shares

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Nour Chamoun studied Graphic Design in Lebanon and moved to New York about 7 years ago in pursuit of her Masters in Design and Technology.

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Right after college, Monique began her career in investment banking. “I was on the other side,” including VC firms in New York and back home in Brazil. Prior to Blushup…

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February 18, 2020
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“How do you protect your child?” – a Very Valid Question asked by Cody when he was setting up Trust & Will

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Cody started his first practice run in startups, back in 2012. It was pretty small and did not amount to much which led him to his 2nd startup. In 2014,…

From Data Science, To Retirement Atlas – Jennie Johnson’s Journey Going Remote

February 26, 2020
With a background in Math and Statistics, Jennie Johnson had her role set in Data Sciences & Analysis; leading her towards user research and product management.

Tinder for Top 1% Software engineers and Startups

March 4, 2020
Are you a startup looking to hire remote engineers that help your company grow? Searching for the top 1% of software engineers to become part of your team? The number…

Daniel Suárez shares his story of remote on

March 9, 2020
Starting out about 3 years ago with Zapiens (as a predominantly remote team), Daniel had already sold 2 of his startups. “I was always trying to build new things and…

Cynthia shares about Remote Work at Stix – only on

March 10, 2020
Before Stix Cynthia was part of “Adventure for America Fellowship.” It helped recent college grads to get into the early stages of startups. She then went on to be part…

Steps for building a remote software engineering team

March 11, 2020
Are you a startup or an entrepreneur? There is a high probability of outsourcing a remote software engineering team. Outsourcing saves money and a number of additional expenses including electricity,…

Distributed Teams – trials turned opportunities for Elnaz at Roybi

March 18, 2020
Distributed Teams have always been the backbone of Roybi and Elnaz shares her journey with us at

Coronavirus Pandemic — How Companies can Go Remote?

March 20, 2020
As novel Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, many organizations are asking their employees to work from home. Over the course of the past few days, the leading tech and…

Top Ten Instagram Girls Who Code

March 30, 2020
Are you looking for Instagram accounts of ladies who are more than skilled web developers and coders? They are multi-talented bloggers. If yes, then you will be excited to read…

Hiring Tech Talent Amid COVID-19 Crisis? Here’s a Surefire Way to Hire Top 1% Vetted Engineers

March 31, 2020
As the deadly COVID-19 outbreak cripples entire industries, companies are actively revisiting their strategies to evade transmissibility of the virus. It’s not just the businesses that are practicing social distancing,… features b-labs about achieving sustainable goals

April 16, 2020
Mustafa from, sat down to have an interesting chat with Thomas Kraker von Schwarzenfeld from b-labs.

Tim Draper’s goes candid on our podcast

April 21, 2020
In this episode, we had a chat with third generation VC and founder of Draper University, Tim Draper. Tim talks about his entrepreneurship focused university, though since 2013, he has…

Making AI Work Towards Engaging Remote Teams

July 8, 2020
Remote teams are becoming an integral part of the startup and business environments. It is owing primarily to the incredible cost-efficiency.

MERN Stack 101: An Introduction

January 13, 2021
2020 taught us that progress waits for no one. Well, a lot of other events in the past have delivered that lesson, but keeping it pertinent to the tech world,…

How to Hire an Affordable Senior Pre-vetted Remote Software Engineers for Your Team?

September 28, 2020
There are many reasons for hiring a manager or a business owner to take their hands off the recruiting process when looking to bring senior vetted remote software engineers on…

Trello vs Jira – A Developer’s View of Project Management Tools

September 29, 2020
Nowadays, it is common for software development work to be done by distributed teams where developers are situated in different parts of the world.

Developer Interviews: 5 Types and how to deal with them

September 30, 2020
If you are reading this, chances are you are applying to developer jobs or developer interviews, or you have applied to one and have received a call. In case you…

How can startups save money with Fintech!

October 19, 2020
Startups are tight on cash! They have the brains, they have the grit, but not the financial capital yet. This means they try to save money from wherever they can.…

Gaper.Io Joins Hands with Generation | Technology Training Across Pakistan

October 23, 2020 launched its training as part of their corporate social responsibility initiative, in partnership with the local state and city governments.

What is Fintech, really?

October 26, 2020
If you are confused about Fintech’s definition and what it actually means, then you are at the right place! “What is Fintech” is a question many are afraid to ask…

The Importance of Soft Skills At Gaper

October 30, 2020
At Gaper, we take soft skills seriously. Put simply, when we create augmented teams of software engineers, we don’t just look at technical prowess. Candidates also need to demonstrate that…

Deep Diving into Fintech: What Does Blockchain Mean?

November 3, 2020
Fintech has numerous growth areas, and blockchain technology has recently become a popular topic. If you've heard about blockchain but need clarification, you've come to the right place!

Deep Dive into Fintech: What is Cryptocurrency

November 20, 2020
Welcome to our second part article on a deep dive into Fintech. Today, our topic is Cryptocurrencies. If you go on the web, it seems like everyone knows what it…

Outsourcing vs. Globally Distributed Engineering Teams: What Your Business Needs

December 3, 2020
Are you tired of looking for skilled software engineers and remote engineering teams for your business that don’t burden your finances?

The Post-Pandemic Rules of Talent Management

December 16, 2020
The pandemic and its unrelenting variants have turned trends of remote work into a workspace revolution of sorts. Remote jobs, teleworking, and other “work from anywhere” concepts have taken over…

Sustainable Business Models: A Guide To Dealing With Uncertain Times

December 17, 2020
Every decade or so, businesses big or small, are hit by a ruthless wave of economic distress caused by a recession or in the case of 2020, a pandemic. Folks…

The Best Sites for Finding Remote Jobs for Developers

December 21, 2020
Growing up, we all pick up one thing very strictly. That is to find ourselves a suitable 9-5 job and strike the sweet spot of balance between work and life.…

Remote Jobs to Remote Banks?

December 22, 2020
The 2020s are going to be an era of FinTech revolution all around the world. One only needs to refer to some basic statistics online to realize that fact. Covid-19…

7 Best Job Sites To Find Remote Jobs Online In 2021

December 23, 2020
Since the recent few years, the trend of remote working, telecommuting jobs, and working from home has risen considerably. Before 2020, this flexible approach to work was largely restricted to…

Unlocking USD 10 Billion for Pakistan through STZs

January 7, 2021
Think of “Silicon Valley” when you hear about Special Technology Zones. Pakistan has finally shifted its focus from a very land heavy to tech heavy investment in the coming years.

5 challenges with remote work & their solutions

September 26, 2020
The pandemic hit us in March, and we have been dealing with its unprecedented circumstances ever since. As a result, wearing masks and refraining from social gatherings.

5 tips for hiring remote developers

September 26, 2020
Remote work is the new normal for many companies and that means remote hiring is also following suit. Many a times remote hires are more skilled and affordable, but if…

Fintech experts you should follow in 2020

September 26, 2020
New to Fintech and don’t know where to start? Or been in the industry but trying to keep up with what’s going on? or do you need to borrow business…

Giving Equal Opportunities To Work For NYC Startups – Only With Gaper

July 8, 2020
The entrepreneurial playground in cities like NYC has, of recent, see the entry of a multitude of remarkably competent startups and small businesses.

Future Of Automation In Bookkeeping

July 8, 2020
Often times, technological progress and automation are considered as “disruptions” in industries where machines are seen as taking over human jobs.

Explained: The Global Growth in Freelancing and Remote Employment

July 8, 2020
The business world is en route to truly embody the concept of a “global village” with a spectacular rise in the employment of remote teams over the past few years.

Propelling forward to filling the Void

July 8, 2020
Aaron Price from Propelify has an interesting chat on Gaper’s Podcast on the importance of creating valuable synergies and being very conscious and respectful toward taking people’s time seriously.

Angular or React: Which one Should Your Startup Use?

July 21, 2020
React and Angular are referred to as frontend development frameworks. These programming languages are responsible for giving you a base to build on. Therefore, you can organize the elements of…

5 Tips To Acing A Virtual Interview

July 25, 2020
The stage of interviews can be a nerve-wracking process, no matter how much you prepare. One confusing question from your future employer, and you might feel the floor slipping under…

Global Remote Recruitment In 2020: Gaper Steps In To Handle Global Employment

July 28, 2020
Gaper foresaw the importance of remote teams – not in a world bedeviled by a pandemic- unlike many other businesses that relied on delivering their services via office-based employees, –…

Remote Team Management Too Challenging? Three Foolproof Digital Tools For Businesses

August 5, 2020
The “new normal” has forced businesses, small and multinational ones alike, to let a majority of their teams operate remotely.

How to create the “perfect” Full Stack developer resume

August 5, 2020
Ready to start applying to your dream jobs? The resume serves as the “ice breaker” between you and the company you are applying to by simply introducing you to them.

Five Worst WordPress Developer Mistakes

September 25, 2020
WordPress is a very popular and efficient method to get a site up and running fast. Like Drupal and Joomla, it is a free and open-source content management system (CMS)…

The Future of Remote Employment Volume 2

August 31, 2020
We pick up from where we left off. While we shared a snapshot of our female startup founders, we now switch our focus on the investment and accelerator side of…

The Future of Remote Employment – Volume 1

August 17, 2020
Since its inception Gaper has pushed the concept of remote employment – as the philosophy behind it is that the future of employment is remote.

Make Remote Hiring your Strength – Now!

August 11, 2020
Did you know that remote interviewing will soon be a need? The hiring gap – especially in software engineering – has widened to the extent that startups are struggling to…

The many applications of Python

August 7, 2020
Python is a language that is not only easy to learn but is also free. It’s key features include being dynamically typed and interpreted which means errors are easier to…

Reasons Why JavaScript is here to stay!

August 5, 2020
JavaScript, the highly popular language that everyone talks about, it’s also the only language your technical friends might remember the name of.

How Can Startups Raise A Seed Round Of Funding

July 8, 2020
If you are a start-up founder in New York and haven’t yet considered raising funding for your venture, you need to start right now. Probably the most crucial thing founders…

“Live Life a Little” says Capital Innovators’ Managing Partner – Judy Sindecuse

January 28, 2020
After majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Judy went off to Harvard Law School. She practiced law for almost an entire year before she came up with a business idea and got…

Collin, from SaaS Venture Capital, has a lot to share when it comes to remote employment and go fund hunting

January 23, 2020
Colin started out with setting up “Acceleprice” (the accelerator) in the year 2012 and thereon had his own setup by the name of “Work America” in 2014.

Chenoa – from Blue Startups – Indicates how Honolulu is more than just a Tourist Destination

January 21, 2020
Blue Startups started in 2013, which works with companies on the Pacific Rim. Prior to founding Blue Startups, Chenoa was into Angel Investing for almost 20 years.

Brian’s Journey with Capital Innovators

January 14, 2020
A Law Student from Washington University, St Louis, Brian learned about blockchain and cryptocurrency early on in 2012 – this is before it became commercial. He became infatuated with the…

Eugenia Shevchenko on the prospect of remote employment

January 6, 2020
Eugenia Shevchenko has been working in several capacities and realized her calling was in Event Management. With a bit more perseverance she landed at SeedStart. Talking about remote employment and… @2023 All rights reserved.

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